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answer to Arthurians an example to Egyptologists

April 29, 2015

Finally, after having troubles with scathing orthodox Arthurians/academics refusing/rejecting/defamed us and our 12 battles discovery/thesis/paper for the last few years (& falsely making us out to be All-wrong and themselves to be all right), and being unfairly/unkindly banned last year from Arthurnet and very recently from Historum, we have now rewritten a much better 12 battles paper which can’t bo so readily denied, though there is still a few things not yet proven.

Our new Wonders of Britain paper (excepting 11 Wonders chapters which we haven’t yet finished re/writing) is at

Our new 12 battle sites of “Arthur”/”Nennius” paper (excepting 2 battlesites chapters on Tribtuit/Lemanis and Agned/Bregion/Pevensey which we haven’t yet re/written) is at
(All the chapters there are now new/rewritten excepting for the one ‘introduction’ chapter there which we haven’t yet finished re/writing. Though i had to leave alot out of the rewritten chapters.)

Maybe one day we will also be able to re/write our other Egyptological/Biblical discoveries better, that the Egyptologists similarily also refused/rejected/denied/defamed to accept. (Joseph in 3rd-4th dyn; Egyptian(-Biblical) chronology solved; etc.) The above Arthurian is an example that we were not so wrong as they think/say.

Sean (Bam.)/”Rob Banks”