extra credit

giving credit where credit is due

have you ever been not credited for an achievment of yours? If we’d be interested for you to post yours in comments.
i know that we have to have faith in God not in mammon/pride/World/self/flesh, and i know that “life”/world/humanity is not fair, and i know somethings of ours may be credited in near/far future, but this is good/interesting to post anyway.

Have you ever wondered who first came with with clever words phrases/analogies?

We found “(King) Arthur’s” 9 battle sites (and some other discoveries) but they still not acknowledge it. Yet they blast other discoveries like “Richard the 3rd” around the world.

In high school / college my ‘lord of the flies’ poster in ‘English’ was published in the high school paper but while they put other students names to/with their poems/posters they didn’t put mine. (They start early not crediting people it seems.)

(In high school ‘history’ i never got my Israel/Palestine project back. [The history teacher seems to have kept it.])

On oldfriends they omitted or mislabeled me as j pink in a high school / college “form [4 or 5]” photo.

In high school / college “cross country” i came first but at the end i accidentally ran down wrong shoot because they had not marked the end shoot well, so iu had to run back a bit and ended up second. In the school posted up results they had me 2nd and Joe first and didn’t say anything about it (though the teachers at end surely saw me and what happened).

My real/natural father Ken “H” claims he is the one that came up with “absolutely positively Wellington”. But he never got any 10,000 $ consultancy fee. (He says that he wrote it on the back of a check to the Council at the time they were looking for a city slogan. Though he says he got the idea from a book in which a US city had “absolutely positively [city]”.) Now everytime i see/hear that slogan i feel negative.

My friend Matthew says the business asked these people to come up with a less bruising apple picking method, and when they did they just said thankyou very much and forgot about and never mentioned/rewarded them.

Centrix on allempires forum says the US army never credited/rewarded his good. (“…. I should have made colonel but i didn’t….”)

In Proverbs or Ecclesiastes in the bible it says a man saved the city but was then/afterwards forgotten.

Even “small” things, like on the well-designed egg carton box they don’t mention name of the person/people who designed it.

On Historum forum they unfairly “suspended” (“banned”) me for petty, while others who had said and done far worse to me in threads/topics were not banned. They deleted my thread/topic that had my evidences/answers and had the evidence of the others shocking bad things they said to me.

The establisment has unfairly totally discredited several unorthodox scholars/writers like Sitchin just for one minor example. Sure, their works may have alot of not all right ideas, but they still contain alot of useful/true/good info in them that wouldn’t be so availiable to some of us disadvantaged. (Sitchins bibliography is full of orthodox academic journals etc.) The establishment seems to purposely have this discrediting tactic where they un/truly discredit a person for whatever semi/un/true reason so that they can totally discredit everything they wrote/said. If Sitchin’s book says the Earth goes around the Sun is that wrong because “Sitchin” in “unreliable/fringe” source? Do they take into consideration the careful reader? If it wasn’t for Sitchin i wouldn’t have discovered half of my evidences for Atlantis Tiahuanaco.
The orthodox try to prove by saying “would you trust an amateur or professional doctor/builder”, but this is not all/always so true.
The orthodox acadmeia dualise/dichotomise into “proper scholars / science” (Green, Jackson, etc) and “fringe / pseudo / nonsense / suspect” (Herodotus, “Nennius”, bible, D/A Hunt, me/Sean, Damo, etc). Yet so-called pseudo sources have still had good things in them.
Ron Wyatt is discredited as supposedly all fraud, yet his Joseph in Egypt was more or less spot on, [and the chariots parts have been found by Nuweiba?]

On tv it said how certain business people cheated Cobb out of copyright/patent for his ‘fuel injection’ engine invention. (Though i later found in searches that he is listed in patent.)

Here in NZ everyone despised Winston Peters for going with National not Labour. When he got the money spent on needed things like [health?] etc people despised instead of respected him/it (taxes are supposed to be used for such important needs, but people just want tax cuts). The only two mainstream politicians who have done any good in last decades are Peters and Anderton. Though on other hand people now forget how he [Peters] hid behind parliamentary prevelage, and sold out NZ workers by signing Asia trade deal.

a writer/poet wants their books/poems read/heard.
a housewife wants her cooked meals work etc thanked.
a painter/architect wants their painting/design to be seen.
a musician/singer wants their songs/music heard.
a (hard) worker wants their work paid/appreciated.
a discoverer/explorer wants their discoveries known.
the creator/God wants to be appreciated for his creation/love/mercy/etc.

In some of my discoveries posts/papers i said i had to give equal/more credit to others for some of my discoveries.
Eg I mightn’t have discovered Arthur’s 9 battle sites if it wasn’t for my friend Graham telling me about that some had placed Dubglas at Blackwater in Essex, and a post of Judy on Arthurnet [unknowingly] directing [me] to the Ravenna Cosmology/cosmography where i saw Garieni was closer to Glein than Guinnion. I said that we see [*in hindsight afterwards*] that Collingwood’s was pretty close [though i had not been influenced by him]. Even though i know they said they don’t want to be associated with us/our. Even though they said i “looked where no one else looked”.
In my Atlantis discovery i said first credit must go to Jim Allen because he had pretty much found it before me and his influence/evidence helped me to narrow down where in Americas the plain and capital was.
In our Joseph in Egypt discovery we said that equal credit goes to Ron Wyatt [&/or Lenart Moller] who was almost spot on before us.

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