No One Cares

April 9, 2019

No One Cares about mean cruel hell wrongs been being done to me, all “friends” have cut me off punishing me. I am all alone surrounded by hell negatives and no positives. They think they can force me by making me all alone (from positives not from negatives), they ignore that it is not my fault but the crimes being done to me. You all think you are so smart meanly punishing me but if God is true you will be accountable on judgement day for being so mean and cruel and uncaring.

You punish me for being angry but only reason i was/am angry is because of (1) mean cruel hell wrongs being done to me daily constantly, and (2) everyone not caring and cutting me off.

Joseph & Jacob found in Egypt

March 23, 2019

Let us try again to show the matches evidences for Joseph & Jacob in Egypt in the 3rd-4th dynasty bit by bit in a way people can more easily see.

First evidence is the name & person Jacob/Yakov matching Khufu/Khufwey/Cheops (the supposed builder of the famous Great Pyramid of Giza) of the 4th dynasty. First the name & meaning match. You will notice that the names both have similar consonants j/y-c/k-b/v and kh-f(w)-(y) / ch-p(s) (the -s is only late Greek suffix/ending), except for that y/j being at start in Hebrew and at end in the modern reading of the ancient Egyptian name which we will have to discuss more soon. First we show that the meanings of the names are the same.

The name Jacob(-el) / James is considered to mean either “(may El/God) protect” (compare Yaqub-har “god Har watches over”), or aqeb/akaiv “heel(-catcher)”, or aqab “to usurp, supplanter”, and some have related the name to Kocab “star” and “a star shall come out of Jacob”. Some have compared Jacob with Aqaba which is considered to mean either aqeb “heel” or ‘aqabat “mountain-pass (of Aila)”.

The name (Khnum-)Khufu/Khufwey/Chufu/Cheops/Sofe/Souphis is considered to mean “protected (by the god Khnum)” or “(Khnum) protect me”.

Both names Jacob and Khufu/Cheops have the exact same meaning “protect” which is a pretty strong “coincidental” match evidence.
Khnum/Num is a potter and a creation god similar to Elohim/Jehovah, and some others have corresponded/compared the two gods. (Also interestingly Alan Alford theorised that Khufu was an “evil” god like the Egyptian god Set(h).)
“(Mighty One of) Jacob” (Genesis 49) resembles “(Khnum-)Khufu”?

(Its not sabbath here yet. Sabbath begins at sunrise not at evening, and presumably Jerusalemtime. Plus i cant rest if God doesnt give me rest from the hells constantly been being done to me even on sats/suns.)

Jacob was in Egypt for 17 years according to Genesis.

Khufu/Cheops highest recorded reign year is 17 years in contemporary records.

Although Cheops/Khufu’s reign length ranges in ancient sources from
63 yrs (Manetho) to
50 yrs (Herodotus) to
“46 yrs” (one modern orthodox cattle-count theory?) to
34 yrs (Great Pyramid inscription taken as biennial cattle-count) to
26/27 yrs (Dakhla inscription taken as bienniel cattle-count) to
24/23 yrs (Turin King List) to
20 yrs (building pyr Herodotus) to
17 yrs (Great Pyramid inscription taken verbatim) to
14 yrs (Dakhla inscription taken verbatim) to
10 yrs (building pyr ramp Herodotus),
Only the 2 verbatim inscriptions (17 years & 14 years) are reliable contemporary records, while the others are only from less reliable much later sources or modern theories. The 17 years one is confirmed by the biblical match. Herodotus’ 10 & 20 years are also close to 17 years (rounded off).

Jacob had 2 or 3 or 4 wives: 2 wives (Leah & Rachel) & 2 concubines (Bilhah & Zilpah), but Rachel died before Jacob went to Egypt.

Khufu/Cheops had 2 or 3 or 4 wives. Clayton lists 2 named ones and 2 unknown wives/queens of Khufu, (and his genealogical tree shows 2 or 4 spouses.) There are 3 satellite pyramids beside the great pyramid which some say are pyramids of Khufu’s wives/queens.

Jacob had 4 (+ 2 + 2) + 2 + 2 (+ 2) sons = 12/14 sons. (Jacob adopted Joseph’s 2 sons hence 14 total.)

Khufu/Cheops had a “rather large family”.
From various sources Khufu seems to have had between 6 to 9 to 15 sons. Clayton lists 6 sons, and his genealogical tree shows 5 of them. A couple/few other sources list some other “sons of the king”.
(Here is a list of all the seeming sons of Khufu that i found in a few different sources: Djedefre, Kawab, Khafre, Djedefhor, Banefre, Khufukaef/Khufukhaf, Hemiunu/Hemon? Bauefre? Minkhaf, Horbaef, Babaef, Nefermaat? Khnumbaef, Wepemnefert? Kamaha?
Some of the sons names or their meanings could match with the sons of Jacob. The name Djedef-re &/or Djedef-hor &/or Djedef-ptah is possibly similar to Judah &/or Joseph?)
There is also a similar number of tombs/mastabas on 1 or 2 sides of the great pyramid?

Jacob’s parents where Isaac & Rebekah.

Khufu’s/Cheops’ parents are not known because it is said/admitted in some sources that it is only modern theory that his father was Sneferu.

Jacob dwelt at Goshen/Gosen/Goson (Hebrew/Massoretic) / Gesem (Greek/Septuagint) / Kessan (Artapanus). (The meaning of the name is unknown, but it has been proposed to possibly mean “drawing near” or “place of light/plenty/comfort”, and it is also called the “best of the land” and land of Raameses in Genesis)..
Josephus said that the exodus started from Latopolis (Sokhem) not far from Giza/Cairo.

Khufu/Cheops pyramid is at Giza/Gizeh/Er-gesher near Cairo, the name of which name means “beside the high”.
The shepherd Philitis “lover of righteousness” also dwelt at Giza in the 4th dynasty according to Herodotus.
Lemesurier’s book claimed an alignment of Giza and Bethlehem.
(Cairo area is also called “Babylon” which might recall “by the rivers of Babylon”?)
All the mastabas/tombs on 1/2/3 sides of the Great Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops look like as if they are 70 souls Hebrews/Israelites around Jacob.

Jacob adopted Joseph’s 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh. (Sub-family section of 4.)
Jacob put the younger son Ephraim before the elder son Manasseh, and said Ephraim “greater” and Manasseh “great” (Genesis 48).

Khufu/Cheops pyramid is associated with the Sphinx and the 2 pyramids of Khafre/Chephren and Menkaure/Mycerinus. (These are the only 4 most major structures at Giza.)
The order of the pyramids of Giza goes Khufu, (Sphinx &) Khafre, Menkaure, and the order of the 4th dynasty kings/pharaohs goes Khufu/Cheops, (Djedefre,) Khafre/Chephren, Menkaure/Mycerinus.
Khafre’s pyramid name means “the great”, and the pyramid is larger than Menkaure’s/Mycerinus’, and is on higher ground. Menkaure’s pyramid name means “the high one”, and the pyramid is smaller than Khafre’s/Chephren’s, and is aligned slightly off centre line of alignment of all 3 pyramids.
Sphinx is beside Khafre’s/Chephren’s pyramid (Joseph beside Ephraim).

Khufu/Cheops = Jacob(el) “may God protect”
(Djedefre = Joseph?)
(Sphinx/Shepshepankh = head of Joseph/Zaphenathpaneah & lion of Judah?)
Khafre/Chephren = Ephraim?
Menkaure/Mycerinus = Manasseh?

Jacob’s bed/couch in Genesis 47:31 & 48:2 & 49:33 might match the gold/bronze metalic colour wooden bed found in the “tomb of Hetephires” nearby Khufu’s/Cheops’ (Jacob’s) pyramid at Giza?

The king of Egypt is called “pharaoh” in the Genesis story of Joseph & Jacob in Egypt (and in the Exodus story of Moses in Egypt). The name Pharoah has been supposed to be from Perao/Peraa/Paruw’ar or Aaperti “great house” (note the aa is either at start or end, like the y/j in Jacob/Khufwey).

At the head of the 4th dynasty just before Khufu/Cheops (Jacob) is Sneferu “he of beauty” or “the two energies/beauties” (from nefer “perfection, goodness, beauty, virility”), who is also called “the beneficent king”.
Sneferu’s name has been variously spelt Snfrfrw / Snprfw/Snprvw/Snprby/Snprvu/ Snpfv / Snprf/Snfrw/Snprb/Snprv/Snfrv/Snfr(w) / Snpw, or Snaphru/Snef(e)ru, or Sen-nefer, and some of these seem similar to the name pharaoh. (Though the use of pharaoh might alternatively only be an anachronism from later times when bible was written.)
(“Great house” also maybe resembles “great pyramid”?)

Jacob said the “crouching” “lion of Judah” shall go up in Genesis 49, and he blessed the “head of Joseph” later in the same chapter. Sceptre shall not pass from between his feet until messiah comes.

Near Khufu’s/Cheops’ pyramid at Giza is the Great Sphinx crouching lion with stele between stretched forth paws. Sphinx had red colour, and red is colour of Set(h) god of foreigners (name similar to Seth in Genesis).
Some say name of Sphinx is from Sheshep-ankh “eternal living image” which resembles Joseph’s name Zaphenath-paneah (paneah considered to be pi-ankh, pi- prefix “the”).
The face of the Sphinx has been suggested to be either that of Djedefre (who seems to match with Joseph) or Khafre (Ephraim). Family resemblance between Djedefre & Khafre like that between Joseph & Ephraim.
Looking from the front of the Sphinx we see Khafre’s pyramid which was named “the great” rising above in the background, similar to lion of Judah “shall go up”?

3/4 persons at Giza match 3/4 persons of subfamily of Jacob & Joseph:
Khufu/Cheops = Jacob(el) “may God protect”
(Djedefre = Joseph?)
(Sphinx/Shepshepankh = head of Joseph/Zaphenathpaneah & lion of Judah?)
Khafre/Chephren = Ephraim?
Menkaure/Mycerinus = Manasseh?

The date of Jacob/Joseph in bible is ca 1800s bc.

The modern Egyptological ascribed supposed date of Khufu/Cheops of “2500s” bc is only modern theory without any much real strong evidences or proofs. What few supposed supports they have for their supposed dates of the dynasties are all unreliable/fallible (Sirius/Sothis, carbon dating, adding up heaps of regnal years, etc). (This point is too long to discuss all the claims issues/points here.)

truth who rules the world

March 10, 2019

Who is behind the evil world regime? Who are the globalist elite Vatican? Masons? Atlantis Rising? Aryans? Jews? globalists? internatonal socialists? corporatists? EU? G7/G8? FRB? Bilderbergers? Breton Woods? Decide for yourself from the below evidences:

Who is the (1st/sea) beast of Revelation/Apocalypse?
Details of the beast in bible include:
The beast has 7/8 heads and 10 horns (Daniel; Revelation 13:1; 17:3, 7, 9-12, 16).
3 uprooted horns (Daniel).
Beast has 3/4 component parts: Lion/gold mouth/head, Bear paws, Leopard body, (and Dragon power/authority) (Revelation 13:2, 4, 12).
The beast “was, is not, yet will be” (Rev 17:8, 11).
Has an “8th” head (Rev 17:11).
Beast has wounded head that is healed (Rev 13:3, 12, 14).
Comes from the great sea (Mediterranean or Atlantic or space) and/or abyss (Rev 11:7; 13:1; 17:8).
“Authority over every tribe, people, language, and nation was given to him” (Rev 13:7).
“overcame all the beasts that were past, and had power over the world with great fearfulness, and over the whole compass of the earth” (2 Esdras 11:40).
Overcomes witnesses/saints (Rev 11:7; 13:7, 10; 14:12), saints patience/overcome (Rev 15:2), but will later be overcome by lamb (Rev 17:14; 19:19).
Associated with a 2nd beast who makes earth dwellers worship the 1st beast (Rev 13:12; 19:20).
An image made of the beast (Rev 13:14; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; 20:4).
666 is calculated number of his name, used as a mark (& number of a man) (Rev 13:18; 14:9, 11; 15:2; 16:2; 19:20; 20:4).
Ridden by or carries the harlot Babylon (Rev 17:7).
Will later turn on the harlot (Rev 17:16).

The main candidates for the beast are:
G7/G8 has 7/8 heads.
7 Champions of western Christendom (Sts George, David, Antony, James, etc)?
Atlantis had 10 kings (modern Atlantis Rising secret elite movement).
G7/G8 has 10 heads of states (ref wiki).
“10 nations founded the Council of Europe in 1940s” (ref Pears Cyc.)
EEC had 10 nations.
Egyptian world had 9/10 bows/arcs.
Eddaic has 9/10 world(-tree)s/(world-)trees.
BeNeLux or the Golden Triangle or Yalta conference or “W Germany, France & Italy form EEC 1957” resembles the 3 uprooted horns?
Yalta conference: Churchill/UK, Stalin/SU, Roosevelt/US. Churchill/UK is associated with lion. Russia is associated with bear.
Atlantis was, is not, is “rising”.
Atlantis is “8th continent”.
Europe recovery from 2 world wars might match healed wound?

Who is the harlot/whore Babylon riding the beast?
Features of Babylon/Babel in Revelation/Apocalypse and other bible books include:
Name means “mixture/confusion/babble” (Genesis 10-11; Rev 18:6).
Is a woman/harlot/whore/prostitute (contrasted with virgin and often considered to be a church) and “mother of all harlots and abominations” (Revelation 17:1, 5, 15-16, 18; 18:2).
Rides the 7/8 headed 10 horned beast (Revelation/Apocalypse 17:7).
Reigns over the kings of the earth (Rev 17:18).
Described as “made all the nations to drink of the wine of the wrath of her sexual immorality”, and with whom the kings/princes of the earth commit fornication/harlotry with (Revelation/Apocalypse 14:8; 17:2; 18:3, 6, 9, 23).
Called “mystery Babylon” (Revelation/Apocalypse 17:5).
Called “the great (city)” (Revelation/Apocalypse 14:8; 16:19; 17:1, 5, 18; 18:2, 10, 16, 18-19, 21). (Only 5 cities are called “great” in the bible: Asshur/Resen, Gibeon, Hamath, Jerusalem, and Babylon.)
Said to oversee global free trade (Revelation/Apocalypse 18:3, 11, 15, 17, 19, 23).
Said to be responsible for most all martyrdoms, wars, & murders (Revelation/Apocalypse 17:6; 18:24).
Has 7 hills/mountains and is apparently intended for Rome (Revelation/Apocalypse 17:9).
Is also in the wilderness (Revelation/Apocalyspse 17:3).
One world language/religion (in Genesis 10-11).
Has Jewish/Semitic residents (in Daniel).
Matches the Lion / Gold head (in Daniel);
Builders of Tower (in Genesis 10-11).
Sits in/admidst many waters (17:1, 15).
Colours purple & scarlet (Rev 17:3; 18:16).
“decked with gold and precious stones and pearls” (Rev 17:4; 18:16).
Fire there similar to the fire of Rome (Rev 17:16; 18:8-9, 18).
Says “I sit a queen, and am no widow” (Rev 18:7).
Holds a golden cup/grail (Rev 17:4; 18:6).
Temple vessels taken away to Babylon (1 Esdras 1:54).
“fallen is Babylon the great” (Rev 14:8; 18:2).
Centre of Babylonian world map.
Babylon is not Jerusalem, the latter is called “Sodom and Egypt” in the same bible book (Rev 11:8).
(Nineveh in Nahum is described in very similar words to Babylon in Revelation, and it seems Nineveh in Nahum is another name for the same city.)

The only candidates for the harlot Babylon are:
Rome (“Cosmopolis”; 7 hills; Mary; pap/bab; red cardinals; purple emperors; “pope’s golden throne”; Papacy cunningly mixes things).
Pergamum (means “tower”; matches Rome in Revelation 2).
‘Publius Enigma’ (“Mystery Babylon”)?
Bilderbergers (builders; burg/berg/perg means “city” or “mount” or “tower”)?
Masons (architects/builders)?
New York (twin Towers; UN hq; WTO)?
Atlantis/Tiahuanaco city (wilderness; matches the “great city” of Asshur of Genesis 10)? ((Juli not far from Tiahuanaco has 7 hills like Rome.)
Mecca (wilderness, “a religious mecca”)?
Hollywood (wilderness; Hollywood or Beverley Hills said to have 7 suburbs/districts/hills)?
“break the language barrier” written on Amplified Bible jacket.
“The great Pan is dead” (very similar to “Babylon the great is fallen”, “Nineveh has been despoiled”)?
Cairo/Giza? (Benben in Egyptian myth is similar to tower of Babel. Cairo called Babylon. Great Pyramid.)
Babylon 5 science fiction series.
Fluoridation (“wine of the harlot”, “drunken with blood”; her “cup”; “sits amidst waters”).
(London was the largest city in the world at the start of the 20th century.
Constantinople was once the most cosmopolitan city in the world in early modern times.)

* The popes list matches the Roman emperors list

Lost Tribes of Israel?

March 9, 2019

The “10 Lost Tribes of Israel”.

The Bible’s lists of the tribes of Israel sometimes vary but they always arrive at the total of 12. Jacob/Israel the father of the Israelites/Jews had 12 sons and 1 daughter. Later on in Genesis Jacob replaced Reuben and Simeon with Joseph’s 2 sons. After the Israelites left Egypt Levi was not counted as one of the 12 territorial tribes of Israel, but the two sons of Joseph were counted as 2 tribes making the number back upto 12 (or “13” counting the two half-tribes of Manasseh as 2 tribes). Revelation’s list of the 12 tribes excludes Dan but includes Levi.

In the bible the kingdom of Israel spilt into 2 kingdoms of Israel/Ephraim (North) and Judah (South, house of David). It is usually said that there are 10 northern tribes and 2 southern tribes, though the southern kingdom actually had more than 2 tribes (Judah, Benjamin, Simeon, Levites, part of Dan). Simon was absorbed into Judah, and Levi never possessed any tribal territory of their own, being dispersed amoung the other tribes, hence the “2” tribes of Judah. The northern kingdom became quite idolatrous/pagan. Later on the northern kingdom was taken into captivity by the Assyrians, and the southern kingdom was later taken into captivity by the Babylonians. The fate of the northern tribes is unknown after their being taken away. 2 Kings & 1 Chronicles say the tribes were deported to Halah, Habor, Hara, the Gozan river, and the cities of Media. 2 Esdras 13 mentions them ending up in a land named Arsareth (Ararat? Nazareth?) Rabbinic sources “offer a number of alternative locations for the exiled tribes” (including Nihar, Afriki, Selug, Daphne of Antiochia, Rivlathah). One common placement is in the area of a river Sa(m)batyon/Sambatino “sabbath” (Shambhala? Cambyses? Sapta-Sindhu?)

There may not necessarily be any lost tribes except for Dan in Revelation, because:
– The bible says that Yahwist Israelites from the north went to Judah and pagan Judahites from the south went to Israel (2 Chronicles 11:16-17?)
– The pagan northern tribes were lost because pagan.
– “when Sargon II took them captive, there was only 27,290 captives”
– Samaritans retain some northern Israelite blood.
– Babylon took over the Assyrian empire; Persia took over Media (where some of the lost tribes are supposed to have ended up).
– There are people from “lost tribes” in post-exilic history eg Anna of tribe of Asher in Luke; Simeonite in Judith 6; Ephraimites in Judith 6? Eldad ha-Dani “the Danite”; David ha-Reuveni “the Reubenite” 1524-1532.
– Some persons in Israel had two parents from two different tribes.
– Jesus’ 12 disciples/apostles may have been from 12 tribes comparable to the 12 men from 12 tribes in ‘Joshua’? (Compare the 24 elders of Revelation. Though some of the disciples like Peter & Andrew and James & John were brothers.)
– The letters of James (Jacob) & Jude are to Israelites & Jews?
James addessed his letter to “the 12 tribes who are scattered about”, which might mean there are lost tribes, or might refer to other later Jews/Christians? Compare Acts 26:6-7.
– “10” lost tribes is a type connected with 10 patriarchs, 10 commandments, 10 disciples/apostles (minus Judas & Thomas), 10 horns of the beast.
– The ‘Bene Israel’ Pathans of Afghanistan might be some remnant northern tribes.
– Modern genetic/dna testing would identify any major relatives.

Ezekiel 37:16-22 “You, son of man, take one stick, and write on it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write on it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim, and [for] all the house of Israel his companions: and join them for you one to another into one stick, that they may become one in your hand. When the children of your people shall speak to you, saying, Will you not show us what you mean by these? tell them, Thus says the Lord Yahweh: Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph, which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the tribes of Israel his companions; and I will put them with it, [even] with the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in my hand. The sticks whereon you write shall be in your hand before their eyes. Say to them, Thus says the Lord Yahweh: Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, where they are gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land: and I will make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Israel; and one king shall be king to them all; and they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all;”
This might refer to post-exilic Jews (consider the name Jew since refers to all Israelites/Hebrews), and/or to the diaspora and modern Jewry.
(2 Nations Sephardim/Mediterranean/Orientalid & Ashkenazim/Yiddish/Armenoid? Liberal & Orthodox? “Setian/Aristotlean & Ophite”? 2 Olive trees? 2 Witnesses? Israeli Jews & Jews in the West?)

west bank – east bank / transjordan (Joshua)
manasseh – ephraim (Gen 48)
10 lost tribes of Israel – 2 tribes of Judah (& Benjamin)
2/3rd of jews perish – 1/3rd remnant of jews saved
concubines/Bilhah – wives/Rachel/Leah
Leah – Rachel
Dinah – 12 patriarchs
Dan – 12 tribes (Revelation 7:5-8)
john – peter (John 20:3-8)
john – matthew
10 disciples – thomas, (judas) (John 20:19-29)
levi/jeshua/priest – judah/zerubbabel/king (Hagg 1:14; Zech 6:11)
faith of yeshua – those who keep the commandments (Rev 14:12)
2 witnesses: Elijah – Moses
Japheth/El – Shem/Yhwh (Gen 9:26-27)
Paul/Luke – Peter/Mark (Acts)
Paul – James
13th tribe – 12 tribes?
master – chosen
Ophite – Setian
patriarchal – matrilineal

The Ratana theory that Maoris are related to lost tribes is unlikely because of distance, and racial difference.
The Mormon theory that Amerinds are lost tribes is also unlikely because of distance, geographical barriers/separation, and racial difference. Beside which the Book of Mormon has them pretty much only from one tribe (Manasseh), and from Judah in Zedekiah’s reign long after the northern kingdom was gone. The Mormon theory has America as Manasseh in common with the BI theory. Perhaps compare: “In 1655, the great Jewish philosopher and advocate Rabbi Manasseh ben Israel used the theory that the Native Americans were descended from the ten tribes to support his petition to Oliver Cromwell for the Jews’ readmittance into Britain.” (Though there are interesting claims of Los Lunas Decalogue Stone, Jehu inscription, etc in the Americas.)
The BI/CI & Armstrong theories that western Europeans especially British commonwealth.royalty and Irish nations are descended from lost tribes is unlikely due to racial difference (Europeans are certainly not Jewish/Semitic). (It is interesting though that the name Britain would mean “covenant” in Hebrew.)
The Jewish Ethiopian Falasha are apparently from the southern kingdom of Judah not from the northern kingdom. Eldad Ha-Dani might have been from Ethiopia. The Lemba further south might also be connected with these people?
Fitzgerald-Lee claimed that Ghenghis Khan had a squad of Jews, but Jantsang said that Ghenghis never would have even seen a Jew (or a negro either).

Elite evidences

December 8, 2018

“Mandatory” “Community Fluoridation” “leveling dental inequalities”


Compulsory Forcing on disadvantaged people

Mass Medication

Communistic Leveling

every meal, all day, every day

blog news

November 3, 2018

We had to shift our blog to blogger because some features here were not working on dialup and older software/browser. (Our latest blog posts/articles in meantime are at .) Though eventually we will come back to posting here and tidying up old posts here if/when we have been forced to change to the new things they forcing on everyone (or if we find the things here are working again since we could not even post/publish last time). (They are forcing a number of essential services changes which seem bad to me but we cant stop them forcing them and have to give in. So much for “freedom”, “democracy”, etc.)

Oneness & Love

October 2, 2017

“God” (Yhwh) & Yeshua wants us to be One with Him and with each other (and to love one another) because it is a so much more most amazing best thing for ourselves and others, rather than being not one (dualistic/schizoid) and being alone. We need each other. When (1) we are one with Jesus & with God then (2) we are One with each other [like i say/think/feel “I Am (being) ((one) with) God/Jesus (and i am One with others (Sean, Matthew, Ian, dad, Eric, Andrea, Pada, Philip, neighbours, etc))”] then we suddenly can see ourselves and others how God/Jesus sees us & them and we will see and have Love for another. (“The Word was with God and the Word was God”?) The other day when i suddenly had this experience and suddenly saw it i sucked in my breath, then screamed-like “no, no”, and heard Jesus words “that you may be one, as we are one”, then really cried so mournfully and hurtfully seeing myself and others, and then so wanted and prayed to be One. Please try to see. I was not just trying another way to “make” people care, or just “ranting” about the awful trouble(s). Afterwards i wasn’t sure whether to tell anyone because i was scared that my motives might be mixed and partially wrong, but i thought/felt it was alright to tell because it was like i have to tell people because people have to know.

Just need to add: the focus is (I am) (being) one with Jesus/Yeshua (“the First Love”).
Its him. Its like touching a live emotional electric current when it
happens. You feel His spirit/soul/nature/being, and see as he sees. (Compare “the love of many grow cold”.)

What is the source of Love? We can not make our selves love others or like the Word, only by being one with him (God & Yeshua the First Love) are we made like the Word (“the word becomes flesh”, “law(s) written in our heart”). When we are One (or communion, “touch his garment”) with him we then intimately know his love for all others (“filled with his love”) and his Will and his commandments, and will do the same works “Jesus” did. “In him everything holds together.” Ehad “union/one/united” value 13 = ahaba “love” value 13. “That you may be one as we are one”. The West is more dualistic/schizoid than the East. 666 is man becoming “gods” without God/Yah, and they can only reach 99 percent and a form of godliness without the substance. The globalism / NWO / Atlantis Rising is all about a fake One-ness. See the book Two Be One by Ernest HJ Steed. The church is supposed to be a body and a community.

(Below is the older 1st attempt to write about this after the experience.)

A possible revelation/insight that came from begging God to have mercy & save me from the hell i’ve been suffering, and/or from peoples prayers:
His name is “I Am”.
1. One with Jesus, One with God, 2. One with Others (each other), 3. One with animals/plants.
(“Love the Lord; and Love your neighbour as yourself.”
“3 helps: self, others, God; 3 harms: self, others, devil”.)
(“As above (in heaven), so below (on earth).”)
As opposed to (Western/European/Christian) dualism/schizoid.
God is in us, He/His power works through us, we are One with him (He is everywhere in universe), when we do things like making discoveries we can see it as being like experiencing something that is God not just us. (Not mean in any self pride sense; not mean in any blasphemy way.) No longer struggle with our bad (as separate individual to God). Abit less hard to believe and abit easier to believe.
Also, “I want you to have same/similar what i have”.
(From friend Matthew saying it’s God that does it not me.
“Don’t know how to explain it”.)
We “die with him [Jesus on Cross] and raised with him”.
(“What would Jesus do/see/say”?)
2a. “That you may be one as we (I [Jesus] and the father) are one”.
(“love one another”.
Ahaba “love” numerological value 13 = ehad “one/union” numerological value 13.)
So why don’t people care/love/help us? Why people don’t care I’m being forced to eat bad harmful water every meal, every day? Why am i forced to either eat harmful water, or starve/die?
(God judged all 3 of Adam, Eve & Serpent, not just one.
What others do & what others do not do. Others can Harm/hinder or not, & others can help or not.)
When this realization/revelation of one (with God/Jesus and with others “as we are one”) & love (one another) flashes it easier and not so hard to love others because we see like the same as Jesus/God sees.
2b. Adam/man & Eve/woman, the 2 become 1, “This is a great mystery”.
(Men often been too uncaring about their women partners, don’t realize intimacy is give-&-receive full meaningful relationship.)
“Two be One”. The exploited desire in “One World Government”.
(The world elite’s “One” of philosopher Plato.)
“Form of Godliness without the substance”. (666 “man becoming gods (without God)”.)

The corner stone / foundation stone (Jesus) is most precious. From friend Ian once saying about God taking away the sand and making rock, see the sand blowed/wiped away and most a precious stone/rock.

(This was first posted in my other blog but the posts there are not getting much views so posted copy here as this info needs to be known.)

Origins of Allah

October 1, 2017

JT Chick claimed that Islam was originally a Roman conspiracy. The Bible says the harlot/whore “Babylon” [Rome] is mother of harlots. If Islam was founded by Rome then there should be evidence. Islam’s founder Mohammed/Muhammad doesn’t seem to be a Roman, who else is there? Mohammed was messenger of Allah or (Al-)Ilah “(the) (Moon) God” or “lofty” / “hidden”, and Allah could possibly be connected with “pope” St Adeodatus/Deusdedit 1 whose dates of 615-618 are close to Mohammed’s date of ca (595-) 609/611 (-622-625-632). Mohammed was 40 when he had his vision; Adeodatus was “45” at start of his papacy. Adeodatus was born in the “Eastern Roman Empire”. [Honorius 1 625-638 was later named a heretic.] Since the early popes list is a fake and the first 40+ popes really match the Roman emperors list, then the “pope” Adeodatus/Deusdedit may be either of these rulers: Theodelinda 591-628; Agilulf 591-616 (who might possibly be “Augustine” of Canterbury); Adaloald 616-626; or Eleutherius 616-619. May possibly confirm match with Al(i)lah? Allah could alternatively/also be linked with Atlas, esp since the Beast of Revelation/Apocalypse is “Atlantis Rising” riden by the harlot Rome. (Aryan, Aslan, Aztlan, Atlas/Atlantis, Allah, Alalu(s), Alala? Perhaps the name Islam/Muslim/Salaam might even have been a clever rhyme with Atlan? See also the Adites?) In ancient times Atlantis “enslaved” the Mediterranean world, and coincidentally Islam means submission/surrender/peace (and abd means slave). Interestingly it is claimed that the name Allah has been found in a Viking inscription? Alternatively, Allah might be linked with Alamahozim “god of fortresses” of Daniel in bible? Or with Alleluia the Roman version of Halleluyah of Germanus, Gregory, & Augustine? This might also link with Helel “Lucifer” of Isaiah 14? I could possibly be wrong since Muhammad’s father’s name Abdullah has Allah in it.
Monotheism “One God” merges with Globalist One World.
Although the harlot “Babylon” is clearly implied to be Rome, the harlot was said to be in the wilderness, which might link with Mecca [and/or with Hollywood]? (Islam had capital at Baghdad/Kufa for awhile.) The modern group “Isis” may be linked with Rome (Mary, Stella Maris, harlot Babylon).
One of Muhammad’s sources was a Syriac or Arab monk Sergius the Monk (a Latin name) or Baeira/Bahira/Pakhyras [is this the origin of Burak?], and he was either Nestorian or Nasorean or Gnostic or Jacobite or Arian (cp Aryan?)
The name of the battle of Badr/Beder might be linked with battle of Badon of Arthurian (which also has Roman origins) [and with Abaddon]? The Koran mentions a victory of Romans in Surah 30.
The Kaaba/Caaba stone might be linked with Cephas/Kepha (Peter)?
“Gabriel” could possibly be pope Gregory 1 (who may be Gallinicus)?
Islam might be linked with “Edom” in biblical prophecy (and Edom might also link with Rome)?
The number 666 has been linked with the name Allah or Bismallah in Arabic letters, and with Maometis/Mohammed/Baphomet.

Other theories of the origin(s) of Islam have included:
From Indian/Hindu;
From Petra;
From Judaism;
From Nestorianism;
“Mohammed was a Christian who being offended at not-good things of Christians started his own religion”.
“Mohammed said that he wasn’t going to kill innocent people anymore (Jews and Christians) and that the church should probably train a different Prophet to take his place. The response form the Vatican was swift and final. On June 8th, 632 A.D., the Vatican poisoned, and killed, Mohammed the Prophet, then proceeded to “build up” his “life as a Prophet” with nothing more than fabrications. …. Mohammed stated that he didn’t want to be the one who is remembered for leading his people into the gates of Hell, not for the Church or anyone else.” (Not sure this last one is true or not, but it is interesting.)

(No offense to Muslims intended. I have always had respect and liking for Islam. But in comparing biblical Judaeo-Christianity and Islam side by side the former has far more convincing evidences me than the latter. I always try my best to seek the Truth of history.)

Duterte good or bad?

April 22, 2016

Perhaps you are right, and perhaps i was wrong about Duterte ( , ) . It does sound like the crime etc is very bad there and that maybe/perhaps Duterte is your best candidate despite some bad/uncertain points about him.
Though there is possibly seemingly something strange (like about the catholic/biblical connections)? (Incidentally, my own copy of a previous comment of mine on another blog about Duterte is also yet another file suspiciously/strangely/coincidentally missing from my computer hdd since i got it back from the computer shop & since my popes/emperors discovery last year . Both blogs i just tried to post this comment on and it was blocked “interrupted” “secure connection failed”)

All humans including Duterte have mixed both good and bad points. I guess one has to weigh up both the good and the bad points for Duterte and for each of all the other candidates (both pubic and private/personal life, past and present, accoring to self and others), and weigh up which candidate is the most good or least bad/evil (and which issue/s is/are more/most important).

It doesn’t seem right/fair to use rape/crime as an emotional political tactic? (Plus, how do we know it is even true and not just a fake tactic?) It does sound like the other candidates are worse on crime etc. (I am no fan of “finesse” and “cultured”, rich politicians. If the many internet dating scammers in Phillipines is anything to go by….) If the devil was standing would one vote for him if he had some good points or was against some bad thing/s? The regime here in some other western countries is tough on some crime yet they are still bad to many of us in many ways.

It seems that the people always vote for what they think is “change” or other things but is often untrue/deceptive/lie.

I must say though that it annoys me that people care about victims of rape etc yet people don’t care that i am 43 in May and still always been single/alone (almost just as much of a cruel crime done to me by the bad western world socio-economic/political system and other people though some fault/blame is my own and/or my ancestors)). I wish we had a superman/Jesus/Duterte here.
In the country where i am i don’t even have clean running water because the regime poison it with fluoride and alluminium. So there are many other issues aside from recognised “crime” & rape.
Here the power company meter reader picked my door lock a month ago and gets away with it because i can’t prove it (and i have had security and other troubles because of it ever since).
It seems that the “Catholic moral man” (like Duterte) “Pope” [Emperor / Pontiffex Maximus] doesn’t seem to care about me? ******
Was abused by my step father.
Went through multiple foster parents placements & schools.
I have been poisoned half a dozen to a dozen times.
Been living alone for 20 years.
So i am not one of the “always been safe in their homes” with “classy upbringing” or “hypocrites”.

Is there a similarity between Duterte (Phillipines) and Trump (USA)?

‘Anonymous’ is right that there is more issue to leadership than just justice/security/law & order (security, diplomacy, economy, education, etc, will, knowlegde). Though i think economy is to high and unbalanced in the Western World.
Make Duterte police chief instead maybe?

Fred: “investment”/”investors”? If this is the same sort of harmful globalist corporatist stuff that they have here then it is part of the problem or a just as bad a problem.

You need more than just one man. You need a national reform movement that has leaders and supporters/members/followers. Though it does sound like he has a party & followers.
But the problem is in each and all of us. A not very good example is: in Germany people didn’t smoke around Hitler because they knew he didn’t favour it, but immediately after he died the smokers all lit up their smokes. “Not archaism or futurism [or patches] but rebirth” – Toynbee/Campbell.
Christians would say the real problem is that all humans are fallen/Sinners/bad internally. How does Duterte compare with/to Jesus/Yeshua?

Its a problem that many Christians place more importance on some thngs (profane words, homosexuality, etc) and not on other equally/more important (social/economic/etc) things.


with a consience?
no bikinis?
offer to die in place of victim?
saved a victim / rescued a girl who was raped
wept when a child was killed
took active part in the operations beyond call of duty
cleaned up crime, “Davao is safe”?
turned city from one of worst to one of the safest & most organised
against injustice & inequality
not hinder/discourage/close/ban christians/christianity/bible/gospel/church.
looks clean and decent.

thug / thug language / talk like thug?
crass/tasteless/careless thug joke/s?
profane words?
criminals no chance/teaching to change/rehabilitation?
immoral habits / morally controversial unchristian behaviour / vices
heartless to criminals
seeming suspicious subtle/secret catholic “biblical” promotion
is claimed he admitted he murdered a 1000 souls?

“Catholic moral man”?
tough on criminals?
engaged in shooting against the criminals [killed someone]?
politically sucessful
wearing dark glasses

Other candidates

failed/weak on crime?


Fighting for our Health

March 21, 2016

We wrote this rough piece up for a friend on a forum. It seems good to post it here too, to help in the War against “strong” oppressing “weak” (and criminal parasites undermining quality too) by doing things like poisoning our food & water. All the more so because i myself am presently being forced back to eating/drinking poison fluoridated water because a meter reader picked my lock on 15th Feb and i am trapped here unless/until i can get locks that can’t be picked so easily/quickly (and no one i have asked/begged cares or will help me with the water or security needs). Sorry it is only a rough write up, not very great/good.

Do not necessarily believe them when they claim things like balding are just due to genetic/age/gender alone. I know from personal experience that my balding threat got worse when intaking things like fluoridated water, and stopped getting worse when limiting intake of things like fluoridated water. Genetics has to be brought out by environment. Genetics perhaps is more like different way it effects (eg some bald in front, some on top, some at back, some at sides)? No doubt that genetics/gender/age do play a part, and possibly they will find or have already found a gene or genes for things like balding, but i still believe that the evidence is that it is not just genetic/s.

As everyone says, one big factor in health is having a balanced diet of “good old fashioned food” esp veges and fruit. The food pyramid is one well known example. Another example is making sure we regulalry have foods of each of the 4 main food groupings depicted as a4 quarter pie-graph (+).

“body food”.
It has been pointed out that there seem to be analogous similarities between certain foods and the bodyparts they are good for. Carrots & eyes. Onions & cells. Citris & breasts. Figs & male fertility body parts. Milk and teeth. Lung-wort and lungs.Walnuts and brain. Tomatoes and heart. Grapes and blood. Celery & bones. Kidney beans & kidneys.
The only trouble is finding unsprayed (& unfluoridated) body foods if we are not able to have our own garden/farm.

“Serotonin/dopamine foods”.
There are certain foods which have been called serotonin foods and dopamine foods because they effect/influence our serotonin/dopamine.
Serotonin foods inlcude turkey, etc.
Dopamine foods include ….

“rainbow diet”.
Dr Breverman came up with a good idea called “rainbow diet” which is like trying to regularly eat foods of different colours of the rainbow.

herbs & spices.
Dr Breverman has alot of interesting information on herbs & spices.
[I think he said choline in fennel is good for brain?]
Turmeric is good for heart.

Probably everyone knows the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and it is known/found to be true.
Cleanliness and clean/pure running water are very important parts of the Mosaic Law in bible.
Biological contaminants are really bad for health and ability (equally or even more so than chemical it seems).
Oral cleanliness is one of the answers to the “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and water fluoridationists claims.
Rinse everything like rice, lentils, etc (though this is not darn easy with fluoridated water and water sitting in metal tanks).

Pure/clean water is very important for our health and ability.
i. Many councils fluoridate and alluminium-lace etc our tap water, which i definitely know from my own experience is detrimental to my and others health/ability.
The bible prophecies talked of “wormwood/bitter”/”blood” water.
ii. Beware of water sitting for hours in metal taps/fittings/pipes/tanks/pots as it picks up heavy metals like lead which is in tap fittings. (The council sites say to flush a cup or water out first for the tap fittings but this is not enough for water tanks etc). (Note the council sites admit it if you look for it, but they did not tell us publically.)
Soft water picks up more heavy metals than hard water. Blue stain on white is copper in water.
iii. Any other biological contaminants, and any other chemical contaminants.
iv. Pet(e) #1 water bottles have endorcine disruptors. Some (not all) #7 bottles have bpa/lead.
v. Filtering or distilling water is dangerous without expert knowledge and good diet as it can remove other nutrients and/or can put in other bad things.

There is evidence that fluoride negatively effects our health and ability.
Many councils fluoridate and alluminium-lace etc our tap water, which i definitely know from my own experience is detrimental to my and others health/ability. The fluoride they put in the water is not same compund or same dosage as the fluoride that is naturally in all water to varying degrees.
The government made it law that bottled water doesn’t have to say if is fluoridated or not. Some spring water is naturally high in fluoride.
Some foods are high in fluoride (soy? gelatine? dolomite powder? tea.)
Bread has alot of (fluoridated) water in it.
Fluoirdated water gets in everything (washing, rinsing food, cooking, gardens, etc).
They can not control the intake of fluoride or water. We are constantly intaking water & fluoride every time we eat/drink (& wash). Some of us are more vulnerable because “sensitive”, or smaller body size, or higher water intake, etc.
Some balding may indicate toxins like fluoride.
[Fluoride + alluminium/? maybe connected with MS?]
Fluoride is proven to cause thyroid problems, and effects horses, etc, and blocks pineal gland?

Pet(e) #1 water bottles have endorcine disruptors. Some (not all) #7 bottles have bpa/lead.
Do not leave plastic water bottles sitting in the sun.
Beaware that “foil” packets may be semi/fake: i found foil packets are either plastic or plastic lined cleverly made to look like foil.
It is said the some supermarket dockets have bpa in them.
Hdpe #2 bottles seem to have the least harmful in them, though a friend said he finds hdpe has some bad taste/smell (i seem to have slighlty impaired smell like my mother?) so maybe they have some harmful?

As far as i am concerned i think it should be law to have ingredients given for all food/liquid packaging & utensils etc (not just plastic bottles but everything including tins/cans, pots/pans, plastic packets, etc, and clothes too.)
Crystal has lead in it.
Cermaic has barium in it.

One thing i worry alot about myself is sprayed food. Farmers spray from the “first spray”, and i once heard that supermarkets also spray/sprinckle their food too.
Even “organics” can and do spray at least some of their veges/fruits.
Its hard to know how much or little “residual” sprays are on outside and inside of foods because they claim they have quality standards and that not much residual spray in food.
I do know that alot of people i know got prostate cancer, and that many bald men seemingly indicates toxins (maybe abit like Lex Luthor).
(Alot of the time “organic” just seems to more be for the environment while they don’t seem to be as concerned for eaters?)

Some clothes dyes and bleaches are harmful. Rawganique have seemingly really good undyed clothes.
Beware especially of black, and “made to fade”.

Microwaves. Cell phones/towers. Smartmeters. Overhead/nearby high-power power-lines. Irratiated food (in USA). Wireless/Bluetooth. “dirty electricity”? Fukushima/Chernobyl.

Allergies and allergenic foods do effect our health/ability somewhat. Also allergies to pets like cats/dogs. Any food/etc which doubles the pulse [30 mins?] after intake may be allergy effect. Heart/pulse/blood pressure effect is not good health help itself. Cows milk is quite a common one. Some may only be mild but still can have quite an effect, its not like only if major hives and breathing trouble. People who were bottle-fed as babies are more prone to allergies than ones who were breast-fed.

growth hormones.
Beware of growth hormones in things like pork/ham/bacon and chicken.

dental fillings.
Mercury fillings certainly seem harmful from my own experience and research.

dentists local anasthetic.
Dentists anasthetic has adrenalin which negatively effects [blood potassium].

tin/can food.
if possible we should try to limit tin/can food consumption. Tin cans have Cadmium in them. Presumably food/drink sitting in tins/cans may also pick up other heavy metals too. Always check use by/best before dates as some shops have items sitting there for ages. Drain what you can.

Many already commonly say that exercise (or work) is very important for health and ability, esp with the heart and calories. It is said exercise releases endophines? (But many push exercise as major problem/solution while ignoring other things, and some of us ar not able to get exercise due to situation/condition.)
These 2 sites also give some indoor exercises for seriously restricted people though not easy .
There are also special mats for people standing for long time that promote micro-body-movements.

Sunlight is good for health and ability, not just for the vitamin d (essential for calcium absorb).

Vit D and calcium.
Vit C and iron.
Fluoride and alluminium/etc.
Some harmful things in foods/water/etc are combinations like in the movie Batman.
“life (incl religion/politics/health) is like walking a tight-wire (- very difficult to strike the right balance in everything)” (- me.)

free radicals / cooked oil.
Cooked/heated vege oils have harmful free radicals. [Leafy greens helps repair damage?]
Vit E (in wheatgerm etc) can help combat free radicals.

It is very shocking & bad that the food businesses put in heaps of sugar/salt in many foods & drinks.
Ingredients lists on packagings are said to be in order of amounts, so when sugar/salt is first/second/third in ingredients list that is alot of sugar/salt in it.
For sugar it is especially things like break fast cereals (including wheatbix), biscuits, etc. A friend said that carrots have alot of sugar, but they don’t seem to me to be harmful eating alot?
For salt esp things like cheese, soup, etc. Barry’s Bay cheese is the only lowest salt cheese i could find here locally (but even that has quite abit of sodium, and it is too expensive and small amounts).
Sugar in shop food/drinks is one of the answers to the “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and water fluoridationists claims.
One bad hing the food industry does is that if/when shop food just says “salt”, “flour” it always means table salt, white flour; if it has sea salt, wholemeal flour it is only if it says so.

Having friends/family or support group (and/or social support) really helps. Especially people that care and understand and listen and sympathise and help.
It is also said that happy marriage is good for health/wellbeing.
I know that living alone is not good.
Having longtime bad neighbours troubles/stresses is not good for our health.
(Alone from positive but not from negative is really hard/bad/hell.)
Man is a “social animal/creature”. Some of us are not even very able to do many of the things here due to situation/condition, so some people need others help (or stop hindering).
It is all very well for people to say cut out “negative” people from your life, but this is bad to/for the “negative” people.

Ventilation is important for chemical and biological and other hazards in our houses. Including after painting.
People living on/near very busy traffic roads need protection from air pollution. I heard that in the UK they planted so polution absorbing trees in some busy roads? (My mother recently had lung cancer operation after living on busy road/corner for years and after flat repainting.)
Smoking (first hand and second hand).
I was interested in reading about lungwort….
Central heating/air conditioning can possibly cause legionaires disease in some cases.

Laughter is good for the heart etc, and helps mental wellness/positivity. “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. I really need and wish i had some here (tv ones i liked alot included Black Books, Fawlty Towers, etc).
(But be careful as Chalcas and Philomenes died from overlaughter.)

stress / rage / vexation.
Everyone says stress is bad but don’t seem to acknowledge it when others or selves are suffering health etc troubles. (The stress may be caused by others and/or we may stress ourselves.)
Anger/rage effects our health (pulse etc), though not easy when suffering wrongs.

Sabbath day of rest.
A day of rest every 7 days is good for our health.
It is said that the pulse slows down one day every 7 days?
Personally i would like to be able to keep saturday sabbath from dawn Sat to before dawn Sun Jerusalem-time.
Also taking a “break”/rest/holiday/sabbatical is good when really stressed.

detox clay.
Calcium bentonite clay seemingly may be good for heavy metals detox. But beware that some has high alluminium etc. A good one i found was Earths Living Clay, though i don’t like the pet(e) containers that replaced the old hdpe ones a couple of years ago.

Un/forgiveness effects our health. I know myself though that it is not easy to forgive others if suffering hell or forever lost so much. One trick i sometimes done is to pray that God do for them as for me and for me as for them (good not bad).

We should not judge anyone what they like or have to eat/drink/do themselves. But we should also not not care about people to offer positive info.
However it is not right that some of us are forced by others/people to have to eat/drink/have things like fluoridated water, smart meters, etc. Force includes subtle force/”freedom” like they claim they aren’t forcing us to eat/drink fluoridated water, yet they really are forcing disadvantaged because water is essential necessity of life.

I have found out the hard way that the words we speak to ourselves and others majorly effects our/others health/wellbeing. It is real hard though if stuck already suffering and stuck in a viscious cycle.
Also, don’t let charismatic pentecostals speak/pray “tongues” over you. Real/true tongues should be like interpreters we see/hear on TV etc.

(Natural/Divine/Spiritual) Law/s.
The Mosaic Law/s in the bible may have practical solutions to some problems, eg the cleaniness laws helped with some of mine.

At the end of the day we must realise that we can not place too much faith in humans/world/self/flesh/rationalism/materialism/Drs and all the other things written here, and that the only real true hope is faith in “God” (Yhwh/Yeshua).

Prayers of our own and (ongoing) un/known prayers of others can help alot.

Bad Inside.
I know myself that i suffering because of bad inside (bad/sin/wrong/sick) not just because of bad outside (others/people/system/situation).
All humans are fallen and have bad inside like judaeochristianity says.

past/present sins of ancestors/ourselves:
In my own “life” there is no doubt that i have suffered consequences of my own past & present sins, and my ancestors sins (eg my maternal grandmother having affair with Italian ww2 pow).

If “God” of bible is true then some of us may be suffering spiritual/demonic attacks inside/outside, and we are in a spiritual war with spirits (and our own bad inside) not necessarily/just humans.
“Fighting personal demons” can thus have another true meaning.

For example being stuck in a valley (like Sparta).

Drs/science/medicine/”professional help”:
On the one hand, as it is already much promoted, there is no doubt that we can not discard/disregard science and Drs and medicines.
On the other hand we should not just blindly trust people just because they are claimed to be authoritative/experts /qualified /quality /professionals /”science”/studies /standards/approved / etc (and we should not just blindly believe when others are claimed to be “pseudo”/”fringe” /”unreliable”/ “ocd” /”misinfo” /”fraud” /etc). All humans are fallen/bad and everyone is influenced by internal and external influences/interests/motives. How can we trust people that won’t stop poisoning (fluoridating and alluminium-lacing) tap water. No Doctor ever told me most of the things that have helped me and/or that are listed in this rough article. Drs are specialists in their field and it is said that some may only be expert on sugery/medication/radiation and not very holistic.
“All medication is poison”.
We are in a war against some people that do things like heaping sugar in our food, fluoridating our water, etc.

homogenised milk.
I don’t know for sure how true it is but i have heard that homogenised milk is harmful to circulation.
Nonfat milk can be homogenised, and alot of nonfat milks don’t say on label whether is or isn’t homogenised.
Some milks now say “no permeate” in them.

Bottle feeding.
Studies found that bottle feeding lowers iq by 10 points, makes more prone to allergies, and no transfer of antibodies.

“halleluyah diet”.
The story i heard is that this diet was come up with by a man who had cancer and changed his diet to raw veges and fruit (~like before Noah’s Flood) and was cured. It does seem to be acknowledged that some veges/fruit loose some goodness/quality when cooking. On the other hand some veges/grains have to be cooked for us to be able to digest them properly, and some/too-much uncooked veges can poison us? It is also a challenge to find unsprayed veges/fruit if we are not able to have our own garden/farm.
B12 is also a necessary vitamin though which is found in animal products like milk and meat.

leeched/deficient soils.

processed foods.
Brown/wholemeal bread is better than white bread. (But wholemeal is better than wholegrain (even if kibbed) because our body can’t digest whole grains.)
Saugsages are said to have harmful sodium nitrate in them?

I never knew myself that nuts and coconut are high in saturated fat!

I have heard it claimed that cannibis (not smoked) has some amazing good things in it?

Some yoghurt had gelatin(e) in it (which is high in fluoride?)
One good yoghurt here locally that only has low fat milk and cultures and nothing else in it is biofarm natural organic low fat yoghurt.

Are they sprayed or not?
Nuts are high in calories and in saturated fat.
Cashews are related to poison ivy so make sure they have cleaned them properly.

vitamins/minerals (supplements):
Some cod liver oil has added Vit D in it. I have heard that supplementary vit D is bad for heart arteries?
Vit C tablets may have sodium in them?
Rosehip(s) are high in Vitamin C.

essential amino acids.
There are 8 essential amino acids that our bodies need.

heart attack/arteries/stroke:
Things that can effect our heart bad/good include: saturated fat, calories, free radicals, anger/rage/stress, exercise, vit D, breathing/coughing, emphysema, carbs, soft water / heavy metals, fluoride, tooth decay!, allergies, genetic/age/gender, salt/sodium / potassium, blood clot, bad/good cholesterohl, smoking, zinc, vit c, turmeric, tomatoes/lycopene, leafy greens.

tooth decay.
The answer to “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and the lying claim of water fluoriduationist that fluoridation is the only best “safe cheap and effective” answer is:
(i) sugar (stop putting so much in our foods),
(ii) oral cleanliness (tooth decay is caused/exaserbated by bacteria),
(iii) diet ((processed) carbs)
(iv) nutrition (incl calcium and vit d).
(v) socio-economic disadvantages.
A study found that milk is good for teeth (they said they didn’t know why).

Charities need to know/practice the things we listed here rather than just seeking money donations/support. For example if fluoride causes cancer then what is the use donating to cancer appeal if they don’t stand up against water fluoridation?
It is not good that foodbanks have so much bad foods (full of sugar, tin can food, fluoridated, etc).

The pros of smart meters include no more troubles with meter readers for people with meters inside.
The cons of smart meters are: (i) multiple privacy/surveilance/exploitation issues (eg they take readings every 30 mins and can tell when we are here/out/up/asleep and what appliances we are using and when we are using them, plus they can communicate with the meters anytime they want and we arn’t able/allowed to turn them off), (ii) health/ability effects (e.m. radiation), (iii) increased costs (esp since time of use charges also came in)

Food Additves.
There are free pamphlets that can be gotten from health places listing the numbers and names of the Food Additives used in alot of shop foods & drinks. ….

Make sure you check-out all the ingredients of vaccinations.

“The body reveals what the mind conceals” (- order of st luke speaker/writer.)

“[This digital / socio-economic system/environment makes autistic people more autistic]”.

“There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.”” (- NZ, Jan 2013.)
“A quarter of NZ youth experience a mental illness by age 15”.
“10% of NZers are medicated….”
“We have approximately 420 clients on our books currently and around 11 new referrals every week.” local c.m.h.t. leader.
“1 in 3 NZers suffer [mental health issues] at some point in life”.
“30% of nzers/wellingtonians over 20 are singles.”

Some links/sources/resources/contacts:
[]. (previously
citizens environmental research ltd (Napier NZ)
Dr Breverman’s ‘Rainbow Diet’.
the ‘Hallelyuah diet’.
the Bible.
Grant Jeffrey ‘Signature of God’.
WEF/CSA (Wairarapa Eco Farm,
‘NZ Nutrition and you Health’, by David Cory.
[Diabetics.] (previously fluoride action network nz). ,
Order of St Luke.
the movie ‘Batman’.
Biofarm natural organic lowfat yoghurt labels
‘That Sugar Book’ .

finding Sodom & Gomorrah

November 15, 2015

This is a comment on this Sodom piece ( (also ). I tried commenting on the blog but the site messes me around and refuse to post the comment.

Its a pity the blog article mainly only gave links rather than info/ideas.

Previously i had thought that the 5 cities were likely in or around the southern end of the Dead Sea. There is a Zohar wadi/stream on the west of the southern part of Dead Sea.

On further light research so far i now tentatively wonder if any/all of the cities are more likely to be either under water in the main part of the Dead Sea or else on the western side of the sea (maybe inside the sulphur/salt hill-formations (like Ron Wyatt’s site/s or like Usdum))? If Abraham & the visitors were looking from somewhere near Hebron then the west and middle/centre are closest. Sodom can mean either “consuming/burning” / “fasten, fortify, strengthen” / “secret/mystery”? Gomorrah can mean “submersion, be deep, copious (water)”. Bela “destroying/destruction”. Lasha “cleft/fissure”. Zeboiim/Zeboyim “deer/gazelles”. ad(a)mah “fort”/”earthy”. Zoar “little/smallness”. Salem “peace”/”perfect”. Shaveh “plain”. Siddim “pitted vale”/”the plains”. Has anyone dived down to the bottom in the main part of the Dead Sea?

Finding the site of Sodom has importance because it will show the world another historical case evidence of judgment on evil (though some/many won’t care/change). (It is interesting that reason/s given elsewhere in bible/etc for the 5 cities being overthrown was because of lies/lying, they were arrogant, pride, haughty, unconcerned, didn’t care about the poor/needy, etc.) If the sites are underwater the sea then it may possibly also be evidence against the geological timescale theories?

christianityboard new admin bad

November 4, 2015

The new administrator of is corrupt/bad. He is and has been secretly persecuting me (secret because none of it is/was visible for anyone on the site to see, and because he has been stopping me from any way of posting anything on the forum except what he agrees with).

This post is necessary to expose this person’s secret persecution of me and their corruption.

Background: We recently a couple/few weeks ago made a discovery that the early Popes list seems to be (semi-)fake in that the first 46+ popes all certainly seem to really match the contemporary Roman emperors in names/meanings, details & dates/order. Since first publishing this discovery in that christian forum there have been strange things happening to me in that forum, and/or to the forum. This culminated in me ending up getting “warned” and put in moderation by the new Admin, and since then i have had all my posts and private messages blocked/deleted if i post anything other than what he agrees with. (But the admin was already doing some bad impersonal things (since the discovery) before the bad personal things.)
(People can see info on the popes discovery here: .)

Below, after the summary, is a list of bad things that happened in the last couple/few weeks to me &/or to the forum since the discovery, and the list includes the dirty rotten personal persecution by the new admin.

Summary: Why is the new adminisrator bad?
– all that he has done to me is in secret. I have no way to contact any other forum members. No one knows what is going on.
And they are covering-up (deleting) all evidences.
– I am not allowed to post anything that he (new admin) disagrees with. (What is the point to a forum if people can only post what one person (or few persons) agree with?) They even block my private messages to any/all other members. They have no right to interfere with private messages.
– they are impersonal both in general (no name, no gender, no introduction, etc) and to me personally (in all this 2 weeks trouble there has never been any direct personal communication of them to/with me).
– they have treated me unfairly/wrongly/badly.
– they deleted my posts, and some of my posts they corrupted to only say what they agree with (and not what i meant) and deleted all rest of the post that they didn’t like.
– they casually wound-back the forum two times deleting all posts of the last week/s. We can never know that they won’t do it again.
– the new admin is/was only new, has only been admin for days/week and was/is already doing extreme things like winding-back the forum and persecuting me.
– the new admin never genuinely apologised for the forum wind backs which deleted all recent forum posts.
– gave no real warnings of the forum wind backs or of my being “warned” and put in moderation.
– did exactly the opposite to my request to not wind-back forum
– He seems to be evidently in “cohootze” [cohorts?] with the Vatican-agent forum-poster, and with that posters seeming threats to me (of “you will be assimilated” etc).
– i never had any troubles with the forum for years until this last 2 weeks since my popes discovery and since the new admin.
(- they did not punish any others who were equally as bad as or worse than me.)

The list of things that happened to me &/or to forum in the last couple of weeks (the “you” refers to the new admin “Steve” &/or whoever else) :

(- i strangely unexpectedly made the popes/emperors discovery when kephas had almost convinced me.)
– i couldn’t load thread/forum page or post in the day/s after i first posted my popes discovery.
– cb changed forum host shortly after.
– kephas posts seeming threats (you will be assimilated, don’t drink the kool aid, “i am bipolar”, etc).
– admin suddenly retired.
– a sudden earthquake here shortly after.
– new impersonal admin (no name, no gender, no introduction that i saw, etc).
– couldn’t post in shout box
– new admin (within days) 2 times wound-back the forum to week/s earlier time deleting all the last week/s posts (both times to same date, no warning, no apology except later a strange “please forgive”, always wound-back to kephas’ “you will be assimilated” post, and where was kephas during this (how did he know?))
– unfairly warned me & put me in moderation.
– Today i find that you *#$% deleted my posts in my own thread “i can’t believe anymore” and moderator didn’t approve my last parting mild notice, you &*%# deleted my last post/s in “pope” thread. You !$&*# deleted all my last post in “the truth shall set free” thread except one stupid weak sentence.
– now there is a thread claiming the pope had has a stroke. (So i suppose the stroke is all my fault, unless its a fake.)
– day before yesterday i Private Messaged a dozen forum members that i “know” to tell them why i was leaving (including about the secret persecution). Today i find the Admin has blocked my private messenger. And i have no replies so i suspect that either the Admin deleted the PMs, or else simply no one cares (as i had also suspected).
– yesterday allempires forum had a database problem. (christianityboard had a database problem too….)
– and now i have been banned (“account retired”).

copy of warning:

[you will not be able to post until you acknowledge this warning]

You have been placed on moderator queue until 06-November 15. This means that all content you submit until then will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown. More Details

Warning issued by Administrator for Abusive Behaviour in Profile.
Given 2 points.
Content moderated for 7 days

You have been given a warning by Administrator.
Reason: Abusive Behaviour
Please do not keep talking about the forum/database/psots and what happened.

Are you trying to discourage other people from enjoying the forum?

To view the full details for this warning, visit your warning log at the link below:

(Note: i since asked/demanded to be banned rather than just secretly not allowed to post anything that they don’t like or agree with. And now they have banned me (“account retired”) after i tried to tell others through shout box and the only other remaining ways they hadn’t blocked.)

extra credit

July 17, 2015

giving credit where credit is due

have you ever been not credited for an achievment of yours? If we’d be interested for you to post yours in comments.
i know that we have to have faith in God not in mammon/pride/World/self/flesh, and i know that “life”/world/humanity is not fair, and i know somethings of ours may be credited in near/far future, but this is good/interesting to post anyway.

Have you ever wondered who first came with with clever words phrases/analogies?

We found “(King) Arthur’s” 9 battle sites (and some other discoveries) but they still not acknowledge it. Yet they blast other discoveries like “Richard the 3rd” around the world.

In high school / college my ‘lord of the flies’ poster in ‘English’ was published in the high school paper but while they put other students names to/with their poems/posters they didn’t put mine. (They start early not crediting people it seems.)

(In high school ‘history’ i never got my Israel/Palestine project back. [The history teacher seems to have kept it.])

On oldfriends they omitted or mislabeled me as j pink in a high school / college “form [4 or 5]” photo.

In high school / college “cross country” i came first but at the end i accidentally ran down wrong shoot because they had not marked the end shoot well, so iu had to run back a bit and ended up second. In the school posted up results they had me 2nd and Joe first and didn’t say anything about it (though the teachers at end surely saw me and what happened).

My real/natural father Ken “H” claims he is the one that came up with “absolutely positively Wellington”. But he never got any 10,000 $ consultancy fee. (He says that he wrote it on the back of a check to the Council at the time they were looking for a city slogan. Though he says he got the idea from a book in which a US city had “absolutely positively [city]”.) Now everytime i see/hear that slogan i feel negative.

My friend Matthew says the business asked these people to come up with a less bruising apple picking method, and when they did they just said thankyou very much and forgot about and never mentioned/rewarded them.

Centrix on allempires forum says the US army never credited/rewarded his good. (“…. I should have made colonel but i didn’t….”)

In Proverbs or Ecclesiastes in the bible it says a man saved the city but was then/afterwards forgotten.

Even “small” things, like on the well-designed egg carton box they don’t mention name of the person/people who designed it.

On Historum forum they unfairly “suspended” (“banned”) me for petty, while others who had said and done far worse to me in threads/topics were not banned. They deleted my thread/topic that had my evidences/answers and had the evidence of the others shocking bad things they said to me.

The establisment has unfairly totally discredited several unorthodox scholars/writers like Sitchin just for one minor example. Sure, their works may have alot of not all right ideas, but they still contain alot of useful/true/good info in them that wouldn’t be so availiable to some of us disadvantaged. (Sitchins bibliography is full of orthodox academic journals etc.) The establishment seems to purposely have this discrediting tactic where they un/truly discredit a person for whatever semi/un/true reason so that they can totally discredit everything they wrote/said. If Sitchin’s book says the Earth goes around the Sun is that wrong because “Sitchin” in “unreliable/fringe” source? Do they take into consideration the careful reader? If it wasn’t for Sitchin i wouldn’t have discovered half of my evidences for Atlantis Tiahuanaco.
The orthodox try to prove by saying “would you trust an amateur or professional doctor/builder”, but this is not all/always so true.
The orthodox acadmeia dualise/dichotomise into “proper scholars / science” (Green, Jackson, etc) and “fringe / pseudo / nonsense / suspect” (Herodotus, “Nennius”, bible, D/A Hunt, me/Sean, Damo, etc). Yet so-called pseudo sources have still had good things in them.
Ron Wyatt is discredited as supposedly all fraud, yet his Joseph in Egypt was more or less spot on, [and the chariots parts have been found by Nuweiba?]

On tv it said how certain business people cheated Cobb out of copyright/patent for his ‘fuel injection’ engine invention. (Though i later found in searches that he is listed in patent.)

Here in NZ everyone despised Winston Peters for going with National not Labour. When he got the money spent on needed things like [health?] etc people despised instead of respected him/it (taxes are supposed to be used for such important needs, but people just want tax cuts). The only two mainstream politicians who have done any good in last decades are Peters and Anderton. Though on other hand people now forget how he [Peters] hid behind parliamentary prevelage, and sold out NZ workers by signing Asia trade deal.

a writer/poet wants their books/poems read/heard.
a housewife wants her cooked meals work etc thanked.
a painter/architect wants their painting/design to be seen.
a musician/singer wants their songs/music heard.
a (hard) worker wants their work paid/appreciated.
a discoverer/explorer wants their discoveries known.
the creator/God wants to be appreciated for his creation/love/mercy/etc.

In some of my discoveries posts/papers i said i had to give equal/more credit to others for some of my discoveries.
Eg I mightn’t have discovered Arthur’s 9 battle sites if it wasn’t for my friend Graham telling me about that some had placed Dubglas at Blackwater in Essex, and a post of Judy on Arthurnet [unknowingly] directing [me] to the Ravenna Cosmology/cosmography where i saw Garieni was closer to Glein than Guinnion. I said that we see [*in hindsight afterwards*] that Collingwood’s was pretty close [though i had not been influenced by him]. Even though i know they said they don’t want to be associated with us/our. Even though they said i “looked where no one else looked”.
In my Atlantis discovery i said first credit must go to Jim Allen because he had pretty much found it before me and his influence/evidence helped me to narrow down where in Americas the plain and capital was.
In our Joseph in Egypt discovery we said that equal credit goes to Ron Wyatt [&/or Lenart Moller] who was almost spot on before us.

Maserfield found

July 6, 2015

We have found the site of the battle of Maserfield/(maes)Cogwy/Burne c 643 where St Oswald of Northumbria died. Although we haven’t yet got any actual physical proof, the place name evidence etc is pretty strong.
I wouldn’t have found it without Damo Bullen’s research/info though, so he deserves at least half or more of the credit. (Though it looks like he might not be pleased or agree since my last comment i just tried to post earlier is now moderated this time?)
Though i/we/he can’t really claim any credit because it appears from further checking after the discovery that some others have already seen/suggested the correspondence.

Maserfield is at Wigan (which is connected with places/names Makerfield, Coccium, Bryne, and Scholes, and Douglas), not to far from Winwick where St Oswald’s Well is.

Maserfield/Maxelfeld/Marcelde(‘sfield) / (maes)Cogwy / Burne (642/644)
Makerfield / Coccium / Bryn(ne) (Wigan)

Scholes might link with Sclater?
Douglas might link with Duglas of Cadwalla and Edwin a little bit earlier?
St Oswald is associated with Wigracester which could be either/both St Oswald of Worcester or St Oswald at Wigan (not far from Chester/Fretherne)?
Wigan is in between Damo’s Marsden and my suggested Macclesfield or the old/orthodox Oswestry.
Oswald may well have passed through your Oswaldtwistle site as the tradition claims?
Wigan “war” (K Arthur)?

As i suspected, others have already seen it:
it looks like there may possibly be lee way for it maybe being between Ashton and Wigan and Blackrod:
tradition of a battle fought near Blackrod/Douglas/Wigan?
It looks like the reason for tradition of Maserfield/Cogwy being at Oswestry is because of Mathrafal &/or caer[G]ogyrfan.

see Damo’s blog post and my comments at end (if they aren’t deleted and if the last comment is not not approved)

general intro info
( )



I investigate historical and other mysteries my rought casual sites are
( (draft))
( (old))

new Seventy Nations project

June 6, 2015

Made a great possible discovery. Its looks fairly probable that Japheth/Diphath (“intellect(ual)”) may be Djehewty/Thoth in Egyptian.
To publish this we have started a new blog called/on seventy nations ( We have only just started two pages there on Egypt and Israel. (It was (one of) the only free website host(s) i could find that allow more than a few free pages & not too long/slow to use.) (Sorry the started pages are not very good/detailed so far (and even just what done took 1-2 days. I have other things i need & want to do (excercise, studies, etc) so will have to see if/when can do/add more.))
Sean (B.)

answer to Arthurians an example to Egyptologists

April 29, 2015

Finally, after having troubles with scathing orthodox Arthurians/academics refusing/rejecting/defamed us and our 12 battles discovery/thesis/paper for the last few years (& falsely making us out to be All-wrong and themselves to be all right), and being unfairly/unkindly banned last year from Arthurnet and very recently from Historum, we have now rewritten a much better 12 battles paper which can’t bo so readily denied, though there is still a few things not yet proven.

Our new Wonders of Britain paper (excepting 11 Wonders chapters which we haven’t yet finished re/writing) is at

Our new 12 battle sites of “Arthur”/”Nennius” paper (excepting 2 battlesites chapters on Tribtuit/Lemanis and Agned/Bregion/Pevensey which we haven’t yet re/written) is at
(All the chapters there are now new/rewritten excepting for the one ‘introduction’ chapter there which we haven’t yet finished re/writing. Though i had to leave alot out of the rewritten chapters.)

Maybe one day we will also be able to re/write our other Egyptological/Biblical discoveries better, that the Egyptologists similarily also refused/rejected/denied/defamed to accept. (Joseph in 3rd-4th dyn; Egyptian(-Biblical) chronology solved; etc.) The above Arthurian is an example that we were not so wrong as they think/say.

Sean (Bam.)/”Rob Banks”

Moses found?

November 26, 2014

Is this Moses found? Pectoral of Sit-hathor-Yunet. Orthodox Egyptologists claim it is just god Heh symbol for millions of years wishing long life to the king named in the cartouche. But why is that something she would want? There is no denying that the figure is meant to imitate Heh since there are other similar depictions elsewhere, but there are some/certain differences. There are many evidences for Moses/exodus in the 12th dynasty. We will post more of our 12th dynasty evidences later when we are able to finish rewriting it.


(I wasn’t going to publish this (because i don’t want to be fame/fortune seeking), but no one replied that i sent it privately to. Besides there is no harm, the academics won’t accept it (if it is right) without alot more quantity quality detailed proofs, and others have already been seeing Moses as 12th dynasty.)

Missingest Man

October 27, 2014

Judge Crater.

Judge Crater disappeared in 1930 and remains a mystery. He was called the missingest man in New York. My purpose here is not to give all the case details, people can easily look them up themselves in wikipedia and other online/offline sources. We are just giving here our own tentative theory. Our theory is that Crater took on the identity of his wife. We could be embarrassingly wrong. The reasons we for our conclusion theory are:

– the picture of his wife years later looks like it could be a man in disguise, and she is wearing gloves which could be so hands not give away. [Plus wearing a spotted/speckled top…?]
– his wife refused to appear in court.
– it is his wifes word that he showed no signs before disappearing.
– the odd activites on the day he disappeared.
– how could he have disappeared so thoroughly without being seen. There are not many options.
– no one would be looking for his wife/’s body. His wife was vacationing in Maine. How long since when she last seen? He bequested/bequeathed all his property to his wife.
– strange that his wife didn’t discover the envelopes in drawer until some time later.
– strange similar numbers & dates patterns.
– either he disappeared or died. If he died then accident and murder are ruled out by his actions/notes beforehand, and suicide is difficult in body not being found. If he disappeared then accidental and nonvoluntary abduction is ruled out by his actions/notes before, etc. He can only have volutarily disappeared without or with others help/knowing.

We realise though that there are possible problems with this theory. When she died they would have found out that it was a man, though there are possible ways it could not be found out. It would take alot of disguise & effort everyday to keep up appearance (shaving, make up to hide dark patches of beard/moustache hair under light skin, imitating wifes handwriting, wifes friends/family would suspect, the person is wife later married would know, etc. I can’t tell from photo in book if curves or angles figure.)


Disclaimer: this is just a casual/tentative/amateur theory which i am not sure about and I may be wrong about. If i am wrong it doesn’t mean i am wrong about everything (else). There are some theories/theses of mine which i am positive i am not wrong about like the 12 battles of Arthur one. (Just had to make this disclaimer because people are always using what i am/possibly wrong about to detract from what i am right about, and always quick to point out what i am/possibly wrong about but never acknowledge what right about. So I have to make clear what is positive thesis and what is uncertain theory.)

12 battles of “(King) Arthur”

October 19, 2014

Notice: our new 12 battles paper is now at
scroll down to the “12 battles” ebook there. (Though we have yet to reupdate a few chapters after the dispute at historum.)

Our discovery was that the 9 battle sites of “Arthur” in “Nenniu’s” “Historia Britonum” match 8 of the 9 Saxon shore forts from Yarmouth to Portsmouth/Southampton plus Kit’s Coty/Weald.

Quick reference table:
battle sites — SS forts:
1 Glein — Gariannonum/Yarmouth
2 Dubglas “black water” — Othona/Bradwell/Blackwater/Maldon
3 Bassas — Reculver
4 Celdion wood — Kit’s Coty/Weald
5 Guinnion “white” — Dover
6 city of the Legion — Richborough (legio 2 Augusta)
7 Tribruit — Lemanis/Lympne/Romney
8 Agned/(Cat-)Bregion — Anderida/Andred/Pevensey
9 Badon — Adurni/Portchester &/or Bitterne/Southampton

map 12battlesKA 9fortsSS

(this pic is abit old, Tribruit turned out to be Lemanis not Twyford/Yalding.)

water fluoridation problem answer

January 22, 2014

Legal notice to the New Zealand authorities and also to the Taranaki court case people. This is a started re-writing-up of my strong case against water fluoridation totally smashing the pros/pushers basis & BS “reasons” for fluoridating water. The reason i am posting this is because i am sick of being poisoned and/or thirsting/starving and/or having to be disrupted and go to hastles of trying to get watwer from the next town/”city” by foot & public transport. Also i am effected by it effecting other people, though even if i weren’t i also have to care about other people who are also being poisoned since i don’t like no one caring about me. Sorry if this isn’t written great or not finished but i can only do best in hell situation i can and i have to try do what i can to fight them asap. There are also alot of other possible points in my files from past letters etc that i haven’t finished reediting readding yet. (Notice to rest of world please suppport us and boycot NZ until they stop poisoning our water.)


There are (only) 2 sides to this dispute, the pro-fluoridationists and the “anti-“/non-fluoridationists. The pros say tooth decay is the problem and fluoridation is the solution, the “antis”/nons say that fluoridation is a problem and there are other answers to tooth decay. The pros include MoH, WHO, USA, RSA, UK, Eire, Nazis, sceptics in the pub, district/public health board, mainstream dentists, upper hutt, lower hutt, porirua, wellington, masterton, Cory. The nons/”antis” include mainland Europe, [Russia?,] [Nigeria?,] Petone, Korokoro, farmers, all world history before 1940s, rural Wairarapa, (rich) people with filters, people that get water from the artesian well/spring/fount, Dr Mercola, fluoride action network, me.

(1) fluoridation not best solution to tooth decay
(2) fluoridated water is harmful.
() refs
() abbrevs
(addenda) “easy, get a filter / bottled-water”.

(1) fluoridation is not a/the only/best solution to tooth decay problem, there is/are other/better solution/s.
These 4 points are the answer to their “reasons” for their (“cheap, safe, effective”) fluoridating because of “increased (childrens) tooth decay” (& “leveling dental inequalities”) : (1) sugar. Today our childrens & adults food & drink are full of sugar esp breakfast cereals. Ingredients lists are in order of amount. Even wheatbix is full of sugar. The government has no right to force fluoride when they won’t stop this. It is almost as if it is being done on purpose…. People can darn buy their own sugar &/or fluoride easier than i can get water. (2) oral cleanliness (brushing teeth, etc). Most people these days brush their teeth (& with fluoridated toothpaste). Topical is more effcetive than ingested. The stupid saying that fluoridated water is oral health on tap is moronic and evil, you can not substitute real oral cleanliness, fluoride doesn’t make us more clean/hygenic. The fact that you[s] have to both fluoridate water and toothpaste shows that there is some artificail exaserpator of tooth decay. (3) diet ((processed) carbs). I know from my own experience that carbs are worse for teeth. (4) diet (decent nutrition). The truth is that the authorities are using fluoridation as an easy “answer” because they are either not willing or not able (ie incompetant) to address these root issues. Either you are admiting that the authorities are incompetant (& also that NZers are unclean, & evading individual responsibility), or else they are doing it on purpose. Dentists are only specialists in their field and do not understand the whole picture or root issues.
One friend of mine said she stoped eating food with more than a certain percent sugar and she hasn’t had any holes for #th year running.
Another friend said she had fluoride treatments when younger but still ended up with a mouthful of fillings.
The Maoris had good teeth before modern western european diet/lifestyle (same is true of modern tribes outside of the western world).
A friend also looked up skulls from time of Christ and said they were surprised to see they had good teeth.
Fluoridation didn’t stop my mother’s dog from loosing all its teeth except a few.
Fluoride has no benefit to us except for a little with lessening tooth decay (if needed). (Some sources also mention that fluoride also benefits a little with osteoperosis but this is never given as a reason by the pros/pushers so is not relevant.)
“10% of NZers are medicated….”
You don’t level (dental) inequalities by poisoning those who are inequal (artificially making us more inequal), you level inequalities by addressing the socio-economic and other inequalities.
If you are going to force fluoride then why don’t they at least force it on everyone equally (tho how are you going to force farmers etc? and even if you could we still all have unequal situations/circumstances, eg i am single at 40), you contradicting hypocrites. Ban water filters, Close the petone artesian well. Fluoridate farmers too. Why is mainland europe now fluoride free while UK/Ireland, USA, RSA, Australia/NZ fluoridating. Why is petone & korokoro fluoride free for mere “historical reasons” (ie a few activists years ago) while all rest of wellington, lower hutt, upper hutt, porirua, masterton fluoridating?
Clean running tap water is an essential necessity of life. We can’t live for more than 3 or 4 days with out water. (The body & brain are #% water. [“The brain is 90 percent water” / “brain 75% water, blood 83% water, bones 22% water, muscle 75% water”.]) (Compare that the bible says one third of the worlds water would be turned to wormwood/bitter/blood.)

(2) fluoridation is risk/harmful not “safe/scientific/peer-reviewed”.
No one should be allowed to force “medication” without a doctors [diagnosis and] prescription (or court order), nor without us (being informed that it is being done and) being given all the information on ingredients, side-effects, risks, and all other possible alternative options (as to whether it is really the only/best option for us or not); nor without proper objective trial testing/studies/research (& monitoring) before & during use.
It is illegal to give out “medication” without labeling on the bottles.
It is not possible for them to control the intake/dosage of water & fluoride.
It is not very “scientific” to dump a mass “medication” in the water without considering the effects on each different individual.
“This park contains fresh/clean air please don’t smoke in it” – Upper Hutt city council park sign.
The difference between safe and unsafe amount of fluoride is very small (1 part vs 2 or/to 3 parts per million).
If we could see/taste/smell the fluoride people might be more concerned, but because fluoride is invisible, tasteless & odourless people don’t care. (Though we can see its effects.)
The pros have not and can not and will not prove that it is not harmful. If they can’t prove it not harmful then they shouldn’t be allowed to do it. When non-orthodox come-up with a new thesis/theory all the onerous/”burden-of-proof” is (unfairly) all on us to heavily/thoroughly prove every jot and tiddle to archsceptics, yet why can the pros/orthodox get away with such light claims/arguments/reasons/answers (“they are scientists [& you aren’t]”, “stats show rising health/lifespan/iq”, “you are just ocd”, “i know several people a 100 years old who have been eating upper hutt water all their life”)? No one has shown me any adequite scientific proof/studies that fluoridated water is not harmful. We don’t have to prove it is harmful, you have to prove it is not harmful since you are forcing it on half the country.
There is no doubt that fluoride is harmful is have seen/heard/felt its effects in my (& other people) hands/skin, throat/thyroid, hair/balding, mouth/lips, pineal/dreams, sleeping, clumsyness, brain/mental ability, ocd/mental state, tinnitis, joints, prostate/private parts, chest/shoulders/back/posture, etc.
So many people i have heard/seen in hospital/surgery/operation, sick, died, cancer, bald, homeless, dumbed down, single, etc. (I am not saying that it is all or just fluoridated water causing it (there are other collective/individual problems like sprayed food, etc), but there is no doubt that it is harmful.)
Fluoride is proven to harm peoples thyroid which is a serious issue [and i think i have seen that thyroid harm also retards mental?]
Fluoridation is proven to harm horses, and babies, and sensitive people / people with allergy. (If its not safe for infants its not safe for adults in my opinion.)
It is proven fact that fluoride effects, or deposits in, or causes deposits in the heart, prostate, joints, pineal gland, kidney, [thalamus,] carotid, [pituitary,] thyroid, etc.
According to science/reference books etc the element Fluorine &/or the compound Fluoride is one of the most reactive/volatile elements/compounds. [“Most reactive element known”, “vigorous oxidizing agent” etc.]
The packaging labels of the fluoride they put in our water (& on toothpaste labels) says “poison/toxic/hazchem /danger”.
The fluoride they add to our water is/was used as a (rat) poison/pesticide.
(The fluoride they put in our water is an industrial waste.) “It is illegal to dump the fluoride (which they put in our water) in the sea”.
“Fluoride is classed in the same group of toxins as arsenic, mercury and paraquat”.
Fluoride is a neurotoxin.
“Effects of fluoride on mice alarming”.
“Fluoride spill eats concrete”.
“Fluoride causes cancer”.
Fluoridated water is not good for impaired kidney.
“The risks of fluoride outweigh any alleged benefits”.
“More than 4,200 health and science professionals have signed the Professionals’ Statement calling for an end to Water Fluoridation.”
Fluoridated water is reckoned to be connected with some heart disease. “Heart disease is NZ’s biggest killer”.
The nazis allegedly used fluoride in concentration camps.
NZ is stuck up to think we know better than mainland Europe who have banned it.
“exposure to toxic substances can kill you, slowly” – environmental protection agency web/net advert, 31 mar 2014.
“Modern nutritionists, however, are beginning to be concerned with 2 more kinds of nutritional disorders; and although the study of both kinds is in its infancy, both will be introduced in this account. The first deals with the effects of comparatively small amounts of harmful constituents in our diet, introdcued either voluntarily or involuntarily, and consimed for a long period of time….” – pears cyclopedia, 1988.
{“We have approximately 420 clients on our books currently and around 11 new referrals every week.” – community mental health team leader couple of years ago.
“30% of NZers/Wellingtonians over 20 are singles” – sarc.
“There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.”” – NZ, Jan 2013.
“1 in 3 NZers suffer [mental health issues] at some point in life” [- mental health week?]
(Though again, i know fluoride isn’t the sole/whole/only cause of these but it is a part. We should be eliminating all possibilities. Even if it is a combination it is no fair to only concentrate on one half and not also the other.)}
You have no right to force me to eat/drink your sh*t poison. (I can’t control/dictate what you eat/drink.) Do you know what it is like for me to be powerlessly forced to eat/drink poison, &/or to have to thirst/starve/ration.
Do unto others as you would have done to you.
Oh no, thats right, “Its all good”…. “Upper Hutt a great place to live!”?

good cleanrunningwater clean love marriage/happymarriage sunlight exercise balance naturalclothes (hardwater) rainbowdiet consolation comfort truth free justice life help confidence grace organic prayer fellowship forgive family friends community (work) serotoninfoods someonewhobelievesinus ventilation 8essentialaminoacids goodoldfashionedfood science fun fair responsibility proof goldenrule detox safe balanceddiet (medicine) (iodide) education trust peerreviewed prevention/preventativehealth wholemealbread herbs&spices (zinc) freerangeeggs luckylatitudes (calcium).

evil fluoridatedwater sprayedfood radiation bpa mercuryfillings toothdecay allergies (alluminium) (salt/sodium) sugar unclean freeradicals ocd lonely smoking/nictoine sin vices freetrade artificialclothes stress (copper) waste dustywater/watersittinginmetalfittings/tanks/pipes/cans/tins/pots (softwater) imbalance Cain hate selfish dehydration unfit obesity eunuch (artificiallight) poison toxins unnecessarysurgery leechedsoils tribulation slavery persecution fear threat scam corruption bottlefeeding microwaves growthhormone cult heresy dualism carbonmonoxide negativity vaccination rejection abuse (work) soy judgmental bleach endocrinedisruptors orgot/ergot highfructosecornsyrup aspartame aquaTofana irradiatedfoodUSA arsenic cyanide highpowerpowerlinesoverhead wireless poisonivy cadmium foodadditives alcohol pride sleepdays/stayingupnights livingalone isolation (tv) highinterest/usury highprices neurasthenia (“nazism”) slavefordole lust greed gluttony bingeeating gst “freedomtostarve” “teenculture” crimesagainsthumanity warcrimes terrorism lies discrimination apathy violence drought flood dysgenics conspiracy conspiracytheory lunaticfringe balding prematureaging gulags fluorosis (medication) woowoo misinformation immoral hyperindivicualism legalism moralistic hypocrisy (nuclear) overdose.

Some of my remembered/recorded fluoride/fluoridation / water / tooth decay references/sources include:
{pros/neutrals: MoH; WHO; pastor chris; neville bates; wikipedia; starman’s quest; encarta; newspapers letters to the editor; replies from capacity; replies from greater regional council/chris laidlaw; toothpaste labels; fluoride packaging labels; Paul Holmes; Cory (NZ nutrition & your health); chemistry/science reference books; South Taranaki court case notes/paper; reply from Minister of Health; ;}
{neutral/pros: sceptics in the pub/sceptic society; sedgeford archaeological society; water testers results; breakfast cereal ingredients lists; human rights commission;}
{uncertain/neutral/”anti”/ignorant: my mother(‘s dog); bible; waitress at botanic gardens; science study on milk helps against tooth decay; diabetic on talkback radio;}
{“antis”: wapf; national anarchist blog;; ‘fluoride detective’ blog; dr mercola; fluoride action network (nz); Dr Paul Connett; Dr John Colquhoun; award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson (“fluoride deception”; “nz dentist exposes/blows whistle on fluoride” news item; ‘Professionals Statement’; [3 evils (fluoridation, mental health, vaccination) poster]; science study on fluoride & multiple sclerosis found by google searching that; me/myself/experience;}

“5%”/”12countries” (or/not “60 countries”) of the world is fluoridated (incl UK, (R)SA, NZ, Australia, USA; excl Russia, Nigeria).
Mainland Europe has banned/stopped fluoridation of water (not of salt/milk/toothpaste), UK/Ireland still fluoridate.
Half of Israel settlements are fluoridated half aren’t.
“50 cities” or “…61% of reticulated water supplies in New Zealand are fluoridated, with 52% of New Zealanders receiving …”
All of wellington/lowerhutt/upperhutt/porirua are fluoridated except for petone/korokoro.

btw = by the way; cab = citizens advice commision; dhb = distric health board; dr = doctor; eg; etc; fannz = fluoride action network nz; f = fluorine; faq; fyi; govt = government; hcc = hutt city council; hdpe; moh = minister/ministry of health; ms/me ~ multipe sclerosis; nz(ers) = new zealand(ers); ok; pet(e); ref(s) = reference(s); (r)sa = (republic of) south africa; uh = upper hutt; uk = united kingdom/great britain; us(a) = united states of america; wapf; who = world health organisation; wiki; & = and; wgtn = wellington; yrs = years; % percent.

“Get a Filter / Bottled-water”:

The fluoridation pushing authorities constantly pass of the problem on to us “antis” and excuse themselves by saying that it is “easy” for us to just filter it out. Therefore it is necessary for me to add this section info to show that this tactic is both wrong and unfair.

“things you can do”. These are the quotes from the South Taranaki court case paper:
“an individual has the ability not to consume fluoridated water” / “no one is compelled to consume the water” / “a citizen has the choice of supplying their own drinking water or filtering” / “no obligation to consume the fluoridated water” / “the city is not compelling [anyone] to drink it… …. His freedom to choose not to ingest it….” ; “a range of measures we can employ to avoid ingesting fluoridated water” / “He is free to filter it, boil it, mix it with purifying spirits, purchase bottled water.” / “easily filtered out by an end user” .

These are my and others problems with their “range of” “easy” answers that we are supposedly so “free/able/not-compelled” to “choose” do:

Get Filter:
– some of us are unable to get/have filters because of plumbing problems (water sitting in tanks, pipes, fittings). (Filters have to be plumbed into the taps (“It can fit into a benchtop [or underbench] housing that you connect to the bench tap by a divertor valve.”), we can’t just get manual filters where we can pour water into them or manually connect to tap.) I’d have to get *All* this flat’s plumbing redone (which is costly, invasive of my privacy/ocd, and plumbers have stupid quotes system, plus is pointless since i still need/want to shift anyway). (With plumbing problem I can’t just get one to just remove fluoride. Would need 2 part filter to remove dissolved/chemical as well as physical substances/sediment. But then would loose good nutrients too.)
– there are no local filter shops, the nearest is ngauranga and plimmerton or paraparaumu.
– Wikipedia article on filters/filtering said filtering is dangerous [without expert knowledge and decent diet] because we can either/both take out good nutrients (beneficial phosphorus & clacium) &/or put in bad things (eg certain filters have/use aluminium (oxide)/alumina).
– we have to have 2 filters one for kitchen and 1 for bathroom
– filtering is costly (refil cartridges / filter screen replacement $75.00 plus gst every 6 months, one off price of $159.00 plus gst).
(Btw it is not fair that filter business can make money out of us?)
– filtering is slow. (Quote “The only thing is the flow is only 2 lpm, so may be a little slow but we can adjust the divertor to make stay open and you wouldn’t have to keep holding the rod out.”)
– we have to trust that the filters really get out the fluoride. (Only two filter types (1 is reverse osmosis, other 1 is selective ion exchange resin) allegedly actually remove the fluoride, the others are useless (incld the jug/bottle ones).) [One source says “reduces fluoride by about 90%”.]
– all very well for our house but what about in public (cafes, workplaces, school, etc). (We can’t carry around bottles of water (heavy, bulky, leaky, plastic toxins [since can’t get wineskins or …]) everywhere all the time.)
– if everyone is going to get filters then why/what is the point in fluoridating anyway?
– Filtering is stupid having to filter out something they are putting in.
– I don’t want to be getting more stuff (re OCD, shifting, clutter) i have enough stuff as if is.

Get artesian water (self):
I can’t keep always getting water from petone because:
– Some of us don’t have cars and can’t get water from the next city (Petone) spring ca15km away .
– i can’t always/keep getting out all the time (every week/fortnight). (Even if i could it dictates my timetable and all my time & effort is taken up having to get water.)
– carrying water by hand/foot wears our my shoes, etc.
– i can’t get a decent hand truck or “hand trolley” here in nz. The only ones the shops have are not very good. Can’t find one like the picture in wikipedia hand truck article photo.
(- The new lower hutt spring at dowse hasn’t been tested like the petone one has? (even tho they say its from the same miles long underground water source.) It is still almost as far/difficult as Petone anyway.)
– not fair that others have home running tap water (a necessity of life/civilisation/progress) while we don’t. (Its like some of us been forced back to the dark ages getting water from wells.)
– The Upper Hutt council can’t/won’t put in an artesian well (or open to public the one in trentham park) because of government regulations.
– There is no artesian well in upper hutt only in the next city over 15km away. Having to take 20L on trains/buses is a huge hastle and costly and time consuming.
– i can’t be carrying around empty or full 20/10 L bottles of water in other places like shops, libraries, etc. (There are no lockers that i know of anywhere apart from bike ones at station (which cost abit).) I have to either get water from Petone first before going/doing other places/things or come back before too late to pick up container and then go alway back down to Petone and come back again.
– if we have to get our own water then why don’t yous/everyone have to get own water (fluoridated or not).

Get bottled water (self):
– You can buy fluoridated bottled water but I can’t buy unfliuoridated bottled water because the goverment made it legal/law that they don’t have to label/list fluoride as an ingredient or not ( or say whether it is un/fluoridated or not).
– plus bottled water bottles are all PET(E) #1 which has endocrine disruptors (some have bpa?). Some bottled water can have bpa.
– i don’t have a car and can’t be carrying water to/from supermarket (i don’t have a car), i already have enough trouble carrying groceries.
– We don’t know where the water has been that is in bottles, it could have been sitting in metal tanks for example.
– I can’t always get out and to shops. (Btw the dairy near me doesn’t have full cream milk, it only has low fat. And they don’t have 2L only small/er size/s.)
– “mineral water may contain higher fluoride than other natural NZ water”.

Get artesian/unfluoridated/bottled water (delivery):
– who is going to take away the empty bottles? (Extra note: Also, we are not allowed to put rubbish in rubbish bins.)
– no authorities or friend/family/church/fannz would help with water/milk (except one pastor). (Everyone has their own work/problems/families/lives/interests, etc). Even the person that did help couldn’t be “reliable”/regular.
– we have to trust that the water deliverers (and/or neigbours) don’t tamper/poison the water , &/or that it really is artesian water not fluoridated etc.
– the citizens advice bureau (CAB) said “there is no one that delivers water or milk, [other than] try church”. (Though this last time they pointed out that the fannz site has a couple of spring water dleivery contacts. But if i remember correctly the fannz site said the problem with these is that some is fluoridated and not sure which are/aren’t.) (I only mention milk because it is that only other alternative to water if i don’t have any water.)
– big blue water coolant company are no good. They state on their site that they filter all nutrients [good and bad] out. And they say that their water can sit in metal tank/pail for upto 12 or 24 hours [which is no good since water sitting in fittings/pipes/tanks while we sleep picks up enough heavy metals to be dusty in mornings (despite the councils claiming the risk is “only slight/small potential/minute traces” (and only run a mug full/for few seconds)).]. Plus they never answered me about quality & ingredients of the bottles and water. Plus water reserviour bottles have some metal in them. The picture of their deliverer the man is bald too.
– i can’t buy via woolworths/countdown online more than once every few weeks due to it costing twice or more the shop prices, the delivery cost, etc.
– the Artestian well/spring/fountain in Petone leaks/drips around the button cracks into bottles and i have to be able to do myself to make sure no drips, and to make sure that the water is run abit or used by someone else immediately before to avoid metal from sitting in fittings/pipes/pump.

Boil it:
– boiling the water doesn’t get it out (as someone in the South Taranaki court case paper claimed). (Cory says boiling loss for chlorine/chloride, but no boiling losses for fluoride.) Not sure about freezing it like my friend Kerry does but i don’t think that would remove or neutralise it either.

– fluoride is very hard to detox, esp when we are being dosed with it every time we eat/drink (and wash/rinse in) it.

“Distil(l) water”
I can’t distill water as there are problems with that (electricity cost, takes out good not just bad, ocd).

Get an Atmosh
Atmosh (which gets water from the air like condensation on windows or like water vaporator in Star Wars) is no good either for various reasons. (Ocd. Don’t want water being in metal/etc parts? [Doesn’t have nutrients of ground/rain water?]) Maybe one like the one they have in Africa might be alright but i don’t know if or how we can get one.

Rain water:
I can’t collect rain water here because of attached neighbours / company share flat problems, as well as that rain water can have pollution and dirt from roof/gutter/birds.

“Bible says God protect us from poison”:
Ok, but not easy, as this is only if we have faith without doubt/wavering. I have tried to have faith but i still seem to suffer effects of fluoride and some other poisons/toxins. I also see other Christians suffering un/knowingly from fluoride.
Its not fair for God to force me to eat/drink poison and have to have faith he will protect me.
Bible also says to be as wise as serpents.
Bible also says 1/3rd of all water of world woudl become wormwood “bitter”/blood and many would die from it.
It was seemingly God that told/revealed to me about the fluoride and mercury fillings and other things that i was suffering from.

“You have right to legal [action]” (as Police said to me):
I can’t take them to court even though i am confident i could win because i have disproven their reasons by showing the root issues of the issue because i have a mental illness and bad situation, and because i can’t afford it. (Plus after seeing the Tarankai court notes i am not so sure we can win as they are so evil-ly cunning and dismissive etc that we have to be able to be as cunning and conter-dismissive to each and every trick they pull out of their bag.)

“Range of measures”: General:
– it is all very well to get a filter or artesian water but we are still effected by it effecting other people.
– it is all very well to get a filter or artesian water but what about others (don’t we have to care about others too)? It is selfish not to care about others. I also have to care about other people who are also being poisoned since I don’t like that/when no one cares about me. [The people with water filters or going to Petone spring while they won’t take/support action are selfish, they don’t care about the rest of us. (Only 7 people including me & the 1 or 2 organiser/s turned up to fannz wellington region meeting.) (Only a few submissions to councils years plan.)]
– Its easier for people to get any desired/needed fluoride from various sources (natural fluoride already in water, soy, tea, tablets, bottled water, toothpaste, fluoridated milk/salt, mineral water (“mineral water may contain higher fluoride than othr natural NZ water”), &/or to avoid/get sugar than it is for us to avoid fluoridated water &/or get unfluoridated water (filter, detox, get own spring/bottled water ourselves/delivered).
(- If we are so free to do those things why are others Not so free to get their own fluoride/fluoridated water?)
– it is not fair that we are artificially/unnecesarily forced to have to be able to get filter or water (because of them evading collective & individual responsibility) while others have tap water and/or are not forced to similar difficult measures.
– it is not fair to force what amounts to water privatisation (get filters or own water) on some of us and not others. (Plus we also have to pay either/both rates for council water &/or linecharges/userpays privatised water/waste.)
– if it is too hard for the authorities to address the [range of] root issues of tooth decay incidence that they have to use easy answer of mass fluoridation, then why can’t they see/admit that it is not easy for some of us to do their “easy” [“range of”] answers of filter/etc?
– isn’t it a hypocritical contradiction that they/you don’t fluoridate everyone. If they are so right then people with unfluoridated water would have worse tooth decay than people with fluoridated water.
– it is not fair to not force fluoride equally on everyone (including themselves too).
– if they are so genuine then they should take a national survey or include in the census questions about whether households have filters or not, and/or whether households have (use/drink/eat) fluoridated or unfluoridated water.
– its like saying that we can make as much noise as we like and its the neighbours faults for not getting earplugs or double glazing.
– The judges and lawyers and councillors etc are rich/etc, have cars, etc, they have no idea how difficult/impossible it is for some of us. I have a hell situation (including water/fluoride/plumbing problems, neighbours problems, location, beneficiary, alone/single, etc) and condition (aspergers, ocd, anxiety, etc) and my studies.
– Everytime its always me being forced to have to consider others only other offered unsuitable options , and never the options that best suit me that i want/need/ask.
– We can’t change water companies like we can change banks or electricity or phone or isp companies.
(- the fannz site has all links not website addresses which is a pain to write down, and the deliverers have phone nos only not emails.)

I can’t easily shift (to a place that has unfluoridated water options) as i have difficulty finding at place that meets all my requirements (afford, not socially isolated (re single & 40/aging), safe for my studies books/papers, not noisy/attached neighbours, unfluoridated water, not plumbing problems like here, can have a garden, no microwaves beside me, etc), and no one will help me find a place.

“Get a plumber in”/”fix plumbing/pipes problem””
Plumbers have a stupid quotes system. Last time i tried i went to all the hastle to be able to let them in thinking they were going to do the thing/s i’d asked about and all they (2 men!) did was look at it and give a stupid quote. They could have fixed it there and they didn’t.
It will cost alot and be alot of intrusion (esp with ocd) to get *All* the plumbing redone in this place since almost all the plumbing has problems (bad fittings/joint spout tap, pipes all way from street, tank in roof, hot water tank, shower head too much water, toilet runs down back of inside of pan and splashes up back side when i poo and the ballcock leaks slightly, dripin tap, shared pipes with the other 4 flats (i sick of hearing gushing sounds everytime they use water, and of pipes banging when they use washing machines), plumb in a filter in kitchen and bathroom, etc). What is the point when i still need/want to shift anyway?
As it is the main local plumbers outfit have been nasty to me in connection with next door neighbours and drains.

“find a farmer who will let you get water from their bore or rain water.”
I would if i could but need help finding one/any.
Though i would need the water to be tested to be sure no harmful in it. (Shallow bores are soft water. Rain water can have pollution and roof/gutter toxins and bird dropings.)
(Note Upper Hutt is the/2nd largest “city” (urban) in NZ and the/2nd smallest population “city” in NZ. A valley surrounded by hills on almost all sides.)

My/other/general/extra options:
I can’t just drink/eat fluoridated water because it badly effects my health (just for some minor examples whenever i have to go back to fluoriated water i can’t sleep as/very well, effects my thyroid, not able to do my studies as/very well, balding, etc).
I can’t go without water/milk for more than 3/4 days or i will die.
I can’t keep starving or being dehydrated.
Can’t suicide.
I can’t get anymuch social support for my mental illness.
Medication/mental health is not very easy as i have had tons of problems with them every time i have tried (delayed weeks/month(s), side effects, pharmac won’t bring in some meds, mental health act, etc).
Milk (&/or raw milk) is not ideal because i have a slight cow milk allergy, and because is high copper content, and sits in metal pails/tankers/tanks, plus have to be careful of heart, and no one will take empty bottles away. (Also not sure if lactose (sugar) may effect teeth? plus always a worry they could fluoridate milk.) (But it doesn’t seem as bad for me as fluoridated water.) (Btw milk is only decent natural source of calicum i have.)
I have tried to find/get (fresh) goats milk (like my mother used to get years ago) but it is almost impossible. (They usually say the goats are pregnant or goats are resting.) The long life stuff is no good as has additives, the packaging (ocd), the packaging (possible bpa lining), the small size/quantity, and is uht?
Rice milk or soy milk are no good. (The don’t have (natural) calcium. Soy has fluoride. Not enough quantity?)

“Make a submission”:
Making submissions to councils is useless since I can’t appear/present in person due to my condition/situation, and the UH council say they can’t stop even if they want because all 4 cities share same water supply and has to be all or majority of 4 cities (or greater regional council), &/or unless enough people make submissions.
I sent appeal letter to all 150 mps in parliament, and to all councilors in the 4 cities, and to the 4 newspapers but none would do anything (apart from just 2 councilors replying that they agreed but couldn’t do anything as the rest of council are otherwise).
The minister of health goes along with the MOH officials.
The Greens party refuse to take a stand on the issue.
Not fair on some/others that it is made a local council by council issue and not a national issue.
Some of us are not able to write good enough submissions/papers/letters, and it takes a lot of time and effort to write quality papers/letters/submissions (and to read court notes, papers, submissions, etc).


My right to clean running tap water supercedes your right to fluoridate(d water), or at least is no less valid or important.
The government’s duty to supply or not infringe on supply of water supercedes/equals any alleged “duty” to supply fluoride.

Joseph in 3rd dynasty Egypt evidence lists

January 15, 2014

Our thesis is that Joseph (Zaphenath-Paneah) “of the multi-coloured coat” of Genesis is Sekhemhet (Djoserty-Ankh?) of the 3rd-4th dynasty of ancient Egypt. This is just a quick brief rewritten summary as we don’t have the time/health/situation to write up a more fully detailed/explained paper. (Indeed we are not sure we will still be alive/”free” for much longer if this Hell situation/condition continues.) (We were going to leave/cut out the candidates lists, but we have left them attached at end for some people who they may still be of interest/use to.)

(Note: We can not claim much credit for the discovery though because Moller and/or Wyatt were almost spot-on with their Imhotep theory prior to us (though we made our discovery independently). (Side-note: Wyatt has suffered alot of criticism and claims about fraud/etc, yet the accusers ignore that he was right enough about Joseph and some other things.)

In our studies in our tweenties and thirties we had seen info on Philitis and Imhotep and theories of connections with the likes of Melchizedek/Shem.

Before our looking for Joseph we had noticed that the 7 years famine of Djoser/Zoser mentioned in Keller seemed similar to Joseph’s one, we also later saw that others had also connected them (in B Walker).

Some years ago we went through all dynastic history looking for any clues/evidences for the times when Joseph & Moses could be. We found that only the 3rd-4th dynasty has matches for Joseph and not any other time.

Joseph is variously dated: 1980, 1876, 17xx bc (Oxford), [ 900 bc (PSBA)?].

Dynasties Joseph has variously been put in include:
3rd dyn [Djoser/Imhotep/Sekhemhet] (by Walker/Moller/Wyatt/us),
4th dyn [suphis] (by us/Hoeh),
5th dyn [Ptahhotep/Unas] (by Wyatt/Courville),
11th dyn [Inyotef] (by Rohl (not-main)),
12th dyn [Mentuhotep/[Ptahwer/Yatu]] (by Rohl (main)/Bullen/Courville/Alford),
[13th dyn [Aufni],]
[14th dyn (by PSBA)?]
15th/16th dyn [Apophis/Hyksos] (by Manetho/Bey/orthodox/Compton),
[17th dyn] “immediately before 18th dyn” (by Bey),
18th dyn [“vizier of Ahmose1″/Ianhama/Yuya] (by Sullivan/Osman),
19th dyn [Bey] (by ?),
19th/20th dyn [Osarsiph/Irsu] (by Sayce/PSBA),
[22nd dyn (by PSBA)?]
… dyn [Ipa/Ipu/Ipi(ankh(u))],
composite/myth / not-historical (by orthodox/sceptics/Fomenko).

We see there are 3 or 4 or 5 main periods (3-5, 11-20 (11-13, 15-16, 18-20), [22]). The last is after even the orthodox placement/date and so ruled-out.

The orthodox placement for Joseph is the Hyksos (15th-16th dynasty). This is ruled out for various reasons including:
– too late in Egyptian history.
(- Their date for Joseph is also abit later than biblical date.)
– no Global air to the Hyksos dynasties period (re Global famine).
– they admit that they can’t find Joseph and Moses in their placements (but wrongly think it is the biblical that is wrong rather than their chronology).
– no Potiphera match in name and person/nature/date.
– Hebrews were not Hyksos.
– alternative scholars now favour Moses being around about 13th dynasty.
– Shechem (and Jerusalem) was mentioned in 12th dynasty execration texts [and Shechem may even be mentioned in 2nd/3rd dyn?]. In bible Shechem is founded in Jacob’s time (except for anachronistic mention in Abraham’s time).
-Josephus said there were pharaoah’s for 1300 years from Menes to Shishak [Ramses 2].
Herodotus said there were pharaohs for (1)1340 yrs from Menes to Seti (19th dyn). Joseph is 430/215 + 480 yrs before Shishak. There was only 400 years from Hyksos to 19th dynasty (San tablet).
– we have found better match.

The recent main alternative placement (of Rohl etc) is the 12th dynasty. This also is ruled out because:
– 12th dyn is too late in Egyptian (when comparing the Biblical and Egyptian timelines side by side) for Joseph who was only 3rd after Abram (generations in between Abe to Jose were only 2) who was only (1)400 yrs after flood just after extreme longevity, at beginnings of history.
– Rohl’s statue etc is not convincing.
– they have no match for name Zaphenath.
– no Potiphera.
– Egyptian orthodox chronology/dating is wrong. The date for 12th dynasty relies solely on Sothaic dating which they admit is “problematic” and have supposedly “moved away from”. Herodotus said Moeris was only 900 years before [Amasis 2].
– Rohl’s “Joseph” (“(11-)12th”) and Moses (“(12-)13th”) can’t both be so close together.

(This leaves the next alternative 3rd-5th dynasty period placement. Though that is not the reason for our placement.)

Possible evidences for Joseph in 3rd-4th dyn:
bent pyr may connect with famine;
Surid may connect with Pharaoh;
Sekhemhet matches Zaphenath;
Ra-hotep / htp-ren ~ Potiphera / Potiphar;
famine match (Djoser 7 famine, Unas famine scenes, Surid “fire”?);
models of granaries in OK tombs;
Asenath-like names (Sen-nebty, Achethotep, Arsinoe, Sethtet);
110 yr olders / centenarians;
global air (Great Pyramid geodesy, etc);
feudal period (4th-15th dyn);
name Ramses found at 3rd/4th dyn site (Hoeh),
Goshen matches Giza or Sokhem;
Philitis at Giza in 4th dyn (matching either Hebrews/Jacob/Jospeh);
3 kingdoms (Old Mid New) roughly match 3 Hermes (Set Shu/Num Thoth) match 3 reincarnations (Seth [Shem [Abe/Jose]], Moses, Samuel);
Clayton mentions presence of Asiatics in FIP;
fits with Abraham in 1st dynasty;
“grain storage bins at Step pyramid”?;
wife of Uba-aner ~ Potiphar’s wife?;
“Jacob’s ladder ~ Step pyramid”?;
store rooms around 1st dynasty tombs ~ storehouses/granaries?;
united kingdom at the time.

About that time we found that Potiphera priest of On (&/or Potiphar “captain of the guard”) may match “Ra-hotep”/”Hotep-ra” “priest of Heliopolis” (& “leader of the warriors of the monarch”) of 3rd/4th/5th dynasty.

Some have a dispute with us though in that they claim that Ra-hotep can not be read hotep-ra because of modern scholars alleged ancient Egyptian grammer rules. (Hotep/hetep means “peace/content/satisfied /rest/ease/appeased/expiated /pleased/joyous/offering”). However, from all our research we can not find definte proof that it can’t be read hotep-ra and can only be read ra-hotep, and/or even if it is perhaps so the Hebrews could still have reversed it. (Some languages write/read left to right, some write/read right to left.) There is a htp-ren…nebty in inscription found in the Sekhemhet complex. (Maybe compare htp-ren/hetep-re & Khafre/Chephren?)

names with hotep first:
htp-ren[…]_nebty, Hotep-sekhem-wy/hetepsekhemui (dyn 2), hetepahaui, Hetephires/Hetep-heres, Hotep-dif, Hetep-S-en-usret (Kahun, dyn 12), hetephernebti/hotephernebty, Hotp-hi-ma’e, hotep-ra, Hetep-ib-re (dyn 13)?, Hetepiho, htp-di-nsw, hotep-ab, hotepnetjeru, hetep-khuy.

names with re last:
throne names all end with -re/-ra.
chephren/khafre! djedefre? menkaure/mycerinus!
potiphera!, shem-re, menophres, se-ra/sa-re, atum-re, jmn-ra/amun-re, hor-ur-re, sisera, hr-ra, hotepra/hetepre, khnem-ra, [baufre?], Sahure, nDm_n_ra, padipara, s(h)p-ra, hesyre/hesy-ra/hesire/hezyra, Senakht-en-Re, sehetepibre(12th)?, Se-hotep-ab-Ra (Amenemhat 1, dyn 12)?
Se-hetep-ib-re (Amenemhet 6, dyn 13)?, Hetep-ib-re (dyn 13)?, maat-en-re/Nema(at)re/Labari, mery-ra, dua(en)re, nikaure, ankhmare, sekhemkare, rekhmire usimares hetephires?, sut-en-re, khahotepre, kha-ankh-re khanoferre/chenephres, khakara, nb-hpr-re.

names read either/both ways:
Egyptian: ra-ho’tep/ra-het’ep/rehotpe/rahotpe/rahotpu &/or hotepra/hetepre/hotepre (17th dyn, Budge/Petrie)?
redjedef/ratoises! or djedefre, heru-tataf &/or djedef-hor, [raufu &/or “ufura”?],
rakhaf/ra-khu.f/ra-xaw.f (written) &/or khaf-re/xaw.f-Ra/chephren (phrase), re-seqenen &/or seqenen-re, raneb &/or nebra,
re-hesy &/or hesy-ra/hesira, ra-amon &/or amun-ra,
amen-tutankh (written) &/or tutankh-amen,
[osar-siph &/or se-osiris?],
usert-sen &/or sen-usret/sesostris,
nar-mer &/or meri-nar, maat-en-re &/or Nema(at)re/Labari, hotepibre &/or ib-hetep-re (khamudy/hyksos)?; akhenaten &/or aton-akhen?, re.neb.hetep & nebhetepre, Meryibre/Abmerira
Hebrew/Semitic: [jonathan &/or nathanias],
[j(eh)o-hanan &/or hanan-iah], [el-nathan &/or nathana-el],
[el-hanan &/or hananeel/han(n)iel], baal-hanan & hanni-bal.
Classical: [theodora/diodorus &/or dorothea].

The 2 elements (hotep/hetep and Ra/Re) are sometimes our way around:
Hotep-ra/hetepre (Budge/Petrie), nebhetepre/[neb-hapet-ra?]/nibhotpuri/Neb-hotep-ra (Mentuhotep 1/2, dyn 11), sehetepre,
aa-hetep-re / ja-hotepra/ha’hotepre/Kha’hotep-re (Sobekhotep 5/6 dyn13), merhotepre/Mer-hetep-re (Ini, dyn 13)?, djed-hotep-re (dedumose 1), sekhahetep-ra.

“Ancient Egyptian pun reversal of htp/hetep “offering/peace/conciliation/realization of” into pth/(the god) Ptah “fire fallen into earth”.”?

[Potiphera (& Asenath) could alternatively/also possibly connect with Waddell’s “Parinbara” (and “lady Ash Nini”) readings of “predynastic” inscriptions? (Compare Parinbara & Padipara?) Perhaps compare that the store rooms around 1st dynasty tombs could connect with store houses/granaries? (Maybe also compare “Both articles are part of an expanding body of evidence that links the period once known as ‘predynastic’ so firmly to the ages of the pyramids and later, that the term should be abandoned.”]

We shortly after saw on Hancock forum and other places that some had connected Joseph and Imhotep.

Later we found that the Bent pyramid may possibly connect with the 7 years plenty & famine:
Lower half steeper/wider, upper half shallower/thinner; lower half big rocks, upper half smaller stones; 3 pi & 4 pi or 3.5 pi (half of 7). Bent pyr connected with St Joseph, Joseph’s canal.) (Though less likely, perhaps Joseph was even entombed in bent pyramid and the rough hewn tunnel hacked through masonry is from Moses removing his bones???)
(In the tales of the magicians 110 year old Djedi who dwells at Djed Sneferu (Meydum or Dahshur) possibly sounds abit like Joseph?)
(Other hitherto theories were that the Bent pyramid (&/or Meydum pyr) was due to disaster/rain/quake. Alford gave evidence that it was deliberately designed, though he connects it with duality/Set.)

One to two years ago we finally found that Sekhemhet seems to match Joseph/Zaphenath in name and nature. I was down one day and looking through Lissner’s book and saw the heading “who was Sekhemhet” and had a out of the blue (i was not thinking at all about Joseph) i had an idea/thought/feeling flash that i wonder if it could be Zaphenath. When i read the chapter and thought on it i found that the evidence seemed to support this. Later i came across F Raffaele’s info which gave more amazing confirming evidence.

table/list of similarities between Sekhemhet & Joseph (* = finds in/at Sekhemhet complex) :

Sekhem-het [~~ Saophis Comates?] ~~ Zaphen-ath?
Djoserty-Ankh ~~ Joseph?? Paneah?
“powerful body” ~~ “all-comely”?
Unas famine scenes beside Sekhemhet complex* ~~ 7 yrs famine?
Imhotep graffiti in Sekhemhet complex* ~~ Joseph connected with Imhotep??
120/132 store/storage chambers/containers* ~~ storehouses/granaries? (12 pats? 110 yrs?)
hollow gold tube / gold necklace* ~~ gold chain (Genesis 41:42)?
Sen-nebty* ~~ Asenath?
htp-ren…nebty* ~~ Potiphar/’s wife / Potiphera?
empty sarcophagus* ~~ Joseph bones removed?
giant fennel branch* ~~ 7 years plenty? (or hyssop branch from when Moses removed bones? Messianic symbol?)
ramp * ~~ chariot?
72 degrees slope ~~ 70 souls? 70 days? 7 yrs?
Sekhemhet connected with Teti ~~ Joseph was vizier (tjaty)?
Sekhemhet was unknown “Pharaoh/King” ~~ Joseph was vizier, Adon over all the land, highest in land except Pharaoh?
7 steps, (assoc with king that reigned 6/7 yrs) ~~ 7 years?

(Some of the other late 3rd dynasty odd “kings” and pyramids names may possibly connect with persons of Genesis (Jacob, Asenath, Ephraim/Manasseh, Benjamin)?)

We then also read Ron Wyatt’s Imhotep/Joseph notes and saw evidence that the 7 years famine account of Djoser and the bible’s 7 years famine of Joseph are indeed connected. (Note: Imhotep graffiti is found in Sekhemhet complex.) Wyatt gives excerpts from the 2 accounts side by side. The exact connection between Imhotep (or Serapis) and Joseph is still not certain though.

Imhotep/Joseph cons:
-his name was Joseph/Zaphenath not Imhotep.
-Imhotep comes before Rahotep.
-Djoser may be slightly too early?

Imhotep/Joseph pros:
– Imhotep graffiti in Sekhemhet complex.
– Imhotep’s titles are practically identical to Joseph’s “second in command” description in bible.
– “Tosorthros [(Djoserty?) 3rd dyn] was skilled in the art of healing sicknesses and was called the god of healing” recalls Imhotep?

– Im(-hotep) might connect with Shem or Philitis or baker or Potiphar or Joseph as foreigner?

We noticed that Surid of Masoudi is similar to Pharaoh of Joseph in Genesis and Djoser/Zoser (both had dreams, “flood and fire” ~ plenty & famine? 300 years to flood ~ 400 years to exodus, Surid/Kharid/Saurid/Surid/Soris/Seris/Ser/Sharu ~ Djoser/Zoser/Tcheser/T’a-sar/Sesor-tosis?).

Finally we had thought that Goshen seemingly may match Sokhem (Latopolis, where Josephus said the exodus started from), but we since found that Goshen may rather match Giza/Gizeh/er-ges-her “beside the high” (where was shepherd Philitis “lover of righteousness”, and which is roughly modern Cairo).

Most recently we had correspondence with an Egyptologist and there is now a question of whether Sekhemhet and Zaphenath match in name or only in meaning.

Names not / cognate?:
[~ Saophis Comates?]
~ Tsaphenath/Zaph(e)nath/Psothom?
Note PSBA has (m)nt?

Names meanings synonymous?:
We know that the name is sekhem-het and some say the Hebrew one is Zaphen-ath.
Sekhem “secret shrine, shut place, imprison”
[~ Saophis Comates “trafficker, getter”]
~ sapan/zaphan “to hide, store up, secret(s)”?
Moses could have translated sekhem as zaphan?

Sekhem-khet “powerful body”, khet “overall/all pervading/spread/throughout”
~ (Joseph) “the all-comely”?

Note on the orthodox “dates” objections:

Josephus & Herodotus has Menes only 1300 years before Solomon/Shishak, so Menes (1st dyn) is not before 2300 bc.
Herodotus said Moeris was only 900 years before [Amasis 2], which gives a date of ca 1400s for Moeris (12th dynasty).

Our reasonably certain timeline:
1st dyn ~~ Abraham/Chedorlaomer
3rd-4th ~~ Joseph
[khety ~~ kohath?]
11th ~~ Elim
12th ~~ Moses
Hyksos ~~ Amalek/Judges?
Amarna ~~ David?
19th ~~ Shishak/Ano
19th/20th ~~ Zerah
22 ~~ Phoenicians (Moscati/Rohl)
26th ~~ Neco.

Possible timeline:
Palaeolithic ~~ Nimrod?
Azilian ~~ Beersheba/Abraham? (Zehren)
Lake dwellings ~~ Joseph?
Megalithic ~~ Og/Moses? (Keller)
Stonehenge ~~ Gilgal/Joshua?
Hallstatt ~~ Gezer?

Famines/droughts of anc Egypt between 0/1 & 25th dynasties:
2 droughts supp betw aft end last Ice Age & bef 1st dyn;
famine Uenephes/Ata 1stdyn *;
7 yrs famine Zoser/Imhotep 3rddyn **;
scenes famine Unas 5thdyn;
A king of 9th dyn was Kaneferre (Chenephres?), a famine in his reign.
[7 yrs anarchy / “7 empty yrs” Mentuhotep 4 betw end11-beg12th dyn?;]
[Mentuhotep distributed food/grain 12thdyn (alan montgom/courville/…)?]
[none hungered/none thirsted Amenemhet 1?]
famine Amenemhat Beni Hasn?
“years of famine” Ameny (Senusret1) 12thdyn;
12yrs flood/famine Amenemhet3 12thdyn ***?;
“many years” famine Beba (Seqenenre) c17thdyn ***?;
3 yrs drought/famine/plague Amarna letters (18th dyn) ****.
[13 fatal years (19th-20th dyn)?]

Famines/droughts of Biblical between Noah & Nechoh:
shortage of food after Flood;
(5yrs?) famine Abraham *;
famine Isaac;
7yrs famine Joseph **;
10yrs famine Ruth ***?;
3yrs famine David ****;
3yrs drought/famine Elijah 1Ki18;
dearth Elisha 2Ki4;
great famine Elisha 2Ki6;
7yrs famine Elisha 2Ki8.
3rd/black horseman of apocalypse (6:5-6).

Note: we also have found versions of Joseph’s famine (and of Potiphar’s wife) in traditions of many ancient cultures around the world which verifies the biblical account of global famine as being true (rather than just being due to being stolen from a universal common myth).

Joseph namesakes:
Joseph son of Jacob; [Asaph?]; St Joseph father of Jesus; [Joseph Caiaphas], Joseph of Arminathea, Joseph Barsabas/Justus (Acts), [joses barnabas?]; Flavius Josephus; Emp Franz Joseph (Austria); Josephine Bonaparte; Jose de San Martin; Franz Joseph Haydn, Giuseppe Verdi, Giusepe Garibaldi; Joseph Smith snr/jnr (Mormon), joseph smith fletcher, joseph rouletabille, Joseph Chamberlain; Joseph Stalin; Joseph Goebbels; Joseph Mengale, holy joe, Judge Joseph F Crater, Joseph Campbell; Michael Yusuf/Yussef (modern pastor); Michael Joe Thannisch (priest); Joseph Johannsen (local athelete), Joe Bloggs.

References (* = orthodox academics) :

Joseph refs: damo bullen, ron wyatt, me/Sean, david m rohl, Dr Lennart Moller, Werner Keller, Barbara Walker, holy bible, Flavius Josephus, Peter Sullivan*, [Graham Hancock forum], ‘History detective’/Historum, Alan Alford, H Brugsch-Bey*, rabbi, book of Jashar, book of Asenath, G Massey, Herman Hoeh, Oxford bible concordence*, Wikipedia; Hall of Maat posters; lujack55; Don Courville; AH Sayce*; Grant Jeffrey; stephen compton*; ahmed osman; Christian quotations of pseudo-/Manetho; ; PSBA (1898).

Sekhemhet refs: francesco raffaele ( )*; Ivar Lissner (Living Past); wiki; Historum posters; Alan Alford; peter clayton (chronicle of pharaohs)*; Peter Sullivan*.

Bent pyramid refs: Alan Alford (Phoenix Solution).

Zoser/Imhotep/step pyr refs: Keller; Wyatt; Moller; Sahel/Philae; Clayton; .

Philitis refs: Herodotus

Surid refs: Masoudi; Andrew Tomas (Atlantis).

Rahotep refs: Bey (egypt under the pharaohs); Hall of Maat/Griffiths-Greenberg; Budge; Petrie.

Sokhem/Latopolis refs: j Baike; Josephus.

Pictures for this Joseph article/paper at .


rough considered candidates lists:

<<"fromearliesttimesviziersandotherofficialsofimportantrankheld the sekhem [scepter]"* sekhmet semerkhet ~ sobekemsaf? ? Pa/Pe? “shines in south “? spanios Sesonchosis. {sapneteph_onh / S-h-p-y-n-t-p-c-n-h ath*/ankh/life becos z/je za/zat d/dd sph sapa puah,noah zanub?? } ; zatanel_hatuptah fallenson} . sosis/sosus/sosos/zosus* {c h j x y. sk ks st ph ng kh nd f?} shechem sycamore hakim/hakm sigma shekinah : hap/stn/k. 14thdyn * 20thdyn.>>


Zaphanath/Zaph(e)nath-Pa(a)neah /zap(h)nat(h)pa’nea(k)h /sapenat/ tsaph(e)nat(h) /Zafenat(h)/zaf’en-ath / “Zaphenenath”/zaf’uh-nath / ‘z/S-p-n(-t)’ / Tsophnath-Pa’neach / zofnat/zoph-ent-pa-ankh (3 parts)
[or “zat(h)nap(h)/Zat-en-aph/S-t-n-p” / ” pa Za p nat neah” (metathesis)?] / pso(n)thom((-)phan(t)ech) name/meaning:
~ se(d)-p-nute(r)-ef-onh?
Gd-dn(-iw.f-‘nh) /Gd-ipt-nt-iw.f-‘nh /Gd-p3-ntr-iw.f-‘nh?
Djed-pa-netjer-iw.f-ankh /D(d)-p’-nt(r)-iw.f-‘nh /dje(d)pa_nute(r) / d(ja)d(u)-naf / Dd-n.f / djad_tu-naf / djat-naf / djed((u)-)en-ef?
t’d / t’f(a) + (m)nt/p(-)nutr / t’f(n(t)) / d’fnt / t’f-nt-pankh?
D-f-n/l-n/l-s / Dafenenas / Dafelelas?
za-p-u-nt-p-a-anch / za-pa-v-nt-pa-aa-ankh?
~ saba Sabani? yonghomph-anhx / jonqehomph-ankh? Sekhem(k)het/Sekhemk(h)et /se(s)chemchet /szehemhet/sejemjet /Sxm-xt / tefnakhte/tnephachthos/stephinat(h)es?* thafneos**? tisithen?** zanakht(e)? Sphinx (4th dyn)? Sneferu/sen-nefer? Apachnas? Saophis Comates “trafficker/getter”**? Zeenabzamin (Ethiopian)? djadja-em-ankh/zaza-m-ankh (a ‘reciter/lector/scribe/priest/magician’, tales of magicians)? Ptah/[Zaph]? sobeknakht/sobeknacht? chephren? thamphthis? iemhetep/imhotep? (se)hotep-nebty? Pete-seph (Cheremon) [reverse elements]? shepseskafankh/5th Abusir? Pa-sebakhaenniut? acesephthres? zeta alpha (pseudo-/Berosus/Syncellus)? za-puna? s3.f n ht.f “of my/his body, his son”?
~ spn/sapan/zaphan “to hide/store up”?* panis “bread”?
~ “a fruitful vine”? “the god speaks, [and] he lives”? “gov of the dist of the place of life”? “he/she who is called”? [“all-comely”?] “the one who has godlike wisdom”? “revealer of secrets”? “cover-uncover”? “stored beautiful rest” / “healer/saviour of the age/world”? “the one who furnishes the sustenance/nourishment of theland/life”? “bread giver of life”? “my provision is god”?

Joseph/Yahuwseph/yosef/yosep/[Asaph] “increaser/adding” :
name: ~ yosep? ya-seph? “jhoseph/imhotep”? tosorthros (healing)? djoserty-ankh? sepa (& neset, 3rd(-4th) dyn)? saophis comates? s(o)uphis (Hoeh)? Osar-siph/Arsu/irsu (Sayce)? Uses? statue User (Knossos 12th dyn)? Inyotef (Rohl)? usaph/usaphais? Djoser/Zoser (Sahel/Philae, B Walker)? yatu [12th]? Yuya? Har-end-yotef? aufni/yufni (13th)? Peteseph (Cheremon)? “Joseph’s canal”? Bent Pyramid associated with St Joseph? Yurugg (Dogon)? Irnefdjesef?
nature/person: ~ sekhemhet? imhotep? serapis? tisithen? bay/bey? shepherd Philitis “lover of righteousness” (4th dyn, Herodotus)? Djedi (at d(j)ed-sneferu, 110 y.o., tales of magicians)? amenophis son of Hapou? “Set” (1st Hermes)? Huy/Huny? mentuhotep (11th dyn, courville)? ptahhotep (Wyatt)?

Panea((k)h)/p-‘-n-h/pa'(e)ne(c)ha/pan-ay’ah /pa’ne(a)ch(a)/phan(t)ech / pso(n)thom(-)phan(t)ech
[or “pa Za p nat neah”?] :
~ (Djoserty-)Ankh? phoenix? Ipu/Ipi(ankh(u)) / ((‘)i)p(i)-(a)n(k)h / ‘ip’ankh’? (e)f-‘ankh / cufankh / pankh? panis “bread”? Ankh (reign Djoser)?

“the all-comely”:
(-titi “come/arrived”?)
Imhotep “comes in peace”?
meaning of Zaphenath? Sekhem-khet “might/powerful (of/inthe) body”?
nfr/nefer “comely/beautiful”?
(k)het “pervading/spread/throughout”?

Peteseph :
~ Potiphera? Zaphenath? Jo-seph? Osar-siph? Imhotep son/succesor of Ptah? Petesuchos? Siptah?

Tisithen :
~ Tithoes? Tjaty/”vizier”? Psothom/Zaphenath? Hartitifin? Ratoises?

Osarsiph :
~ Serapis? Jo-seph? Peteseph? Se-Osiris? Arsu/Irsu? Moses? Bey? osiropis?

Imhotep :
~ Philitis? foreign Joseph? baker? cupbearer? Serapis? Shem? Melchizedek? Potiphar?

Joseph a foreigner/Hebrew:
(-titi “come/arrived”?)
Imhotep “comes in peace”? Philitis?

potipher(a)/powti_phera/po(w)ti(y)_p(h)era(c) poh-tif’uh-ruh/potifera “high priest of On” (&/or saris/”eunuch” potiphar/powtiyphar/pah’tuh-fuhr/potifar “captain of the guard”/”chief executioner” [&/or ‘Potiphar’s wife’]) / Petephoros/Petephres/petepre “gift of the sun / belonging to the sun / one who belongs to Ra”
~ a certain officer “Ra-hotep”/[hotep-ra] (“chief priest of Heliopolis”, “leader of warriors of the monarch”, ca 3rd/4th/5th dyn, Bey)? htp-ren[…]_nebty (inscription in Sekhemhet’s pyramid, 3rd dyn)?* Hotephernebty? Hetephires? Hetepiho/Hetepi?* hetepahaui? Hotep-dif 2nd dyn priest?
Ptah-hotep 5th dyn? Djedefptah? Djedefhor/ Herutataf/hardjedef? Djedefre? ta-di(t)-pre? Pa-rin-bara (“predynastic” tomb inscription, waddell)? pa-di-pa-ra / pa-Di(di)-(p(a-))ra? p’-di-p’r(e)’? puti-pera (“gift sun”)? petoathyrfes/pedo-hathor? P3itnf3′? imhotep? Ptahwer (Amenemhat 3, 12th dyn)? pt/pd / pt-bar / baal/bar (chief of constructions of Ammon under Hyksos / 22nd dyn)? Bata? padjeetif? Peteseph?


names with -hotep last:
rahotep, ra-kha-hetep, Hathorhetepet, Nubhetepet, senusrethotep, aahhotep/ahinoam?, nemhotep, nubhetep, akhethotep, shesmuhotep, neferhotep, Amenhotep.

names with re/ra- / god-name first:
ra-kha-hetep, ra_uben, rauser, ra-khu-taui, ra-sokhem, ra-n-mat, rashepses, rahotep, ramses/ramesses, ressoneb, rakhaf, ra-sxm-wah-xaw, ranofer.

potiphar’s wife “Zelicah/zuleika” :
~ Eylouka (Ethiopian)? queen Dalukah (3rd/4th dyn)? Nefert/Nofret “beautiful/good” (Rahotep’s wife)? Rashaa (Imhotep’s wife)? wife of Uba-aner (tales of the magicians)? Hetephires (wife of pharaoh)? Rhodopis/Rud-didet? Hotephernebty (woman/queen, Djoser)? Htp-ren[…]_nebty (inscription Sekhemhet pyr)? Anpu’s wife (tale of 2 bros)? Iteje?

saris “eunuch”

pharaoh/pharaon (Abraham/Jose/Moses):
~ Kharid/Saurid/Surid/Soris/Seris/Ser/Sharu (3rd/4th dyn, had dream like Pharaoh in Genesis and 300 yrs before flood like 430 yrs in bible, Masoudi)? Zoser/Djoser/Tcheser/T’a-sar/Sesor-tosis (7 yrs famine, Sahel/Philae / Keller/Walker/Wyatt)? sneferu? huny?
“a.per?.a.p?.p?.?”/Aaperti? pr-‘3 (pr “house” & ‘3 “column”)?
“Great house”? pharaohs/gods Menes-Shishak/Seti (Josephus/Herodtus/Newton)? king Pheros (Herodotus)? Faro (Bambara)? [roeh] “shepherd”? late? Apophis (pseudo-/Manetho)? serekh/building? building/menes? pyramid? Pirua (Peru)? pra- (Indian)? se-ra? waddell? late/later? baron? Phoroneus? Pharamond? Farouk?


~ Arsinoe (near “Joseph’s canal” and ‘bent pyramid’)? Sethet/Sethtet (daughter/child of Ra-hotep, sibling of Djedi)? Achethotep (“son of Rahotep”)? Achetaa? Sen-nebty &/or Djeseretnebti (Sekhemhet pyramid, some think it is the name of Sekhemhet’s queen)? Aso (wife of Typhon)? Isis? Sais? Ahinoam? Rashaa (wife Imhotep)? Ash_Nin-i/lady_Ash/Ha (“predynastic” tomb inscripton, Waddell)? “Queen’s Pyramid” (Bent Pyramid satellite)? Aswan? ns/ns-nt/nes-neit/(n)(e)s-n(ei)t/sneit/Neith (11th-18th)? iu.s-en-neit / ius-en-at/i(w)s(n)nt/ as(-)en-neit /as-en-at? Acanthus (near Bent Pyramid/Dahshur)? Neset (& Sepa, 3rd dyn)? cp nes-bended/smendes? heni? nisuteh/nswth/nswt_h_(w)/swtenh? akhetaa? Sati/Satet (Sahel/Philae)? 22nd dyn? Atet (& Nefer-Maat)? Serach daughter of Asher (Rabbinic)? Aswan (Sahel/Philae)? (sit-hathor-)yunet? As-t_Tem? Het-Senter? Asherah? Athena? n hwt nswt “the royal wife”?

~ Seshem… (city, Huny)? ramses 2? name ramses found in 3rd/4th dyn site (Hoeh)? se-ra? Mesoc(h)ris (dyn 2/3)? moscheres? word Pyramid? Ramses before Cheops in Herodotus? Armiyses? Mesir (Memphis/Cairo)? rayosis? Rimush? Remus? Musare?

Jacob/Israel ~ Khaba (3rd/4th dyn)? khaibawsokar? shepherd Philitis “lover of righteousness” (Giza, 4th dyn, Herodotus)? imhotep? ka-aper (sheik el beled)? Khufwey/Khufu/Cheops? khabaw(13)? asher? Yakobaam/Yakob-her/Apachnan (through link of Hyksos/Anysis with captive shepherds/Philitis/Pyramid Builders/Unas)? yakbim (14)?

[jacob’s ladder ~ step pyramid (TRR Welling)?]

7 yrs plenty:
~ Surid’s “flood”?
sphinx torrential rain marks (Schoch)?
“In Nephercheres’ reign Manetho records that the Nile flowed with honey [for 11 days] — not literally, but figuratively, as the land of Palestine was to flow with milk and honey — great prosperity”?
lower half of bent pyramid (Alford)?
giant fennel branch on top of Sekhemhet sarcophagus? chnubos/gneuros “gold/prosperity”?

7 plenty & famine:
– 2 halves of the bent pyramid?
– “flood” & “fire” of Surid (Masoudi)?
– 14 years for which name of king is lost Eratosthenes?
– 13 fatal years (19th/20th)?
4th dyn pyramid name “cool”?

Joseph’s famine/scarcity
– “Lonnie G. Thompson of Ohio State University and his colleagues found a dust spike preserved in a Peruvian mountain glacier that marks “a major drought” in the Amazon Basin about 2200 B.C., give or take 200 years.”?
– Egyptian wheat found in Lake Dwellings built on dried up lake shores (western neolithic contemp with merimde in egypt)?
– Danubians did/n’t discover that fields exhaust/revitalise after being cultivated/left for 7 years?
– parched/famine/drought of Athamas (2 wives, golden fleece legend)?
– in reign of atys son of manes the whole of lydia suffered from a famine?
– Greek: “During the 7 yrs that followed not a drop of rain fell in Thera, & every tree on the isl, except 1, withered & died” (Herodotus)?
– Egyptian wheat found in Lake Dwellings (neolithic) built on dried up lake shores?
– Djoser’s 7 yr drought/famine?
– Surid’s “fire”?
– lean upper half of bent pyramid (cp Alford)?
– famine scenes of Unas’ which are beside Sekhemhet’s complex.
– grain storage bins at step pyramid and buried pyramid.
~ 2 predynastic droughts between Ice Age and Dynastic (Cambridge Anc Hist)?*
– heqanakht [famine]?
– legend of Khenmu 7 year famine?
– bk of Dead 7 cows/7 sheafs?
– predict 3 dooms by 7 hathors/cows?
– Egypt: “The Myth of the Heavenly Cow speaks of a great famine, which necessarily entails a failure of the inundation and the death of the population because they had no fresh water to drink.”
~ Myth of Hathor & Sekhmet slaying men = “plagues & starvation which accompan the dry season immediately preceeding the rise of the river.”
~ ankhtifi “all of upper Egypt was dying of hunger…”?
– hungryrock: ‘…Because Hapy [the river god] had failed to come in time in a period of seven years. Grain was scant, kernels were dried up, scarce was every kind of food…’
– Shu (hot/dryness) & Tefnut (moisture)?
– 7 steps sekhemhet pyr?
– the king scholars correspond with sekhemhet reigned 6/7 years?
– global atmosphere of 4th dynasty (Great Pyramid geodesy & boat etc)?
– Ethiopian: “the country that Anayer had come from had been afflicted by 7 yrs of famine (Hancock).
– Faro [Pharaoh?] (vs Teliko/desert wind) came to earth after long period of drought during which most living things died (Bambara/African, M Jordan)? – 7comet orbits (Velikovsky)?
– 7 days creation Astarte?
– epic of Gilgamesh bull of heaven 7 yrs (about same time)?

Joseph & potiphar’s wife
– Slav: “His wife was attracted to Ilya and commanded that he come to her, on pain of her complaining to Svyatogor of discourtesy.”
– Greek/Classical/Roman: chaste Virbius spurned love of women, Aphrodite stung by his scorn, disdained stepmother Phaedra, she falsely accused him to his father, sea-god sent bull from waves (G Frazer).
– Classical: bellerophon & anteia K Proitos wife; hippolytus & phaedra; peleus & astydamia/cretheis wife of K Acastos.
– Egyptian version: “the tale of two brothers” (Bata and Anpu’s wife, date 6th dyn/mid kdm?), (Keller, .)
– Uba-aner’s wife (Tales of the Magicians)?
– eshmun pursued by astronoe;
[- Phoenic: Aqhat refuses to give bow to the goddess (tho not quite the same), (Larouse)?]
– Combabus solicited by [Syria-Dea?] (refs Lucian, G Massey.) *
– gilgamesh & ishtar?
– North Amer-Ind: Akaiyan & Nopatsis wife [also even with a Benjamin parallel], (L Spence).

dream Pharaoh:
dream Surid? bk of Dead 7 cows/7 sheafs? predict 3 dooms by 7 hathors/cows?

land of Gos(h)en/goson / Gesem (LXX/Sept) / Kessan (Artapanus) (“place of light/plenty/comfort”, “best of the land”, land of Rameses) :
~ (cp Gozan?) giza/gizeh/er-ges-her “beside the high” (pyramids, philitis, Herodotus, A Room, roughly modern Cairo)? (cp Gaza?) So-khem/Sekhem/Sehem/khem / Ausim/Usim/Ashim (Latopolis, josephus, Baike)? [Sekhem/Khesem/Khesm “the secret shrine/most holy place/holy of holies” (Bey)?] Skhem? Sekhem (town of Sapti (1st dyn)/Senta (2nd dyn))? Kakem (city-governor of Sneferu)? Seshem… (city, Huny)? Seshem-tawy (Delta)? town of u-shesem? Sesen (s/k, sh/kh intchge)? Feshn (kh/f intchge)? kesem/kes 6 mi east of Bubastis? gasmu (tribe arabs)?
Faqus/fakus/Phacussa/Qesem (city/nome, Rohl)? Goseir/Qoseir (n/r intchge), Gosu/Cusae (“too far south”), Gesy/Qus, Kush/Kesh, Mt Kasios/Casius? Khesun/Xois/Kaset? Kahun? ro-henet/lahun/labyrinth? Hosan? Dahshur? Usheru/Ousherou (el-arish inscription/’Horus vs enemies of Re’)?

70 souls come with Jacob:
~ 72 conspirators with Set condemn Osiris? 70 kings 70 days 7th dynasty? Sekhemhet pyramid slope 72 degrees? 72 degrees to e-w alignment of Dahshur & Giza pyrs? “pyramid built 73,300 years ago”? 74 degrees Meydum pyr now? Djoser pyramid slope 75 degrees? 75 names Ra?

cupbearer/butler “Merod”:
~ imhotep? thafneos?

baker ~ thafneos? imhotep?

(ephraim &) manasseh/mandonkeyeh
~ amuneshi/ amuneneschi (12th)?
manat? metjen? menelik? (asher &) mentu/mentyw? menkaure? 2 sons Pepi?

ephraim (& manasseh)
~ asher (& mentu/mentyw)? nefermaat (& atet, meydum)? pehernefer? [ephratha]? habiru?

~ bedjmes?

sera(c)h bat/daughter of asher (in Rabbinic tradition/Talmud/Midrash Joseph was buried in/under the Nile, and Moses was helped to find Joseph’s coffin by a woman named Serach daughter of Asher) :
~ se-Ra/sa-Re “son of the sun”? Ser/Seris/Surid? Djoser/Zoser/Tcheser/T’a-sar? Asenath/Asherah? Serapis (Imhotep/Sakkarah)? saris “eunuch”? serekh? Rashaa (wife Imhotep)? Dahshur?

430 years : Surid who had a dream like Pharaoh was 300 years before the “Flood”. (This latter “Flood” may be either the sothaic of senusret 3, or 12yrs flood of Amenemhet, or exodus/Red sea crossing, or Atlantis sinking (all 12th dynasty).)
The events in the legend/story of Horus (Behdeti/of Edfu) versus adversaries of Re(-Harakhty) (which is like exodus) are said to have taken place in the 356th/363rd year of reign of Ra/Re-Harakhty. (Ra’s reign starts from 3rd/4th/5th dynasty.)
372 bits pectoral Sithathoryunet? 440 yrs TDD (Irish)?
Rohl’s “Joseph (11th-)12th dyn” and “Moses (12th-)13th dyn” can’t both be so close together.
Compare “480 yrs = 12 generations of 40 years”.
– [“10 generations reach from Joshua back to Ephraim: Joseph ~ 1667; Ephraim ~1647; Beriah ~1627; Repham ~1607; Resheph ~1587; Telah ~1567; Tahan ~1547; Laadan ~1527; Ammihud ~1507; Elishama ~1487; Nun ~1467; Joshua ~1447”.]
– (Flood was in am 1656.) Jewish traditon says exode was in 2666 anno mundi.
– “15 generations sothaic cycle / 443 years” before 16th dynasty (after “8 demigods / 217 years”) in [Syncellus?]?
– 500 years to Moses/Azrail?
– 4th dynasty prophesied to last 150 years [half of 300 like 215 half of 430?]

viz(i)er (tjaty/t3ty):
Djoser-ty(-Ankh)? Djoser-Teti/Djoser-Tety (“Sekhemhet”)? Teti/teta/ttij? t’at’ai/djadjay/tchatchai/zazay? tyet (Imhotep)? tisithen? “from earliest times viziers and other officials of important rank held the sekhem [scepter]” [Sekhemhet]? Imhotep’s title is almost identical to Joseph’s in bible? Sekhemhet originally an “unknown” “king/pharaoh”? giant fennel branch on Sekhemhet sarcophagus similar to feather/fan of viziers (like Huy)?
{viziers: joseph [3rd/4th dyn], imhotep (3), vizier Ipa, rahotep/(pa)rahotep (17), ptahhotep (5), vizier Bay/Irsw (19/20).}

~ 120/132 [grain] storage containers at Sekhemhet’s “pyramid” (Lissner); grain storage bins at Zoser’s step pyramid (grain kernels were found in them, Wyatt)? models of granaries in Old Kdm tombs ([Keller?])? store rooms around pre/early dynastic tombs (Wyatt, cp Waddell etc). Labyrinth? [Surid’s “storehouse”?] vast quantity of stone vases under step pyramid? pyramids?

high priests:
aclimon (3rd/4th), rahotep (3rd/4th/5th), potiphera, jannes/jambres.

not mentioned because maybe how they were considered at the time?
ramp of Sekhemhet’s “buried pyramid”? In the tales of the magicians, in the story of Djedi there are vehicles that might be interpreted as chariots (4th dyn)? herodotus says the chariots were lost in time of Sesostris (12th dyn). The ramps of the 11th dynasty terrace temple of Mentuhotep 1 (&/or Deir-el-Bahri) might also be related (pics Clayton)?
Wheel-like symbols in FIP/MK pictures?

not buried in Egypt:
sekhemhet sarcophagus empty, bent pyr empty,
sobeknakht broken/empty, imhotep not found/known.

shekels/silver pieces:
(Joseph sold for money a type of Jesus sold for money.)

110/centenarian (Jacob, Jose, Moses, Joshua):
king Pepy/Phiops (6th) dynasty was a centenarian. centenarians/110-year-olders in OK (eg Djedi the 4th dyn magician lived 110 yrs).
110 yrs “perfect old age”.
soliman “an elderly man prob died in his 90s”?

isrir, Herusha, Asiatics FIP.
shephred Philitis of 4th dyn?
captive shepherds? Hyksos/king shepherds? Set(h)? Aamu? “lepers”? Shut? Shasu? Shemsu? Asher? Mentu (“Manasseh”)? Rom(t)? amelut sagaz Mesh / Habiru? Namu?

Bent Pyramid:
attributed to time of about Sneferu (3/4 dyn).
(why Sneferu allegdedly had 2 or 3 pyramids?)

abrech/abrek “bow the knee” : ab b ton? ka-aper (4th dyn)? Repa/Erpa?

adn/adon : horemhib?

“Apophis” (pseudo-Berosus):
Apepi (Hyksos?) Pepy? Saophis? Souphis? Anpu? Apis/Serapis? Osiropis? Apachnan? Zaphenath? Athothis? Epaphos? 1st Hermes Set?

God/Yhwh/I Am/El:
son/succesor of Ptah/Thoth? Im(-hotep)? son of Ra? Nuk pa Nuk? Neter? Set? Iahu? Aton? Khnum?

Jack the Ripper is Jane Kelly?

July 16, 2013

After considering all sorts of stuff like the lists below, and considering the actual post-mortem, police and court etc records on the 11 cases our conclusion is that JTR prime candidate is Mary Jane Kelly.

evidences for Mary Jane Kelly:
-the Mary Jane Kelly (and Eddowes?) is/are the only one of the 11 WC/JTR murders that stands out in various ways. (Also note: Eddowes is also connected with names Jane Kelly and John Kelly and Mary Ann Kelly, and with Dorset St, and with face mutilation.)
-“MJK” was only identified (by Barnett) by ear & eyes.
-the mutilation of the body of “Mary Jane Kelly” victim all seems to fit mutilating/removing all identifiers of body. The clothes were removed, unlike the other JTR/WC murders. Clothes/stuff was burnt, like when destroying evidence? Compare Stewart says the murderess burn ther own clothes in the grate & made her escape wearing Kelly’s clothes.
Compare “crimes ended because of the culprits death”?
-why kill (5/6/7/11) women prostitutes?
-(Saucy) Jacky may indicate a female (like Jackie).
-the language of the postcard/letters/graffitio (“cuss”, “Mister Lusk”, etc) seems like either a lower/working class or a youth or a female. (May also fit with MJK speaking Welsh?)
-MJK always seen with a spotless white apron.
-MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, & very “quiet” [often people claim that it is the quiet ones that are the real bad ones (I’m somewhat quiet myself).] “her origins are obscure & undocumented”.
-MJK is the last of the 5 canonical murders.
– the police said the vigilance group’s services were no longer required after the MJK murder, and they removed the extra police at/about same time too. “The great hush after MJK”?
-certain MJK case papers went missing (returned 1987 (anniversary of JTR, compare “a century after the murder Harrison & Paley”))
-Jack could be JK (jane kelly, or john kelly, or jacket)?
-Ripper might possibly connect with Ringer’s? (Kelly & kill?)
-Barnett (also a JTR suspect) gave his evidence very well, like as if maybe he was prepared?
-MJK was seen independently by two people the day after the murder.
-MJK was seen talking with an Jewish man before the murder in a way which seemed like maybe he was going to help her with something big/good (like disappearing) [“you will be alright for what i have told you”, puts right hand on shoulder]. Perhaps also the Juwes and Jewish man have a connection? MJK was a scholar so may have known the Yiddish spelling Juwes?
-AC Doyle suggested a female JTR (“Jill the Ripper”). A woman may have escaped noticed/suspicion because people/witnesses at scene would have naturally been sub/consiously more on lookout for man. Likewise a woman would be more trusted and less suspected by the victims (and cancels strong enough to man-handle?) (maybe lesbian prostitution?). A woman migh have female anatomical knowledge?
-someone else has already proposed MJK [for some same reason/s?] admin’s email “queen mean”?
-every other possibility i have considered falls apart, while this one makes the most sense (though possibly maybe some uncertainty on whether MJK or someone connected with MJK or Eddowes, &/or …). None of the usual suspects (like those listed in wikipedia JTR suspects) quite fits.
-in the American “JTR” murder case notes it was said JTR was still in London.
-women can multi-task unlike men (re expert-like surgical speed).
-MJK said “whatever you do don’t turn out like me”.
-ear deformity?
-seems strange the table behind door in MJK’s room?
-“Sickert stayed in a room that JTR said to have once stayed in”?
-Puck poster has a woman-like person in top right hand corner with a knife?
-she was in whitechapel.
-some forum poster/s said JTR must’ve been in or familiar with Spitalfields (which is where MJK was).
“All the identified victims lived in the heart of the rookery in Spitalfields, including three in George Street (later named Lolesworth Street), two in Dorset Street, two in Flower and Dean Street and one in Thrawl Street.” MJK was in Dorset street, Spitalfields.
– she was an aritist which might connect with adept with a knife and/or with writing in blood etc?
-anatomical/surgical knowledge may fit with MJK being a woman/”an excellent scholar”/artist.
-her father was in the iron works which might connect with very sharp knife?
-JTR was “some independent genius”, MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, a scholar and an artist.
– JTR letter said “from Hell”. Compare “Whitechapel was considered to be the most notorious criminal rookery in London. The area around Flower and Dean Street was described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous street in the whole metropolis”; Dorset Street was called “the worst street in London”. JTR must have been in WHitechapel area. MJK was in Dorset Street.
(-“The murders drew attention to the poor living conditions in the East End slums….” May indicate that JTR was in whitechapel , and that was a prostitute?)


other previously considered possibilities details/connections lists:

Jack(y) the Ripper :
Jack: ~ I notice that people never seem to consider/say why he/she used “Jack” (“name games”), &/or some JTR suspects have no Jack name connection, though maybe people do imply but not say that is reason for certain nominated suspects? (It is possible that the handwritten singature in letter isn’t/wasn’t even Jack?).
~ Ja-/J- + k-/-k/-ck/-ack/c-/-c/-ac (james maybrick*), (john mccormack), (james kelly*, (mary) jane/jeanette kelly*, james kenneth stephen), (james Willoughby Carnac**), (joseph Merrick), (justice clerk), (jk stephen (“the Duke of Clarence’s lover”)*?, john kelly*, jerome k jerome), (jacobite, Jacobins), (Maitre Jacques of Masons**)?
~ kolchak? cakh [turkish]?
~ quack? drac (dracula)?
~ jackal? jeckyll (dr Jeckyl & mr hyde**)? jachin & boaz (masons)**? jacket?
~ jack (union jack, jack cade, jack & jill, playing cards jack (page/knave), john jackson, jack london, Spring-heeled Jack/steel jack ([1803-]1808-1837-1843-1872/1873-1877/1878-1904-1986-2012), admiral Jack(y) Fisher (kilverstone)**, jack of all trades*, jack reacher, jack ketch (1678/1686), jack t chick? Jack the Lad, Jack Sprat, Jack the Giant Killer, Jack Tar?, Jack the Sailor, jack Sheppard? jack Case (hms Rattler), jack daniels?, Jack/James (F/[Feares?]) Russell of Horton Kirby (Kent) (“Baron de Clifford”, b. 1862/3; m. 1888; d. 1922, occupation carpenter/[boilerman?], marr Harriet(t) Sawyer / Evelyn / Anni Booth)*?, jack the treacle eater, mad jack fuller, Jack-in-the-green (chimney-sweeps))? ‘Buildy Jack’ (RLS)? GK Chesterton said RLS “writes like spillikins”, spillikins are jackstraw (did GKC (writer of ‘father brown’) suspect (he has Father Brown letting a person go in one story))? a passenger on RLS’s ship voyage was Tin Jack/Jack Buckland (tho dates not match)? jack in a box?
~ john/[jack/jean/jane/joan/jenkin(s)/jankin] (john pizer?, montague John druitt (“unsuccesful” son of a Dorsetshire surgeon)*, john net(t)ley?, jo(h)n sandars, john thorndyke?, john (h) watson?, john bull, john doe, john jackson, john mcCormack, john langan, john kelly, johnson, john evans, inspectorJohn Littlechild / john george littlechild, royal physician sir John williams*, st john/Hospitalers? st john [masons]? john rockefeller? thomas johnstone lipton? long john silver? john sanders? Sir John Williams? John Tenniel? Mr John Richardson of John-street? John James harmless lunatic? richard John Ryder? John Gardner? John Cleary/John Arnold?)
RLS & cousin knew a Prof Fleming Jenkin (c 1868) [Jack ~ Jankin/s ~ prof Jenkin ~ dr Jeckyl(l) ~ [“dr”] Jack tr?]
~ jacob/[jack/jake/jacques/jacky*] (isaac Lewis Jacobs, jacob isenschimdt, [jacob marley], Jacobite? Jacobins, Maitre Jacques of Masons?**)
[~ James/[jacob/jacky*] (james whitehead, james thomas sadler, James maybrick, james bond (masonic), james kenneth stephen, james fitzjames stephen, james martin, james byfield, robert james lee, henry james, james monroe/munro, james Willoughby Carnac)?, lord charles james fox russell? james kelly, robert James Lees? John James? james murray?]
[~ woman/female ~ saucy jacky*, jill the ripper, joan, mary jane kelly?]
Ripper/estripador: ~ r.i.p.? reaper? German merchant vessel ship ‘the Reiher/Reier’? stripper? high rip gangs? ripper street? [Not sure if (the) ripper could connect with Robert?] rissik? hms Rattler? pereira? Sawyer? jg reeder? clipper? F Slaughter? Mr Ringer’s pub Britannia? slicing knife?
jack the ripper ~ robert James Lees / ‘james lee, robert’?* Adm Jack Fisher?** joao pereira? jack reacher (century later)? johann rissik? jack Case of hms Rattler? Joao Pereira? Mr John Richardson? jacob Ruppert? a violent man in a cheesr cutter hat? richard John Ryder?
J(t)R: ~ (jr tolkien (can’t be tho because born 1892))? Not sure if J(T)R could also connect with LJR (liberty justice revernce club)?

“I’m….” ~ (canonical) JTR can’t be a group or more than one [eg masons], but only one person [eg a mason]?
“I’m not a Yid” ~ Some JTR suspects are ruled-out as they are part-/Jewish [kosminski, pizer, cohen, silver/lis].
“I’m not a … (Nor yet a) foreign[er &/or] skipper” ~ Some suspects are ruled-out as they are foreign/skippers (unless JTR was lying, tho some language of the letters does seem British, or unless letters not really from JTR) [klosowski/chapman (later America?), kosminski, ostrog, pizer, feigenbaum, cohen/kaminsky, pedachenko, sickert, silver/lis, Isenschmid, Ludwig, Benelius, Fogelma, Tchkersoff, Reiher, French, American, Tumblety (Irish)? Sadler (seaman/sailor, American)?]
“… not a foreign skipper, But … your own … friend” ~ fellow country man (British (English or Scottish or Welsh))? ~ RLS’s cousin & RLS were Scottish?
“… I’m your own light-hearted friend. Yours Truly….” ~ Did JTR send this letter to himself or to his (real) friend? or,
“((your) own) light-hearted (friend)” ~ spring-heeled jack**? JK Stephen “the Duke of Clarence’s lover” (no evidence that true tho)? RLS’s cousin is described as a “lighthearted young man”? (RLS’s cousin may have had homosexual affection for RLS?) RLS is also described as in 1887 “lightheartedly planned, for the following summer, a cruise to the southern Pacific ocean”? Tom Merry? [an inside job like a policeman?] Inspector Abberline?
“Dear Boss / Dear Old Boss / Old Boss” ~ did JTR send this letter to his (real) (old/) boss? Guild? Mason?
“have you seen the devil with his…” ~ may suggest a male not female (though the language of the letters seems to suggest a female).

{whitechapel/(christchurch) Spitalfields ~ james whitehead (the Mayor), whitechapel, whitehall (hyde park?), , [victor Whitechurch]? white friar gate? ‘the White House’? whiteheart/white_hart Pub? limehouse? whitechapel Church? whitechapel Baths? white’s rows chambers?
Whitechapel [& lamplighter?] could possibly connect with that Stevensons were in the lighthouse design line of work (i mean like white/light chapel/house words analogy?)
‘Whitechapel (carrion)’ is mentioned in RLS’s work (though this could just be because RLS was in the near vicinity of Whitechapel (Bournemouth) months before (jul84-aug87) (which is also interesting)?) Thompson was at the docks?
whitechapel ~ whitehall ~ Hyde park ~ ‘Jeckyl & Hyde’?}
Where: whitechapel (east end, london) ~ notice on one map plotting 1st 7 victims that they are on or just-off 4 of 5 main intersecting streets (4 streets plotted, 1 street none) [like a cross?] On another map it looks like alot of sites along both sides of just one street?
Bucks Row: ~ a passenger on RLS’s ship voyage was Tin Jack/Jack Buckland (tho dates not match (1890 after 1st victim))? baker’s row (Sadler)?
“(from) Hell”: ~ …? hell in RLS’s ebb-tide? Thompson’s “seeking Hell for inspiration”? hell fire club?
Goulston/goulburn Str ~ William Gull?

~ Maybe 1888 is like historical dates connected with RLS (1666/1866)? or 1678/1686 (Jack Ketch)? or French Revolution 1789? or springheeled jack of 1877/1878/1879/1888? &/or jeckyll & hyde 1886 was showing then? 1987/88 dear boss letter returned/recovered? rich Patterson 1998/1999?
~ Maybe autumn of terror is like “the terror” French Revolution?
~ I noticed there seemed to be recurring/sequential pattern in the dates of the canonical (5 victims, 10 weeks?) and other uk (& us?) murders/attacks (2 a month (cp “double event this time”), and always different/sequential number day/date of month)? “absence 3 weeks”? “After this double murder the town had rest 40 days” like biblical? (Some say that they seem to have been on saints days tho others say there were many saints days those months and likely accident/coincidence?) [Perhaps compare the 2006 ipswich (serial) murder 5 prostitutes may have been attempted copy/revival of Jack the Ripper?]

6may1885(tx/usa); 22may1885(tx/usa)}
{aug1885(tx/usa); 30aug1885x1/2(tx/usa)
{1887rainhammystery [~?] 26dec1887(cs/wc)
{*fbhtue[5?]/7aug1888(wc); **lat/fri31aug1888/[1sep](wc/MetDistRy);
**eary/sat8sep1888(sf/?); **sun30sep1888x2(wc/col) [~cp “double event this time”~]
**fri9nov1888(mc/sf/?); 20/21nov1888(lh/?);
*thu20dec1888(cy/pop/hs/?); 29dec1888(mh/bf);}

diary: ~ if diary is genuine the handwriting/ink/fingerprints/paper would be the same*?
The writing in blood/redink: ~ may connect with artist? some suspects mightn’t have been able to write? GKC said RLS write like spillikins? handwriting similar to [thompson’s?] JK Stephen’s handwriting? gull’s handwriting?
The 3 buttons womans boot found (&/or 3 internal-organs / wombs/kidney removed, 3 letters, over a 3 month period, 3 scratches below ear, 3 scratches below jaw, screemed 3x, 3 kisses, 3 large flaps, 3 items of pocket placed, 3 rings, 3 sheets in the wind, absence 3 weeks, 3 (railway) arches, 3 ladies, 3 tables) : ~ may connect with the 3 juwes/3 blows/3 gates (or 3rd degree) of masons?)
JTR was adept with a knife/blade: ~ RLS’s cousin was an artist adept with a brush? Francis Thompson had a scalpel/razor?** Sawyer? Cutbush? william gull’s badly blunted surgical knife? blunt knife? barber-surgeon guild?** Mr John Richardson’s table knife? bayonet? baker’s knife? chandler’s shop knife / slicing knife? dagger? penknife? blunt object? broken end table knife / dull broken table knife? knifes used in leather trade? cobbler knife? shoe-maker’s well-ground knife? hatchet? [knife John James?] Sadler had “not an english knife” / a clasp knife, &”it has cut many a model”? “a very decent woman / she/he had a knife” (assailant of Sadler)? Duncan Campbell / Thomas Robinson purchases a blunt knife? cheese cutter? ordinary butcher slaughter knife? sharped pted weapon?
Nicked / cut-off ear , throat, teeth, knife : ~ barber?** [ear peculiarity/deformation?]

All the actual post-mortem & police surgeon etc evidence suggest that JTR had alot of [female] anatomical/medical knowledge & surgical/medical expertise, or at least a certain amount of such (though some dispute/disagree with this saying that only one victim, could have been accident/coincidence, etc) ~ RLS’s cousin was an artist so may have had anatomical knowledge? F Thompson has surgeon training (studied anatomy & dissection) & worked in medcial factory? physician/dr Thomas Mason / Sir Will Gull royal physician? Ostrog a doctor/surgeon? MJ Druit son of a surgeon? Dr Joseph Bell? TN Cream a(n abortion) doctor? Dr Thomas Horrocks Openshaw (barber-surgeon guild)? medical student john sanders? dr stanley? obstetrician Sir John Williams? police surgeon/physician Thom Bond? [Dr Fred Wiles]?* assistant surgeon FS Reed?* klowsowsky barber-surgeon? veterinary surgeon? barbers & surgeons shared a same guild?
“i’m not a butcher”, &, at the time it was suggested that the ripper was either a “butcher or (a) surgeon” ~ could that mean he was a surgeon?
“they say i am a doctor now (ha ha)” : ~ wasn’t/was a doctor/surgeon? Dr Jeckyl(l)? (Prof Fleming Jenkin?) (herb) Dr Tumblety? Dr Stanley? [Dr] Pedachenko? Dr Howard of London?* dr’s shop (Sadler smell)?
“leather apron”, apron piece, “That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits”: ~ Francis Thompson owned a leather apron?* Pizer known as leather apron? [Do barbers have (leather) aprons?] Mr John Richardson a piece of leather?
It is often supposed that JTR must be big/strong enough to man handle women: ~ RLS works mention imbibing a drug which makes strong? F Thompson went to a [surgeon school]/infirmary where they required strong physique for grueling workload? Some suspects [eg Gull] are ruled out by ill-health or age or too small build? Adrenalin?
1st 4 victims throats cut left to right, “righthanded/right-hander” / “doubtful/lefthanded person” : ~ from front or behind? if from front which hand and/or which way slashed with? barber from behind? blood lt & rt cuffs blood Sadler? Sadler right-handed?

Prostitutes, “down on whores”, “ladys”: ~ Joao Santos says RLS/’s cousin had relations with prostitute/s at [university?] Thompson knew prostitutes? RLS’s cousin was an artist so may have been able to afford prostitutes?
polly nichols: ~ janet nicol(l)/nichol (RLS life, tho dates not match (1890 after 1st victim))?
“Juwes/Juews/Juws”: ~ Jews / (Yiddish)? masons connection [I think I may have heard of Hiram Abiff being killed by 3 Juwes]? Manchurian word juwes “two”? French word juives? Jewry Str? Shylock?* Baron Rothschild’s refinery (11th victim)? Jewish tailors (9th victim)? MJK seen taling with a Jewish man? Juvenile?
[JTR suspects: ~ a soldier, MJ Druit, Francis Thompson, JK Stephen, James Kelly, Duke of Clarence, dr Thomas Mason / sir Will Gull, (Free)Masons, RLS/jeckyl&hyde, FG/GF Abberline, Tumblety, Kosminski, dr Michael Ostrog, John Netley, thomas neill cream, a butcher, a surgeon, Sickert, rob D’o Stephenson, barnett, carroll/dodgson, labourer George Hutchinson, maybrick, churchill, sanders, puckridge, barnardo, Vasiliev, Holmes, more than one, Rich Mansfield, Gissing, Gladstone, Miles, williams, cutbush, claude reigner Conder, winslow, smith, Mann, French, American, [AC Doyle], deeming, bury, james thomas/tom Sadler, peter sutcliffe, Ameer Ben Ali / George Frank/Frenchy/Francois.
Women suspects: Mary Pearcy, Constance Kent, Mary Jane Kelly, jill the ripper.]
[My own past extra considered suspects: RLS/’s cousin / Jeckyll & Hyde, Jack Russell, AC Doyle, barber, Victor Whitechurch, James Whitehead the Mayor, women’s/maternity hospital, a youth/juvenile, vigilantee.]
JTR refs: ~, Historum (jack the ripper thread/s), JC Cooper, Joao Santos, wikipedia, American psychic, me, 3 jtr letters (dear boss, from hell, openshaw), saucy jack postcard, goulston str graffitio, 1 jtr graffiti message wall, “jtr diary”, newspapers, police files/records, fbi criminal profile, bbc, knight ‘JTR the final solution’, Nelson’s dict of dates, ‘the Lodger’ (Opera), Encyc Britannica, richard Wallace, rich Patterson,, ny hearld, [a 250 pages pdf on the 11 WC/JTR murders, court case records].

* re masons bits (jacques, juwes, 3): RLS & RLS’s cousin could have (Scottish) masonic connections (perhaps compare the Liberty, Justice, Reverence (LJR) club?) Openshaw was a mason. “Dr Thomas Mason/Sir William Gull”?

{1666 historical date connected with rls
1678 jack ketch
1686 jack ketch}
1752 the red fox campbell/app in forest
1789 french revltn
{[1803 spring-heeled jack?]
1808 shj}
{1837 shj
1841 mary cecil rogers ny
1843 shj
1846 insp edmund reid born}
{{1862/1863 birth jack russell
1866 rls
1868 prof jenkin
1872/1873 shj
1877/1878/1879 shj}
{1884-5 texas jtr
*1884-7 rls in bournemouth
*1886 jeckyl & hyde
*1887 rls plan cruise; sir ac doyle*; [?RLS]tocolorado1887*; william gull retired 87′
*1888 canonical jtr, rls pacific, jack russel marries, shj; thames Torso killer/murders/mysteries; druitt suicide dec 1888; WCVC disbanded monthafterMaryKelly bef19dec88;
*1889 rls pacific; wilkie collins; 1889 francis thompson’s end crowns the work;*
1890 rls pacific, tim buckland, polly nichols; Gull died;
1891 wc jtr, nyc jtr, sir ac doyle*
1891-4 usa/germany jtr
1892 rls pacific, jr tolkien born; alb vict died 1892; jk stephen died 1892; 1892 thompson; Duke died;
1894 rls pacific,1894 morrison?}}
{1900 pc thompson stabbed
1904 shj;
1907 thompson died}
{1917 insp edmund reid dies
1922 jack russell dies
1927 james kelly turned himself back in*
{1960 stowell;
1966 lavey;
1970 stowell;}
1986 shj
1987/88 dear boss letter returned/recovered; [a century after the murder Harrison & Paley]
2006 ipswich murders
2012 shj.

Update 19th sept 2014 due to the recent news flash that JTR has allegedly been found to be Kosminsky due to dna in shawl. We can not be certain whether the identification is or isn’t correct so we are leaving our post above here for now. A quick list of pros & cons are below. (I was going to post it in allempires forum thread but the site is not loading now so posting it here.)

Some of the possible evidence for Kosminsky being JTR:
– mit. DNA in shawl.
– Kosminsky is Jewish. The only JTR witnesses who were Jewish witnesses “wouldn’t testify against a fellow Jew”. MJK seen talking with Jewish man before she died. “It is not for nothing that the Juwes are blamed for nothing.”
– shawls are Jewish. A Jew would be able to afford expensive one.
– Kosminsky was a suspect & was named in that policeman’s note. Said “the Police had believed they knew the identity [of JTR]”.
– Dates: sept 29 &/or nov 8. The last non-canonical murder was 1891 when Kosminiski was put in asylum.
– he was in the local area (Greenfield Str).
– he was a hair dresser. JTR could have been a barber/hairdresser because of the cutting necks/ears/faces/etc, sharp knife, adept with knife, blood pass unnoticed, apron, [cut from behind?].

Some of the possible evidence against or not-for Kosminsky being JTR (or oddities/questions that need to be answered to prove if/that it was him) :
– why did police close case after MJK (disbanded Vigilance group, removed extra police, “great hush”)?
– Doesn’t fit the language of the JTR letters.
JTR letters said not a foreign skipper while Kosminsky was Polish-born. JTR letters said not a Yid while Kosminsky was Jewish (religion). JTR letters said “I’m … your own light hearted friend”.
“From hell” would make more sense from someone else like MJK than from Kosminsky?
(Though the letters may not have genuinely been from JTR.)
– Kosminsky wouldn’t have anatomical knowledge (& speed)? (Though barbers/hairdressers shared same guild as surgeons.)
– why the name Jack?
– the connection with Eddowes [and MJK?] could connect with my theory since Eddowes & MJK connected?
– the 5 canonical murders are different to the others. Kosminsky wasn’t put in asylum until 1891.
– why did MJK papers go missing unitl 1987.
– was he strong enough?
– he was “harmless” at the asylum.
– They say that Eddowes was too poor to own the expensive shawl.
– Why did the policeman take the shawl and give the shawl to his wife?
– the way one of the 3 articles writers wrote insulting amateurs/etc makes me suspicious (coupled with the also maybe susupicious “JFK shot by lone misfit” comment).
– strange that the dna just happened to agree with his favoured suspect?
– “no one was ever identified as the Ripper”.
– dna can be deceptive/misleading (misinterpreted, contaminated, planted).
– why would he (JTR / Kosminsky) “leave it [the scarf] as an obscure clue of where he was going to strike next”?

ad; abbrevs; Adm = admiral; aka; ave = avenue; bk = book; bbc; btw; ca; cf/cp; capt; cb; ch = church; chch = christchurch; cuss; cop/copper = police; dk = dark; Dr/doc; eg; etc; feb; fwd; fbi; Fr = France/French, frater, from; hms; [GKC]; ie; info; Insp = inspector; joe/jose = joseph; jackstraw = spillikins; jack = john/jacob; JR/JTR = jack the ripper; jtc; jan; Juwes = jews; KA; KKK = ku klux klan; LJR = liberty justice reverence club; lt = left/light; LOTR = lord of the rings; [mjk]; Mr = mister; ny/nyc = new york; nov; oct; ok; pc = police constable; qv; ref(s); rd = road; rly = railway; Rich = richard; Rob = robert; re; RH; RLS = robert louis stevenson; sp = spitlafields; [shj = springheeled jack]; st/str = street; spillikins ~ jackstraw; til = until/till/to; tho; thru; tx = texas; uni = university/varsity/college; v-v; xmas; will; x = times; Yid = jew; 1st = first; ~ = maybe (candidates); & = and; / = or.