Maserfield found

We have found the site of the battle of Maserfield/(maes)Cogwy/Burne c 643 where St Oswald of Northumbria died. Although we haven’t yet got any actual physical proof, the place name evidence etc is pretty strong.
I wouldn’t have found it without Damo Bullen’s research/info though, so he deserves at least half or more of the credit. (Though it looks like he might not be pleased or agree since my last comment i just tried to post earlier is now moderated this time?)
Though i/we/he can’t really claim any credit because it appears from further checking after the discovery that some others have already seen/suggested the correspondence.

Maserfield is at Wigan (which is connected with places/names Makerfield, Coccium, Bryne, and Scholes, and Douglas), not to far from Winwick where St Oswald’s Well is.

Maserfield/Maxelfeld/Marcelde(‘sfield) / (maes)Cogwy / Burne (642/644)
Makerfield / Coccium / Bryn(ne) (Wigan)

Scholes might link with Sclater?
Douglas might link with Duglas of Cadwalla and Edwin a little bit earlier?
St Oswald is associated with Wigracester which could be either/both St Oswald of Worcester or St Oswald at Wigan (not far from Chester/Fretherne)?
Wigan is in between Damo’s Marsden and my suggested Macclesfield or the old/orthodox Oswestry.
Oswald may well have passed through your Oswaldtwistle site as the tradition claims?
Wigan “war” (K Arthur)?

As i suspected, others have already seen it:
it looks like there may possibly be lee way for it maybe being between Ashton and Wigan and Blackrod:
tradition of a battle fought near Blackrod/Douglas/Wigan?
It looks like the reason for tradition of Maserfield/Cogwy being at Oswestry is because of Mathrafal &/or caer[G]ogyrfan.

see Damo’s blog post and my comments at end (if they aren’t deleted and if the last comment is not not approved)

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