water fluoridation problem answer

Legal notice to the New Zealand authorities and also to the Taranaki court case people. This is a started re-writing-up of my strong case against water fluoridation totally smashing the pros/pushers basis & BS “reasons” for fluoridating water. The reason i am posting this is because i am sick of being poisoned and/or thirsting/starving and/or having to be disrupted and go to hastles of trying to get watwer from the next town/”city” by foot & public transport. Also i am effected by it effecting other people, though even if i weren’t i also have to care about other people who are also being poisoned since i don’t like no one caring about me. Sorry if this isn’t written great or not finished but i can only do best in hell situation i can and i have to try do what i can to fight them asap. There are also alot of other possible points in my files from past letters etc that i haven’t finished reediting readding yet. (Notice to rest of world please suppport us and boycot NZ until they stop poisoning our water.)


There are (only) 2 sides to this dispute, the pro-fluoridationists and the “anti-“/non-fluoridationists. The pros say tooth decay is the problem and fluoridation is the solution, the “antis”/nons say that fluoridation is a problem and there are other answers to tooth decay. The pros include MoH, WHO, USA, RSA, UK, Eire, Nazis, sceptics in the pub, district/public health board, mainstream dentists, upper hutt, lower hutt, porirua, wellington, masterton, Cory. The nons/”antis” include mainland Europe, [Russia?,] [Nigeria?,] Petone, Korokoro, farmers, all world history before 1940s, rural Wairarapa, (rich) people with filters, people that get water from the artesian well/spring/fount, Dr Mercola, fluoride action network, me.

(1) fluoridation not best solution to tooth decay
(2) fluoridated water is harmful.
() refs
() abbrevs
(addenda) “easy, get a filter / bottled-water”.

(1) fluoridation is not a/the only/best solution to tooth decay problem, there is/are other/better solution/s.
These 4 points are the answer to their “reasons” for their (“cheap, safe, effective”) fluoridating because of “increased (childrens) tooth decay” (& “leveling dental inequalities”) : (1) sugar. Today our childrens & adults food & drink are full of sugar esp breakfast cereals. Ingredients lists are in order of amount. Even wheatbix is full of sugar. The government has no right to force fluoride when they won’t stop this. It is almost as if it is being done on purpose…. People can darn buy their own sugar &/or fluoride easier than i can get water. (2) oral cleanliness (brushing teeth, etc). Most people these days brush their teeth (& with fluoridated toothpaste). Topical is more effcetive than ingested. The stupid saying that fluoridated water is oral health on tap is moronic and evil, you can not substitute real oral cleanliness, fluoride doesn’t make us more clean/hygenic. The fact that you[s] have to both fluoridate water and toothpaste shows that there is some artificail exaserpator of tooth decay. (3) diet ((processed) carbs). I know from my own experience that carbs are worse for teeth. (4) diet (decent nutrition). The truth is that the authorities are using fluoridation as an easy “answer” because they are either not willing or not able (ie incompetant) to address these root issues. Either you are admiting that the authorities are incompetant (& also that NZers are unclean, & evading individual responsibility), or else they are doing it on purpose. Dentists are only specialists in their field and do not understand the whole picture or root issues.
One friend of mine said she stoped eating food with more than a certain percent sugar and she hasn’t had any holes for #th year running.
Another friend said she had fluoride treatments when younger but still ended up with a mouthful of fillings.
The Maoris had good teeth before modern western european diet/lifestyle (same is true of modern tribes outside of the western world).
A friend also looked up skulls from time of Christ and said they were surprised to see they had good teeth.
Fluoridation didn’t stop my mother’s dog from loosing all its teeth except a few.
Fluoride has no benefit to us except for a little with lessening tooth decay (if needed). (Some sources also mention that fluoride also benefits a little with osteoperosis but this is never given as a reason by the pros/pushers so is not relevant.)
“10% of NZers are medicated….”
You don’t level (dental) inequalities by poisoning those who are inequal (artificially making us more inequal), you level inequalities by addressing the socio-economic and other inequalities.
If you are going to force fluoride then why don’t they at least force it on everyone equally (tho how are you going to force farmers etc? and even if you could we still all have unequal situations/circumstances, eg i am single at 40), you contradicting hypocrites. Ban water filters, Close the petone artesian well. Fluoridate farmers too. Why is mainland europe now fluoride free while UK/Ireland, USA, RSA, Australia/NZ fluoridating. Why is petone & korokoro fluoride free for mere “historical reasons” (ie a few activists years ago) while all rest of wellington, lower hutt, upper hutt, porirua, masterton fluoridating?
Clean running tap water is an essential necessity of life. We can’t live for more than 3 or 4 days with out water. (The body & brain are #% water. [“The brain is 90 percent water” / “brain 75% water, blood 83% water, bones 22% water, muscle 75% water”.]) (Compare that the bible says one third of the worlds water would be turned to wormwood/bitter/blood.)

(2) fluoridation is risk/harmful not “safe/scientific/peer-reviewed”.
No one should be allowed to force “medication” without a doctors [diagnosis and] prescription (or court order), nor without us (being informed that it is being done and) being given all the information on ingredients, side-effects, risks, and all other possible alternative options (as to whether it is really the only/best option for us or not); nor without proper objective trial testing/studies/research (& monitoring) before & during use.
It is illegal to give out “medication” without labeling on the bottles.
It is not possible for them to control the intake/dosage of water & fluoride.
It is not very “scientific” to dump a mass “medication” in the water without considering the effects on each different individual.
“This park contains fresh/clean air please don’t smoke in it” – Upper Hutt city council park sign.
The difference between safe and unsafe amount of fluoride is very small (1 part vs 2 or/to 3 parts per million).
If we could see/taste/smell the fluoride people might be more concerned, but because fluoride is invisible, tasteless & odourless people don’t care. (Though we can see its effects.)
The pros have not and can not and will not prove that it is not harmful. If they can’t prove it not harmful then they shouldn’t be allowed to do it. When non-orthodox come-up with a new thesis/theory all the onerous/”burden-of-proof” is (unfairly) all on us to heavily/thoroughly prove every jot and tiddle to archsceptics, yet why can the pros/orthodox get away with such light claims/arguments/reasons/answers (“they are scientists [& you aren’t]”, “stats show rising health/lifespan/iq”, “you are just ocd”, “i know several people a 100 years old who have been eating upper hutt water all their life”)? No one has shown me any adequite scientific proof/studies that fluoridated water is not harmful. We don’t have to prove it is harmful, you have to prove it is not harmful since you are forcing it on half the country.
There is no doubt that fluoride is harmful is have seen/heard/felt its effects in my (& other people) hands/skin, throat/thyroid, hair/balding, mouth/lips, pineal/dreams, sleeping, clumsyness, brain/mental ability, ocd/mental state, tinnitis, joints, prostate/private parts, chest/shoulders/back/posture, etc.
So many people i have heard/seen in hospital/surgery/operation, sick, died, cancer, bald, homeless, dumbed down, single, etc. (I am not saying that it is all or just fluoridated water causing it (there are other collective/individual problems like sprayed food, etc), but there is no doubt that it is harmful.)
Fluoride is proven to harm peoples thyroid which is a serious issue [and i think i have seen that thyroid harm also retards mental?]
Fluoridation is proven to harm horses, and babies, and sensitive people / people with allergy. (If its not safe for infants its not safe for adults in my opinion.)
It is proven fact that fluoride effects, or deposits in, or causes deposits in the heart, prostate, joints, pineal gland, kidney, [thalamus,] carotid, [pituitary,] thyroid, etc.
According to science/reference books etc the element Fluorine &/or the compound Fluoride is one of the most reactive/volatile elements/compounds. [“Most reactive element known”, “vigorous oxidizing agent” etc.]
The packaging labels of the fluoride they put in our water (& on toothpaste labels) says “poison/toxic/hazchem /danger”.
The fluoride they add to our water is/was used as a (rat) poison/pesticide.
(The fluoride they put in our water is an industrial waste.) “It is illegal to dump the fluoride (which they put in our water) in the sea”.
“Fluoride is classed in the same group of toxins as arsenic, mercury and paraquat”.
Fluoride is a neurotoxin.
“Effects of fluoride on mice alarming”.
“Fluoride spill eats concrete”.
“Fluoride causes cancer”.
Fluoridated water is not good for impaired kidney.
“The risks of fluoride outweigh any alleged benefits”.
“More than 4,200 health and science professionals have signed the Professionals’ Statement calling for an end to Water Fluoridation.”
Fluoridated water is reckoned to be connected with some heart disease. “Heart disease is NZ’s biggest killer”.
The nazis allegedly used fluoride in concentration camps.
NZ is stuck up to think we know better than mainland Europe who have banned it.
“exposure to toxic substances can kill you, slowly” – environmental protection agency web/net advert, 31 mar 2014.
“Modern nutritionists, however, are beginning to be concerned with 2 more kinds of nutritional disorders; and although the study of both kinds is in its infancy, both will be introduced in this account. The first deals with the effects of comparatively small amounts of harmful constituents in our diet, introdcued either voluntarily or involuntarily, and consimed for a long period of time….” – pears cyclopedia, 1988.
{“We have approximately 420 clients on our books currently and around 11 new referrals every week.” – community mental health team leader couple of years ago.
“30% of NZers/Wellingtonians over 20 are singles” – sarc.
“There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.”” – NZ, Jan 2013.
“1 in 3 NZers suffer [mental health issues] at some point in life” [- mental health week?]
(Though again, i know fluoride isn’t the sole/whole/only cause of these but it is a part. We should be eliminating all possibilities. Even if it is a combination it is no fair to only concentrate on one half and not also the other.)}
You have no right to force me to eat/drink your sh*t poison. (I can’t control/dictate what you eat/drink.) Do you know what it is like for me to be powerlessly forced to eat/drink poison, &/or to have to thirst/starve/ration.
Do unto others as you would have done to you.
Oh no, thats right, “Its all good”…. “Upper Hutt a great place to live!”?

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Some of my remembered/recorded fluoride/fluoridation / water / tooth decay references/sources include:
{pros/neutrals: MoH; WHO; pastor chris; neville bates; wikipedia; starman’s quest; encarta; newspapers letters to the editor; replies from capacity; replies from greater regional council/chris laidlaw; toothpaste labels; fluoride packaging labels; Paul Holmes; Cory (NZ nutrition & your health); chemistry/science reference books; South Taranaki court case notes/paper; reply from Minister of Health; http://www.rotoruadailypost.co.nz/news/whats-the-problem-with-fluoride-in-our-water/1394123 ;}
{neutral/pros: sceptics in the pub/sceptic society; sedgeford archaeological society; water testers results; breakfast cereal ingredients lists; human rights commission;}
{uncertain/neutral/”anti”/ignorant: my mother(‘s dog); bible; waitress at botanic gardens; science study on milk helps against tooth decay; diabetic on talkback radio;}
{“antis”: wapf; national anarchist blog; infowars.com; ‘fluoride detective’ blog; dr mercola; fluoride action network (nz); Dr Paul Connett; Dr John Colquhoun; award-winning journalist Christopher Bryson (“fluoride deception” http://youtu.be/Q3y8uwtxrHo); “nz dentist exposes/blows whistle on fluoride” news item; ‘Professionals Statement’; [3 evils (fluoridation, mental health, vaccination) poster]; science study on fluoride & multiple sclerosis found by google searching that; me/myself/experience;}

“5%”/”12countries” (or/not “60 countries”) of the world is fluoridated (incl UK, (R)SA, NZ, Australia, USA; excl Russia, Nigeria).
Mainland Europe has banned/stopped fluoridation of water (not of salt/milk/toothpaste), UK/Ireland still fluoridate.
Half of Israel settlements are fluoridated half aren’t.
“50 cities” or “…61% of reticulated water supplies in New Zealand are fluoridated, with 52% of New Zealanders receiving …”
All of wellington/lowerhutt/upperhutt/porirua are fluoridated except for petone/korokoro.

btw = by the way; cab = citizens advice commision; dhb = distric health board; dr = doctor; eg; etc; fannz = fluoride action network nz; f = fluorine; faq; fyi; govt = government; hcc = hutt city council; hdpe; moh = minister/ministry of health; ms/me ~ multipe sclerosis; nz(ers) = new zealand(ers); ok; pet(e); ref(s) = reference(s); (r)sa = (republic of) south africa; uh = upper hutt; uk = united kingdom/great britain; us(a) = united states of america; wapf; who = world health organisation; wiki; & = and; wgtn = wellington; yrs = years; % percent.

“Get a Filter / Bottled-water”:

The fluoridation pushing authorities constantly pass of the problem on to us “antis” and excuse themselves by saying that it is “easy” for us to just filter it out. Therefore it is necessary for me to add this section info to show that this tactic is both wrong and unfair.

“things you can do”. These are the quotes from the South Taranaki court case paper:
“an individual has the ability not to consume fluoridated water” / “no one is compelled to consume the water” / “a citizen has the choice of supplying their own drinking water or filtering” / “no obligation to consume the fluoridated water” / “the city is not compelling [anyone] to drink it… …. His freedom to choose not to ingest it….” ; “a range of measures we can employ to avoid ingesting fluoridated water” / “He is free to filter it, boil it, mix it with purifying spirits, purchase bottled water.” / “easily filtered out by an end user” .

These are my and others problems with their “range of” “easy” answers that we are supposedly so “free/able/not-compelled” to “choose” do:

Get Filter:
– some of us are unable to get/have filters because of plumbing problems (water sitting in tanks, pipes, fittings). (Filters have to be plumbed into the taps (“It can fit into a benchtop [or underbench] housing that you connect to the bench tap by a divertor valve.”), we can’t just get manual filters where we can pour water into them or manually connect to tap.) I’d have to get *All* this flat’s plumbing redone (which is costly, invasive of my privacy/ocd, and plumbers have stupid quotes system, plus is pointless since i still need/want to shift anyway). (With plumbing problem I can’t just get one to just remove fluoride. Would need 2 part filter to remove dissolved/chemical as well as physical substances/sediment. But then would loose good nutrients too.)
– there are no local filter shops, the nearest is ngauranga and plimmerton or paraparaumu.
– Wikipedia article on filters/filtering said filtering is dangerous [without expert knowledge and decent diet] because we can either/both take out good nutrients (beneficial phosphorus & clacium) &/or put in bad things (eg certain filters have/use aluminium (oxide)/alumina).
– we have to have 2 filters one for kitchen and 1 for bathroom
– filtering is costly (refil cartridges / filter screen replacement $75.00 plus gst every 6 months, one off price of $159.00 plus gst).
(Btw it is not fair that filter business can make money out of us?)
– filtering is slow. (Quote “The only thing is the flow is only 2 lpm, so may be a little slow but we can adjust the divertor to make stay open and you wouldn’t have to keep holding the rod out.”)
– we have to trust that the filters really get out the fluoride. (Only two filter types (1 is reverse osmosis, other 1 is selective ion exchange resin) allegedly actually remove the fluoride, the others are useless (incld the jug/bottle ones).) [One source says “reduces fluoride by about 90%”.]
– all very well for our house but what about in public (cafes, workplaces, school, etc). (We can’t carry around bottles of water (heavy, bulky, leaky, plastic toxins [since can’t get wineskins or …]) everywhere all the time.)
– if everyone is going to get filters then why/what is the point in fluoridating anyway?
– Filtering is stupid having to filter out something they are putting in.
– I don’t want to be getting more stuff (re OCD, shifting, clutter) i have enough stuff as if is.

Get artesian water (self):
I can’t keep always getting water from petone because:
– Some of us don’t have cars and can’t get water from the next city (Petone) spring ca15km away .
– i can’t always/keep getting out all the time (every week/fortnight). (Even if i could it dictates my timetable and all my time & effort is taken up having to get water.)
– carrying water by hand/foot wears our my shoes, etc.
– i can’t get a decent hand truck or “hand trolley” here in nz. The only ones the shops have are not very good. Can’t find one like the picture in wikipedia hand truck article photo.
(- The new lower hutt spring at dowse hasn’t been tested like the petone one has? (even tho they say its from the same miles long underground water source.) It is still almost as far/difficult as Petone anyway.)
– not fair that others have home running tap water (a necessity of life/civilisation/progress) while we don’t. (Its like some of us been forced back to the dark ages getting water from wells.)
– The Upper Hutt council can’t/won’t put in an artesian well (or open to public the one in trentham park) because of government regulations.
– There is no artesian well in upper hutt only in the next city over 15km away. Having to take 20L on trains/buses is a huge hastle and costly and time consuming.
– i can’t be carrying around empty or full 20/10 L bottles of water in other places like shops, libraries, etc. (There are no lockers that i know of anywhere apart from bike ones at station (which cost abit).) I have to either get water from Petone first before going/doing other places/things or come back before too late to pick up container and then go alway back down to Petone and come back again.
– if we have to get our own water then why don’t yous/everyone have to get own water (fluoridated or not).

Get bottled water (self):
– You can buy fluoridated bottled water but I can’t buy unfliuoridated bottled water because the goverment made it legal/law that they don’t have to label/list fluoride as an ingredient or not ( or say whether it is un/fluoridated or not).
– plus bottled water bottles are all PET(E) #1 which has endocrine disruptors (some have bpa?). Some bottled water can have bpa.
– i don’t have a car and can’t be carrying water to/from supermarket (i don’t have a car), i already have enough trouble carrying groceries.
– We don’t know where the water has been that is in bottles, it could have been sitting in metal tanks for example.
– I can’t always get out and to shops. (Btw the dairy near me doesn’t have full cream milk, it only has low fat. And they don’t have 2L only small/er size/s.)
– “mineral water may contain higher fluoride than other natural NZ water”.

Get artesian/unfluoridated/bottled water (delivery):
– who is going to take away the empty bottles? (Extra note: Also, we are not allowed to put rubbish in rubbish bins.)
– no authorities or friend/family/church/fannz would help with water/milk (except one pastor). (Everyone has their own work/problems/families/lives/interests, etc). Even the person that did help couldn’t be “reliable”/regular.
– we have to trust that the water deliverers (and/or neigbours) don’t tamper/poison the water , &/or that it really is artesian water not fluoridated etc.
– the citizens advice bureau (CAB) said “there is no one that delivers water or milk, [other than] try church”. (Though this last time they pointed out that the fannz site has a couple of spring water dleivery contacts. But if i remember correctly the fannz site said the problem with these is that some is fluoridated and not sure which are/aren’t.) (I only mention milk because it is that only other alternative to water if i don’t have any water.)
– big blue water coolant company are no good. They state on their site that they filter all nutrients [good and bad] out. And they say that their water can sit in metal tank/pail for upto 12 or 24 hours [which is no good since water sitting in fittings/pipes/tanks while we sleep picks up enough heavy metals to be dusty in mornings (despite the councils claiming the risk is “only slight/small potential/minute traces” (and only run a mug full/for few seconds)).]. Plus they never answered me about quality & ingredients of the bottles and water. Plus water reserviour bottles have some metal in them. The picture of their deliverer the man is bald too.
– i can’t buy via woolworths/countdown online more than once every few weeks due to it costing twice or more the shop prices, the delivery cost, etc.
– the Artestian well/spring/fountain in Petone leaks/drips around the button cracks into bottles and i have to be able to do myself to make sure no drips, and to make sure that the water is run abit or used by someone else immediately before to avoid metal from sitting in fittings/pipes/pump.

Boil it:
– boiling the water doesn’t get it out (as someone in the South Taranaki court case paper claimed). (Cory says boiling loss for chlorine/chloride, but no boiling losses for fluoride.) Not sure about freezing it like my friend Kerry does but i don’t think that would remove or neutralise it either.

– fluoride is very hard to detox, esp when we are being dosed with it every time we eat/drink (and wash/rinse in) it.

“Distil(l) water”
I can’t distill water as there are problems with that (electricity cost, takes out good not just bad, ocd).

Get an Atmosh
Atmosh (which gets water from the air like condensation on windows or like water vaporator in Star Wars) is no good either for various reasons. (Ocd. Don’t want water being in metal/etc parts? [Doesn’t have nutrients of ground/rain water?]) Maybe one like the one they have in Africa might be alright but i don’t know if or how we can get one.

Rain water:
I can’t collect rain water here because of attached neighbours / company share flat problems, as well as that rain water can have pollution and dirt from roof/gutter/birds.

“Bible says God protect us from poison”:
Ok, but not easy, as this is only if we have faith without doubt/wavering. I have tried to have faith but i still seem to suffer effects of fluoride and some other poisons/toxins. I also see other Christians suffering un/knowingly from fluoride.
Its not fair for God to force me to eat/drink poison and have to have faith he will protect me.
Bible also says to be as wise as serpents.
Bible also says 1/3rd of all water of world woudl become wormwood “bitter”/blood and many would die from it.
It was seemingly God that told/revealed to me about the fluoride and mercury fillings and other things that i was suffering from.

“You have right to legal [action]” (as Police said to me):
I can’t take them to court even though i am confident i could win because i have disproven their reasons by showing the root issues of the issue because i have a mental illness and bad situation, and because i can’t afford it. (Plus after seeing the Tarankai court notes i am not so sure we can win as they are so evil-ly cunning and dismissive etc that we have to be able to be as cunning and conter-dismissive to each and every trick they pull out of their bag.)

“Range of measures”: General:
– it is all very well to get a filter or artesian water but we are still effected by it effecting other people.
– it is all very well to get a filter or artesian water but what about others (don’t we have to care about others too)? It is selfish not to care about others. I also have to care about other people who are also being poisoned since I don’t like that/when no one cares about me. [The people with water filters or going to Petone spring while they won’t take/support action are selfish, they don’t care about the rest of us. (Only 7 people including me & the 1 or 2 organiser/s turned up to fannz wellington region meeting.) (Only a few submissions to councils years plan.)]
– Its easier for people to get any desired/needed fluoride from various sources (natural fluoride already in water, soy, tea, tablets, bottled water, toothpaste, fluoridated milk/salt, mineral water (“mineral water may contain higher fluoride than othr natural NZ water”), &/or to avoid/get sugar than it is for us to avoid fluoridated water &/or get unfluoridated water (filter, detox, get own spring/bottled water ourselves/delivered).
(- If we are so free to do those things why are others Not so free to get their own fluoride/fluoridated water?)
– it is not fair that we are artificially/unnecesarily forced to have to be able to get filter or water (because of them evading collective & individual responsibility) while others have tap water and/or are not forced to similar difficult measures.
– it is not fair to force what amounts to water privatisation (get filters or own water) on some of us and not others. (Plus we also have to pay either/both rates for council water &/or linecharges/userpays privatised water/waste.)
– if it is too hard for the authorities to address the [range of] root issues of tooth decay incidence that they have to use easy answer of mass fluoridation, then why can’t they see/admit that it is not easy for some of us to do their “easy” [“range of”] answers of filter/etc?
– isn’t it a hypocritical contradiction that they/you don’t fluoridate everyone. If they are so right then people with unfluoridated water would have worse tooth decay than people with fluoridated water.
– it is not fair to not force fluoride equally on everyone (including themselves too).
– if they are so genuine then they should take a national survey or include in the census questions about whether households have filters or not, and/or whether households have (use/drink/eat) fluoridated or unfluoridated water.
– its like saying that we can make as much noise as we like and its the neighbours faults for not getting earplugs or double glazing.
– The judges and lawyers and councillors etc are rich/etc, have cars, etc, they have no idea how difficult/impossible it is for some of us. I have a hell situation (including water/fluoride/plumbing problems, neighbours problems, location, beneficiary, alone/single, etc) and condition (aspergers, ocd, anxiety, etc) and my studies.
– Everytime its always me being forced to have to consider others only other offered unsuitable options , and never the options that best suit me that i want/need/ask.
– We can’t change water companies like we can change banks or electricity or phone or isp companies.
(- the fannz site has all links not website addresses which is a pain to write down, and the deliverers have phone nos only not emails.)

I can’t easily shift (to a place that has unfluoridated water options) as i have difficulty finding at place that meets all my requirements (afford, not socially isolated (re single & 40/aging), safe for my studies books/papers, not noisy/attached neighbours, unfluoridated water, not plumbing problems like here, can have a garden, no microwaves beside me, etc), and no one will help me find a place.

“Get a plumber in”/”fix plumbing/pipes problem””
Plumbers have a stupid quotes system. Last time i tried i went to all the hastle to be able to let them in thinking they were going to do the thing/s i’d asked about and all they (2 men!) did was look at it and give a stupid quote. They could have fixed it there and they didn’t.
It will cost alot and be alot of intrusion (esp with ocd) to get *All* the plumbing redone in this place since almost all the plumbing has problems (bad fittings/joint spout tap, pipes all way from street, tank in roof, hot water tank, shower head too much water, toilet runs down back of inside of pan and splashes up back side when i poo and the ballcock leaks slightly, dripin tap, shared pipes with the other 4 flats (i sick of hearing gushing sounds everytime they use water, and of pipes banging when they use washing machines), plumb in a filter in kitchen and bathroom, etc). What is the point when i still need/want to shift anyway?
As it is the main local plumbers outfit have been nasty to me in connection with next door neighbours and drains.

“find a farmer who will let you get water from their bore or rain water.”
I would if i could but need help finding one/any.
Though i would need the water to be tested to be sure no harmful in it. (Shallow bores are soft water. Rain water can have pollution and roof/gutter toxins and bird dropings.)
(Note Upper Hutt is the/2nd largest “city” (urban) in NZ and the/2nd smallest population “city” in NZ. A valley surrounded by hills on almost all sides.)

My/other/general/extra options:
I can’t just drink/eat fluoridated water because it badly effects my health (just for some minor examples whenever i have to go back to fluoriated water i can’t sleep as/very well, effects my thyroid, not able to do my studies as/very well, balding, etc).
I can’t go without water/milk for more than 3/4 days or i will die.
I can’t keep starving or being dehydrated.
Can’t suicide.
I can’t get anymuch social support for my mental illness.
Medication/mental health is not very easy as i have had tons of problems with them every time i have tried (delayed weeks/month(s), side effects, pharmac won’t bring in some meds, mental health act, etc).
Milk (&/or raw milk) is not ideal because i have a slight cow milk allergy, and because is high copper content, and sits in metal pails/tankers/tanks, plus have to be careful of heart, and no one will take empty bottles away. (Also not sure if lactose (sugar) may effect teeth? plus always a worry they could fluoridate milk.) (But it doesn’t seem as bad for me as fluoridated water.) (Btw milk is only decent natural source of calicum i have.)
I have tried to find/get (fresh) goats milk (like my mother used to get years ago) but it is almost impossible. (They usually say the goats are pregnant or goats are resting.) The long life stuff is no good as has additives, the packaging (ocd), the packaging (possible bpa lining), the small size/quantity, and is uht?
Rice milk or soy milk are no good. (The don’t have (natural) calcium. Soy has fluoride. Not enough quantity?)

“Make a submission”:
Making submissions to councils is useless since I can’t appear/present in person due to my condition/situation, and the UH council say they can’t stop even if they want because all 4 cities share same water supply and has to be all or majority of 4 cities (or greater regional council), &/or unless enough people make submissions.
I sent appeal letter to all 150 mps in parliament, and to all councilors in the 4 cities, and to the 4 newspapers but none would do anything (apart from just 2 councilors replying that they agreed but couldn’t do anything as the rest of council are otherwise).
The minister of health goes along with the MOH officials.
The Greens party refuse to take a stand on the issue.
Not fair on some/others that it is made a local council by council issue and not a national issue.
Some of us are not able to write good enough submissions/papers/letters, and it takes a lot of time and effort to write quality papers/letters/submissions (and to read court notes, papers, submissions, etc).


My right to clean running tap water supercedes your right to fluoridate(d water), or at least is no less valid or important.
The government’s duty to supply or not infringe on supply of water supercedes/equals any alleged “duty” to supply fluoride.


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