Moses found?

Is this Moses found? Pectoral of Sit-hathor-Yunet. Orthodox Egyptologists claim it is just god Heh symbol for millions of years wishing long life to the king named in the cartouche. But why is that something she would want? There is no denying that the figure is meant to imitate Heh since there are other similar depictions elsewhere, but there are some/certain differences. There are many evidences for Moses/exodus in the 12th dynasty. We will post more of our 12th dynasty evidences later when we are able to finish rewriting it.


(I wasn’t going to publish this (because i don’t want to be fame/fortune seeking), but no one replied that i sent it privately to. Besides there is no harm, the academics won’t accept it (if it is right) without alot more quantity quality detailed proofs, and others have already been seeing Moses as 12th dynasty.)

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