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Jack the Ripper is Jane Kelly?

July 16, 2013

After considering all sorts of stuff like the lists below, and considering the actual post-mortem, police and court etc records on the 11 cases our conclusion is that JTR prime candidate is Mary Jane Kelly.

evidences for Mary Jane Kelly:
-the Mary Jane Kelly (and Eddowes?) is/are the only one of the 11 WC/JTR murders that stands out in various ways. (Also note: Eddowes is also connected with names Jane Kelly and John Kelly and Mary Ann Kelly, and with Dorset St, and with face mutilation.)
-“MJK” was only identified (by Barnett) by ear & eyes.
-the mutilation of the body of “Mary Jane Kelly” victim all seems to fit mutilating/removing all identifiers of body. The clothes were removed, unlike the other JTR/WC murders. Clothes/stuff was burnt, like when destroying evidence? Compare Stewart says the murderess burn ther own clothes in the grate & made her escape wearing Kelly’s clothes.
Compare “crimes ended because of the culprits death”?
-why kill (5/6/7/11) women prostitutes?
-(Saucy) Jacky may indicate a female (like Jackie).
-the language of the postcard/letters/graffitio (“cuss”, “Mister Lusk”, etc) seems like either a lower/working class or a youth or a female. (May also fit with MJK speaking Welsh?)
-MJK always seen with a spotless white apron.
-MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, & very “quiet” [often people claim that it is the quiet ones that are the real bad ones (I’m somewhat quiet myself).] “her origins are obscure & undocumented”.
-MJK is the last of the 5 canonical murders.
– the police said the vigilance group’s services were no longer required after the MJK murder, and they removed the extra police at/about same time too. “The great hush after MJK”?
-certain MJK case papers went missing (returned 1987 (anniversary of JTR, compare “a century after the murder Harrison & Paley”))
-Jack could be JK (jane kelly, or john kelly, or jacket)?
-Ripper might possibly connect with Ringer’s? (Kelly & kill?)
-Barnett (also a JTR suspect) gave his evidence very well, like as if maybe he was prepared?
-MJK was seen independently by two people the day after the murder.
-MJK was seen talking with an Jewish man before the murder in a way which seemed like maybe he was going to help her with something big/good (like disappearing) [“you will be alright for what i have told you”, puts right hand on shoulder]. Perhaps also the Juwes and Jewish man have a connection? MJK was a scholar so may have known the Yiddish spelling Juwes?
-AC Doyle suggested a female JTR (“Jill the Ripper”). A woman may have escaped noticed/suspicion because people/witnesses at scene would have naturally been sub/consiously more on lookout for man. Likewise a woman would be more trusted and less suspected by the victims (and cancels strong enough to man-handle?) (maybe lesbian prostitution?). A woman migh have female anatomical knowledge?
-someone else has already proposed MJK [for some same reason/s?] admin’s email “queen mean”?
-every other possibility i have considered falls apart, while this one makes the most sense (though possibly maybe some uncertainty on whether MJK or someone connected with MJK or Eddowes, &/or …). None of the usual suspects (like those listed in wikipedia JTR suspects) quite fits.
-in the American “JTR” murder case notes it was said JTR was still in London.
-women can multi-task unlike men (re expert-like surgical speed).
-MJK said “whatever you do don’t turn out like me”.
-ear deformity?
-seems strange the table behind door in MJK’s room?
-“Sickert stayed in a room that JTR said to have once stayed in”?
-Puck poster has a woman-like person in top right hand corner with a knife?
-she was in whitechapel.
-some forum poster/s said JTR must’ve been in or familiar with Spitalfields (which is where MJK was).
“All the identified victims lived in the heart of the rookery in Spitalfields, including three in George Street (later named Lolesworth Street), two in Dorset Street, two in Flower and Dean Street and one in Thrawl Street.” MJK was in Dorset street, Spitalfields.
– she was an aritist which might connect with adept with a knife and/or with writing in blood etc?
-anatomical/surgical knowledge may fit with MJK being a woman/”an excellent scholar”/artist.
-her father was in the iron works which might connect with very sharp knife?
-JTR was “some independent genius”, MJK was “superior to that of most persons in her position in life”, a scholar and an artist.
– JTR letter said “from Hell”. Compare “Whitechapel was considered to be the most notorious criminal rookery in London. The area around Flower and Dean Street was described as “perhaps the foulest and most dangerous street in the whole metropolis”; Dorset Street was called “the worst street in London”. JTR must have been in WHitechapel area. MJK was in Dorset Street.
(-“The murders drew attention to the poor living conditions in the East End slums….” May indicate that JTR was in whitechapel , and that was a prostitute?)


other previously considered possibilities details/connections lists:

Jack(y) the Ripper :
Jack: ~ I notice that people never seem to consider/say why he/she used “Jack” (“name games”), &/or some JTR suspects have no Jack name connection, though maybe people do imply but not say that is reason for certain nominated suspects? (It is possible that the handwritten singature in letter isn’t/wasn’t even Jack?).
~ Ja-/J- + k-/-k/-ck/-ack/c-/-c/-ac (james maybrick*), (john mccormack), (james kelly*, (mary) jane/jeanette kelly*, james kenneth stephen), (james Willoughby Carnac**), (joseph Merrick), (justice clerk), (jk stephen (“the Duke of Clarence’s lover”)*?, john kelly*, jerome k jerome), (jacobite, Jacobins), (Maitre Jacques of Masons**)?
~ kolchak? cakh [turkish]?
~ quack? drac (dracula)?
~ jackal? jeckyll (dr Jeckyl & mr hyde**)? jachin & boaz (masons)**? jacket?
~ jack (union jack, jack cade, jack & jill, playing cards jack (page/knave), john jackson, jack london, Spring-heeled Jack/steel jack ([1803-]1808-1837-1843-1872/1873-1877/1878-1904-1986-2012), admiral Jack(y) Fisher (kilverstone)**, jack of all trades*, jack reacher, jack ketch (1678/1686), jack t chick? Jack the Lad, Jack Sprat, Jack the Giant Killer, Jack Tar?, Jack the Sailor, jack Sheppard? jack Case (hms Rattler), jack daniels?, Jack/James (F/[Feares?]) Russell of Horton Kirby (Kent) (“Baron de Clifford”, b. 1862/3; m. 1888; d. 1922, occupation carpenter/[boilerman?], marr Harriet(t) Sawyer / Evelyn / Anni Booth)*?, jack the treacle eater, mad jack fuller, Jack-in-the-green (chimney-sweeps))? ‘Buildy Jack’ (RLS)? GK Chesterton said RLS “writes like spillikins”, spillikins are jackstraw (did GKC (writer of ‘father brown’) suspect (he has Father Brown letting a person go in one story))? a passenger on RLS’s ship voyage was Tin Jack/Jack Buckland (tho dates not match)? jack in a box?
~ john/[jack/jean/jane/joan/jenkin(s)/jankin] (john pizer?, montague John druitt (“unsuccesful” son of a Dorsetshire surgeon)*, john net(t)ley?, jo(h)n sandars, john thorndyke?, john (h) watson?, john bull, john doe, john jackson, john mcCormack, john langan, john kelly, johnson, john evans, inspectorJohn Littlechild / john george littlechild, royal physician sir John williams*, st john/Hospitalers? st john [masons]? john rockefeller? thomas johnstone lipton? long john silver? john sanders? Sir John Williams? John Tenniel? Mr John Richardson of John-street? John James harmless lunatic? richard John Ryder? John Gardner? John Cleary/John Arnold?)
RLS & cousin knew a Prof Fleming Jenkin (c 1868) [Jack ~ Jankin/s ~ prof Jenkin ~ dr Jeckyl(l) ~ [“dr”] Jack tr?]
~ jacob/[jack/jake/jacques/jacky*] (isaac Lewis Jacobs, jacob isenschimdt, [jacob marley], Jacobite? Jacobins, Maitre Jacques of Masons?**)
[~ James/[jacob/jacky*] (james whitehead, james thomas sadler, James maybrick, james bond (masonic), james kenneth stephen, james fitzjames stephen, james martin, james byfield, robert james lee, henry james, james monroe/munro, james Willoughby Carnac)?, lord charles james fox russell? james kelly, robert James Lees? John James? james murray?]
[~ woman/female ~ saucy jacky*, jill the ripper, joan, mary jane kelly?]
Ripper/estripador: ~ r.i.p.? reaper? German merchant vessel ship ‘the Reiher/Reier’? stripper? high rip gangs? ripper street? [Not sure if (the) ripper could connect with Robert?] rissik? hms Rattler? pereira? Sawyer? jg reeder? clipper? F Slaughter? Mr Ringer’s pub Britannia? slicing knife?
jack the ripper ~ robert James Lees / ‘james lee, robert’?* Adm Jack Fisher?** joao pereira? jack reacher (century later)? johann rissik? jack Case of hms Rattler? Joao Pereira? Mr John Richardson? jacob Ruppert? a violent man in a cheesr cutter hat? richard John Ryder?
J(t)R: ~ (jr tolkien (can’t be tho because born 1892))? Not sure if J(T)R could also connect with LJR (liberty justice revernce club)?

“I’m….” ~ (canonical) JTR can’t be a group or more than one [eg masons], but only one person [eg a mason]?
“I’m not a Yid” ~ Some JTR suspects are ruled-out as they are part-/Jewish [kosminski, pizer, cohen, silver/lis].
“I’m not a … (Nor yet a) foreign[er &/or] skipper” ~ Some suspects are ruled-out as they are foreign/skippers (unless JTR was lying, tho some language of the letters does seem British, or unless letters not really from JTR) [klosowski/chapman (later America?), kosminski, ostrog, pizer, feigenbaum, cohen/kaminsky, pedachenko, sickert, silver/lis, Isenschmid, Ludwig, Benelius, Fogelma, Tchkersoff, Reiher, French, American, Tumblety (Irish)? Sadler (seaman/sailor, American)?]
“… not a foreign skipper, But … your own … friend” ~ fellow country man (British (English or Scottish or Welsh))? ~ RLS’s cousin & RLS were Scottish?
“… I’m your own light-hearted friend. Yours Truly….” ~ Did JTR send this letter to himself or to his (real) friend? or,
“((your) own) light-hearted (friend)” ~ spring-heeled jack**? JK Stephen “the Duke of Clarence’s lover” (no evidence that true tho)? RLS’s cousin is described as a “lighthearted young man”? (RLS’s cousin may have had homosexual affection for RLS?) RLS is also described as in 1887 “lightheartedly planned, for the following summer, a cruise to the southern Pacific ocean”? Tom Merry? [an inside job like a policeman?] Inspector Abberline?
“Dear Boss / Dear Old Boss / Old Boss” ~ did JTR send this letter to his (real) (old/) boss? Guild? Mason?
“have you seen the devil with his…” ~ may suggest a male not female (though the language of the letters seems to suggest a female).

{whitechapel/(christchurch) Spitalfields ~ james whitehead (the Mayor), whitechapel, whitehall (hyde park?), , [victor Whitechurch]? white friar gate? ‘the White House’? whiteheart/white_hart Pub? limehouse? whitechapel Church? whitechapel Baths? white’s rows chambers?
Whitechapel [& lamplighter?] could possibly connect with that Stevensons were in the lighthouse design line of work (i mean like white/light chapel/house words analogy?)
‘Whitechapel (carrion)’ is mentioned in RLS’s work (though this could just be because RLS was in the near vicinity of Whitechapel (Bournemouth) months before (jul84-aug87) (which is also interesting)?) Thompson was at the docks?
whitechapel ~ whitehall ~ Hyde park ~ ‘Jeckyl & Hyde’?}
Where: whitechapel (east end, london) ~ notice on one map plotting 1st 7 victims that they are on or just-off 4 of 5 main intersecting streets (4 streets plotted, 1 street none) [like a cross?] On another map it looks like alot of sites along both sides of just one street?
Bucks Row: ~ a passenger on RLS’s ship voyage was Tin Jack/Jack Buckland (tho dates not match (1890 after 1st victim))? baker’s row (Sadler)?
“(from) Hell”: ~ …? hell in RLS’s ebb-tide? Thompson’s “seeking Hell for inspiration”? hell fire club?
Goulston/goulburn Str ~ William Gull?

~ Maybe 1888 is like historical dates connected with RLS (1666/1866)? or 1678/1686 (Jack Ketch)? or French Revolution 1789? or springheeled jack of 1877/1878/1879/1888? &/or jeckyll & hyde 1886 was showing then? 1987/88 dear boss letter returned/recovered? rich Patterson 1998/1999?
~ Maybe autumn of terror is like “the terror” French Revolution?
~ I noticed there seemed to be recurring/sequential pattern in the dates of the canonical (5 victims, 10 weeks?) and other uk (& us?) murders/attacks (2 a month (cp “double event this time”), and always different/sequential number day/date of month)? “absence 3 weeks”? “After this double murder the town had rest 40 days” like biblical? (Some say that they seem to have been on saints days tho others say there were many saints days those months and likely accident/coincidence?) [Perhaps compare the 2006 ipswich (serial) murder 5 prostitutes may have been attempted copy/revival of Jack the Ripper?]

6may1885(tx/usa); 22may1885(tx/usa)}
{aug1885(tx/usa); 30aug1885x1/2(tx/usa)
{1887rainhammystery [~?] 26dec1887(cs/wc)
{*fbhtue[5?]/7aug1888(wc); **lat/fri31aug1888/[1sep](wc/MetDistRy);
**eary/sat8sep1888(sf/?); **sun30sep1888x2(wc/col) [~cp “double event this time”~]
**fri9nov1888(mc/sf/?); 20/21nov1888(lh/?);
*thu20dec1888(cy/pop/hs/?); 29dec1888(mh/bf);}

diary: ~ if diary is genuine the handwriting/ink/fingerprints/paper would be the same*?
The writing in blood/redink: ~ may connect with artist? some suspects mightn’t have been able to write? GKC said RLS write like spillikins? handwriting similar to [thompson’s?] JK Stephen’s handwriting? gull’s handwriting?
The 3 buttons womans boot found (&/or 3 internal-organs / wombs/kidney removed, 3 letters, over a 3 month period, 3 scratches below ear, 3 scratches below jaw, screemed 3x, 3 kisses, 3 large flaps, 3 items of pocket placed, 3 rings, 3 sheets in the wind, absence 3 weeks, 3 (railway) arches, 3 ladies, 3 tables) : ~ may connect with the 3 juwes/3 blows/3 gates (or 3rd degree) of masons?)
JTR was adept with a knife/blade: ~ RLS’s cousin was an artist adept with a brush? Francis Thompson had a scalpel/razor?** Sawyer? Cutbush? william gull’s badly blunted surgical knife? blunt knife? barber-surgeon guild?** Mr John Richardson’s table knife? bayonet? baker’s knife? chandler’s shop knife / slicing knife? dagger? penknife? blunt object? broken end table knife / dull broken table knife? knifes used in leather trade? cobbler knife? shoe-maker’s well-ground knife? hatchet? [knife John James?] Sadler had “not an english knife” / a clasp knife, &”it has cut many a model”? “a very decent woman / she/he had a knife” (assailant of Sadler)? Duncan Campbell / Thomas Robinson purchases a blunt knife? cheese cutter? ordinary butcher slaughter knife? sharped pted weapon?
Nicked / cut-off ear , throat, teeth, knife : ~ barber?** [ear peculiarity/deformation?]

All the actual post-mortem & police surgeon etc evidence suggest that JTR had alot of [female] anatomical/medical knowledge & surgical/medical expertise, or at least a certain amount of such (though some dispute/disagree with this saying that only one victim, could have been accident/coincidence, etc) ~ RLS’s cousin was an artist so may have had anatomical knowledge? F Thompson has surgeon training (studied anatomy & dissection) & worked in medcial factory? physician/dr Thomas Mason / Sir Will Gull royal physician? Ostrog a doctor/surgeon? MJ Druit son of a surgeon? Dr Joseph Bell? TN Cream a(n abortion) doctor? Dr Thomas Horrocks Openshaw (barber-surgeon guild)? medical student john sanders? dr stanley? obstetrician Sir John Williams? police surgeon/physician Thom Bond? [Dr Fred Wiles]?* assistant surgeon FS Reed?* klowsowsky barber-surgeon? veterinary surgeon? barbers & surgeons shared a same guild?
“i’m not a butcher”, &, at the time it was suggested that the ripper was either a “butcher or (a) surgeon” ~ could that mean he was a surgeon?
“they say i am a doctor now (ha ha)” : ~ wasn’t/was a doctor/surgeon? Dr Jeckyl(l)? (Prof Fleming Jenkin?) (herb) Dr Tumblety? Dr Stanley? [Dr] Pedachenko? Dr Howard of London?* dr’s shop (Sadler smell)?
“leather apron”, apron piece, “That joke about Leather Apron gave me real fits”: ~ Francis Thompson owned a leather apron?* Pizer known as leather apron? [Do barbers have (leather) aprons?] Mr John Richardson a piece of leather?
It is often supposed that JTR must be big/strong enough to man handle women: ~ RLS works mention imbibing a drug which makes strong? F Thompson went to a [surgeon school]/infirmary where they required strong physique for grueling workload? Some suspects [eg Gull] are ruled out by ill-health or age or too small build? Adrenalin?
1st 4 victims throats cut left to right, “righthanded/right-hander” / “doubtful/lefthanded person” : ~ from front or behind? if from front which hand and/or which way slashed with? barber from behind? blood lt & rt cuffs blood Sadler? Sadler right-handed?

Prostitutes, “down on whores”, “ladys”: ~ Joao Santos says RLS/’s cousin had relations with prostitute/s at [university?] Thompson knew prostitutes? RLS’s cousin was an artist so may have been able to afford prostitutes?
polly nichols: ~ janet nicol(l)/nichol (RLS life, tho dates not match (1890 after 1st victim))?
“Juwes/Juews/Juws”: ~ Jews / (Yiddish)? masons connection [I think I may have heard of Hiram Abiff being killed by 3 Juwes]? Manchurian word juwes “two”? French word juives? Jewry Str? Shylock?* Baron Rothschild’s refinery (11th victim)? Jewish tailors (9th victim)? MJK seen taling with a Jewish man? Juvenile?
[JTR suspects: ~ a soldier, MJ Druit, Francis Thompson, JK Stephen, James Kelly, Duke of Clarence, dr Thomas Mason / sir Will Gull, (Free)Masons, RLS/jeckyl&hyde, FG/GF Abberline, Tumblety, Kosminski, dr Michael Ostrog, John Netley, thomas neill cream, a butcher, a surgeon, Sickert, rob D’o Stephenson, barnett, carroll/dodgson, labourer George Hutchinson, maybrick, churchill, sanders, puckridge, barnardo, Vasiliev, Holmes, more than one, Rich Mansfield, Gissing, Gladstone, Miles, williams, cutbush, claude reigner Conder, winslow, smith, Mann, French, American, [AC Doyle], deeming, bury, james thomas/tom Sadler, peter sutcliffe, Ameer Ben Ali / George Frank/Frenchy/Francois.
Women suspects: Mary Pearcy, Constance Kent, Mary Jane Kelly, jill the ripper.]
[My own past extra considered suspects: RLS/’s cousin / Jeckyll & Hyde, Jack Russell, AC Doyle, barber, Victor Whitechurch, James Whitehead the Mayor, women’s/maternity hospital, a youth/juvenile, vigilantee.]
JTR refs: ~, Historum (jack the ripper thread/s), JC Cooper, Joao Santos, wikipedia, American psychic, me, 3 jtr letters (dear boss, from hell, openshaw), saucy jack postcard, goulston str graffitio, 1 jtr graffiti message wall, “jtr diary”, newspapers, police files/records, fbi criminal profile, bbc, knight ‘JTR the final solution’, Nelson’s dict of dates, ‘the Lodger’ (Opera), Encyc Britannica, richard Wallace, rich Patterson,, ny hearld, [a 250 pages pdf on the 11 WC/JTR murders, court case records].

* re masons bits (jacques, juwes, 3): RLS & RLS’s cousin could have (Scottish) masonic connections (perhaps compare the Liberty, Justice, Reverence (LJR) club?) Openshaw was a mason. “Dr Thomas Mason/Sir William Gull”?

{1666 historical date connected with rls
1678 jack ketch
1686 jack ketch}
1752 the red fox campbell/app in forest
1789 french revltn
{[1803 spring-heeled jack?]
1808 shj}
{1837 shj
1841 mary cecil rogers ny
1843 shj
1846 insp edmund reid born}
{{1862/1863 birth jack russell
1866 rls
1868 prof jenkin
1872/1873 shj
1877/1878/1879 shj}
{1884-5 texas jtr
*1884-7 rls in bournemouth
*1886 jeckyl & hyde
*1887 rls plan cruise; sir ac doyle*; [?RLS]tocolorado1887*; william gull retired 87′
*1888 canonical jtr, rls pacific, jack russel marries, shj; thames Torso killer/murders/mysteries; druitt suicide dec 1888; WCVC disbanded monthafterMaryKelly bef19dec88;
*1889 rls pacific; wilkie collins; 1889 francis thompson’s end crowns the work;*
1890 rls pacific, tim buckland, polly nichols; Gull died;
1891 wc jtr, nyc jtr, sir ac doyle*
1891-4 usa/germany jtr
1892 rls pacific, jr tolkien born; alb vict died 1892; jk stephen died 1892; 1892 thompson; Duke died;
1894 rls pacific,1894 morrison?}}
{1900 pc thompson stabbed
1904 shj;
1907 thompson died}
{1917 insp edmund reid dies
1922 jack russell dies
1927 james kelly turned himself back in*
{1960 stowell;
1966 lavey;
1970 stowell;}
1986 shj
1987/88 dear boss letter returned/recovered; [a century after the murder Harrison & Paley]
2006 ipswich murders
2012 shj.

Update 19th sept 2014 due to the recent news flash that JTR has allegedly been found to be Kosminsky due to dna in shawl. We can not be certain whether the identification is or isn’t correct so we are leaving our post above here for now. A quick list of pros & cons are below. (I was going to post it in allempires forum thread but the site is not loading now so posting it here.)

Some of the possible evidence for Kosminsky being JTR:
– mit. DNA in shawl.
– Kosminsky is Jewish. The only JTR witnesses who were Jewish witnesses “wouldn’t testify against a fellow Jew”. MJK seen talking with Jewish man before she died. “It is not for nothing that the Juwes are blamed for nothing.”
– shawls are Jewish. A Jew would be able to afford expensive one.
– Kosminsky was a suspect & was named in that policeman’s note. Said “the Police had believed they knew the identity [of JTR]”.
– Dates: sept 29 &/or nov 8. The last non-canonical murder was 1891 when Kosminiski was put in asylum.
– he was in the local area (Greenfield Str).
– he was a hair dresser. JTR could have been a barber/hairdresser because of the cutting necks/ears/faces/etc, sharp knife, adept with knife, blood pass unnoticed, apron, [cut from behind?].

Some of the possible evidence against or not-for Kosminsky being JTR (or oddities/questions that need to be answered to prove if/that it was him) :
– why did police close case after MJK (disbanded Vigilance group, removed extra police, “great hush”)?
– Doesn’t fit the language of the JTR letters.
JTR letters said not a foreign skipper while Kosminsky was Polish-born. JTR letters said not a Yid while Kosminsky was Jewish (religion). JTR letters said “I’m … your own light hearted friend”.
“From hell” would make more sense from someone else like MJK than from Kosminsky?
(Though the letters may not have genuinely been from JTR.)
– Kosminsky wouldn’t have anatomical knowledge (& speed)? (Though barbers/hairdressers shared same guild as surgeons.)
– why the name Jack?
– the connection with Eddowes [and MJK?] could connect with my theory since Eddowes & MJK connected?
– the 5 canonical murders are different to the others. Kosminsky wasn’t put in asylum until 1891.
– why did MJK papers go missing unitl 1987.
– was he strong enough?
– he was “harmless” at the asylum.
– They say that Eddowes was too poor to own the expensive shawl.
– Why did the policeman take the shawl and give the shawl to his wife?
– the way one of the 3 articles writers wrote insulting amateurs/etc makes me suspicious (coupled with the also maybe susupicious “JFK shot by lone misfit” comment).
– strange that the dna just happened to agree with his favoured suspect?
– “no one was ever identified as the Ripper”.
– dna can be deceptive/misleading (misinterpreted, contaminated, planted).
– why would he (JTR / Kosminsky) “leave it [the scarf] as an obscure clue of where he was going to strike next”?

ad; abbrevs; Adm = admiral; aka; ave = avenue; bk = book; bbc; btw; ca; cf/cp; capt; cb; ch = church; chch = christchurch; cuss; cop/copper = police; dk = dark; Dr/doc; eg; etc; feb; fwd; fbi; Fr = France/French, frater, from; hms; [GKC]; ie; info; Insp = inspector; joe/jose = joseph; jackstraw = spillikins; jack = john/jacob; JR/JTR = jack the ripper; jtc; jan; Juwes = jews; KA; KKK = ku klux klan; LJR = liberty justice reverence club; lt = left/light; LOTR = lord of the rings; [mjk]; Mr = mister; ny/nyc = new york; nov; oct; ok; pc = police constable; qv; ref(s); rd = road; rly = railway; Rich = richard; Rob = robert; re; RH; RLS = robert louis stevenson; sp = spitlafields; [shj = springheeled jack]; st/str = street; spillikins ~ jackstraw; til = until/till/to; tho; thru; tx = texas; uni = university/varsity/college; v-v; xmas; will; x = times; Yid = jew; 1st = first; ~ = maybe (candidates); & = and; / = or.