12 battles of “(King) Arthur”

Notice: our new 12 battles paper is now at http://www.allempires.com/forum/ebook_view.asp?ForumID=14
scroll down to the “12 battles” ebook there. (Though we have yet to reupdate a few chapters after the dispute at historum.)

Our discovery was that the 9 battle sites of “Arthur” in “Nenniu’s” “Historia Britonum” match 8 of the 9 Saxon shore forts from Yarmouth to Portsmouth/Southampton plus Kit’s Coty/Weald.

Quick reference table:
battle sites — SS forts:
1 Glein — Gariannonum/Yarmouth
2 Dubglas “black water” — Othona/Bradwell/Blackwater/Maldon
3 Bassas — Reculver
4 Celdion wood — Kit’s Coty/Weald
5 Guinnion “white” — Dover
6 city of the Legion — Richborough (legio 2 Augusta)
7 Tribruit — Lemanis/Lympne/Romney
8 Agned/(Cat-)Bregion — Anderida/Andred/Pevensey
9 Badon — Adurni/Portchester &/or Bitterne/Southampton

map 12battlesKA 9fortsSS

(this pic is abit old, Tribruit turned out to be Lemanis not Twyford/Yalding.)


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