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finding Sodom & Gomorrah

November 15, 2015

This is a comment on this Sodom piece ( (also ). I tried commenting on the blog but the site messes me around and refuse to post the comment.

Its a pity the blog article mainly only gave links rather than info/ideas.

Previously i had thought that the 5 cities were likely in or around the southern end of the Dead Sea. There is a Zohar wadi/stream on the west of the southern part of Dead Sea.

On further light research so far i now tentatively wonder if any/all of the cities are more likely to be either under water in the main part of the Dead Sea or else on the western side of the sea (maybe inside the sulphur/salt hill-formations (like Ron Wyatt’s site/s or like Usdum))? If Abraham & the visitors were looking from somewhere near Hebron then the west and middle/centre are closest. Sodom can mean either “consuming/burning” / “fasten, fortify, strengthen” / “secret/mystery”? Gomorrah can mean “submersion, be deep, copious (water)”. Bela “destroying/destruction”. Lasha “cleft/fissure”. Zeboiim/Zeboyim “deer/gazelles”. ad(a)mah “fort”/”earthy”. Zoar “little/smallness”. Salem “peace”/”perfect”. Shaveh “plain”. Siddim “pitted vale”/”the plains”. Has anyone dived down to the bottom in the main part of the Dead Sea?

Finding the site of Sodom has importance because it will show the world another historical case evidence of judgment on evil (though some/many won’t care/change). (It is interesting that reason/s given elsewhere in bible/etc for the 5 cities being overthrown was because of lies/lying, they were arrogant, pride, haughty, unconcerned, didn’t care about the poor/needy, etc.) If the sites are underwater the sea then it may possibly also be evidence against the geological timescale theories?

christianityboard new admin bad

November 4, 2015

The new administrator of is corrupt/bad. He is and has been secretly persecuting me (secret because none of it is/was visible for anyone on the site to see, and because he has been stopping me from any way of posting anything on the forum except what he agrees with).

This post is necessary to expose this person’s secret persecution of me and their corruption.

Background: We recently a couple/few weeks ago made a discovery that the early Popes list seems to be (semi-)fake in that the first 46+ popes all certainly seem to really match the contemporary Roman emperors in names/meanings, details & dates/order. Since first publishing this discovery in that christian forum there have been strange things happening to me in that forum, and/or to the forum. This culminated in me ending up getting “warned” and put in moderation by the new Admin, and since then i have had all my posts and private messages blocked/deleted if i post anything other than what he agrees with. (But the admin was already doing some bad impersonal things (since the discovery) before the bad personal things.)
(People can see info on the popes discovery here: .)

Below, after the summary, is a list of bad things that happened in the last couple/few weeks to me &/or to the forum since the discovery, and the list includes the dirty rotten personal persecution by the new admin.

Summary: Why is the new adminisrator bad?
– all that he has done to me is in secret. I have no way to contact any other forum members. No one knows what is going on.
And they are covering-up (deleting) all evidences.
– I am not allowed to post anything that he (new admin) disagrees with. (What is the point to a forum if people can only post what one person (or few persons) agree with?) They even block my private messages to any/all other members. They have no right to interfere with private messages.
– they are impersonal both in general (no name, no gender, no introduction, etc) and to me personally (in all this 2 weeks trouble there has never been any direct personal communication of them to/with me).
– they have treated me unfairly/wrongly/badly.
– they deleted my posts, and some of my posts they corrupted to only say what they agree with (and not what i meant) and deleted all rest of the post that they didn’t like.
– they casually wound-back the forum two times deleting all posts of the last week/s. We can never know that they won’t do it again.
– the new admin is/was only new, has only been admin for days/week and was/is already doing extreme things like winding-back the forum and persecuting me.
– the new admin never genuinely apologised for the forum wind backs which deleted all recent forum posts.
– gave no real warnings of the forum wind backs or of my being “warned” and put in moderation.
– did exactly the opposite to my request to not wind-back forum
– He seems to be evidently in “cohootze” [cohorts?] with the Vatican-agent forum-poster, and with that posters seeming threats to me (of “you will be assimilated” etc).
– i never had any troubles with the forum for years until this last 2 weeks since my popes discovery and since the new admin.
(- they did not punish any others who were equally as bad as or worse than me.)

The list of things that happened to me &/or to forum in the last couple of weeks (the “you” refers to the new admin “Steve” &/or whoever else) :

(- i strangely unexpectedly made the popes/emperors discovery when kephas had almost convinced me.)
– i couldn’t load thread/forum page or post in the day/s after i first posted my popes discovery.
– cb changed forum host shortly after.
– kephas posts seeming threats (you will be assimilated, don’t drink the kool aid, “i am bipolar”, etc).
– admin suddenly retired.
– a sudden earthquake here shortly after.
– new impersonal admin (no name, no gender, no introduction that i saw, etc).
– couldn’t post in shout box
– new admin (within days) 2 times wound-back the forum to week/s earlier time deleting all the last week/s posts (both times to same date, no warning, no apology except later a strange “please forgive”, always wound-back to kephas’ “you will be assimilated” post, and where was kephas during this (how did he know?))
– unfairly warned me & put me in moderation.
– Today i find that you *#$% deleted my posts in my own thread “i can’t believe anymore” and moderator didn’t approve my last parting mild notice, you &*%# deleted my last post/s in “pope” thread. You !$&*# deleted all my last post in “the truth shall set free” thread except one stupid weak sentence.
– now there is a thread claiming the pope had has a stroke. (So i suppose the stroke is all my fault, unless its a fake.)
– day before yesterday i Private Messaged a dozen forum members that i “know” to tell them why i was leaving (including about the secret persecution). Today i find the Admin has blocked my private messenger. And i have no replies so i suspect that either the Admin deleted the PMs, or else simply no one cares (as i had also suspected).
– yesterday allempires forum had a database problem. (christianityboard had a database problem too….)
– and now i have been banned (“account retired”).

copy of warning:

[you will not be able to post until you acknowledge this warning]

You have been placed on moderator queue until 06-November 15. This means that all content you submit until then will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown. More Details

Warning issued by Administrator for Abusive Behaviour in Profile.
Given 2 points.
Content moderated for 7 days

You have been given a warning by Administrator.
Reason: Abusive Behaviour
Please do not keep talking about the forum/database/psots and what happened.

Are you trying to discourage other people from enjoying the forum?

To view the full details for this warning, visit your warning log at the link below:

(Note: i since asked/demanded to be banned rather than just secretly not allowed to post anything that they don’t like or agree with. And now they have banned me (“account retired”) after i tried to tell others through shout box and the only other remaining ways they hadn’t blocked.)