Missingest Man

Judge Crater.

Judge Crater disappeared in 1930 and remains a mystery. He was called the missingest man in New York. My purpose here is not to give all the case details, people can easily look them up themselves in wikipedia and other online/offline sources. We are just giving here our own tentative theory. Our theory is that Crater took on the identity of his wife. We could be embarrassingly wrong. The reasons we for our conclusion theory are:

– the picture of his wife years later looks like it could be a man in disguise, and she is wearing gloves which could be so hands not give away. [Plus wearing a spotted/speckled top…?]
– his wife refused to appear in court.
– it is his wifes word that he showed no signs before disappearing.
– the odd activites on the day he disappeared.
– how could he have disappeared so thoroughly without being seen. There are not many options.
– no one would be looking for his wife/’s body. His wife was vacationing in Maine. How long since when she last seen? He bequested/bequeathed all his property to his wife.
– strange that his wife didn’t discover the envelopes in drawer until some time later.
– strange similar numbers & dates patterns.
– either he disappeared or died. If he died then accident and murder are ruled out by his actions/notes beforehand, and suicide is difficult in body not being found. If he disappeared then accidental and nonvoluntary abduction is ruled out by his actions/notes before, etc. He can only have volutarily disappeared without or with others help/knowing.

We realise though that there are possible problems with this theory. When she died they would have found out that it was a man, though there are possible ways it could not be found out. It would take alot of disguise & effort everyday to keep up appearance (shaving, make up to hide dark patches of beard/moustache hair under light skin, imitating wifes handwriting, wifes friends/family would suspect, the person is wife later married would know, etc. I can’t tell from photo in book if curves or angles figure.)


Disclaimer: this is just a casual/tentative/amateur theory which i am not sure about and I may be wrong about. If i am wrong it doesn’t mean i am wrong about everything (else). There are some theories/theses of mine which i am positive i am not wrong about like the 12 battles of Arthur one. (Just had to make this disclaimer because people are always using what i am/possibly wrong about to detract from what i am right about, and always quick to point out what i am/possibly wrong about but never acknowledge what right about. So I have to make clear what is positive thesis and what is uncertain theory.)



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