finding Sodom & Gomorrah

This is a comment on this Sodom piece ( (also ). I tried commenting on the blog but the site messes me around and refuse to post the comment.

Its a pity the blog article mainly only gave links rather than info/ideas.

Previously i had thought that the 5 cities were likely in or around the southern end of the Dead Sea. There is a Zohar wadi/stream on the west of the southern part of Dead Sea.

On further light research so far i now tentatively wonder if any/all of the cities are more likely to be either under water in the main part of the Dead Sea or else on the western side of the sea (maybe inside the sulphur/salt hill-formations (like Ron Wyatt’s site/s or like Usdum))? If Abraham & the visitors were looking from somewhere near Hebron then the west and middle/centre are closest. Sodom can mean either “consuming/burning” / “fasten, fortify, strengthen” / “secret/mystery”? Gomorrah can mean “submersion, be deep, copious (water)”. Bela “destroying/destruction”. Lasha “cleft/fissure”. Zeboiim/Zeboyim “deer/gazelles”. ad(a)mah “fort”/”earthy”. Zoar “little/smallness”. Salem “peace”/”perfect”. Shaveh “plain”. Siddim “pitted vale”/”the plains”. Has anyone dived down to the bottom in the main part of the Dead Sea?

Finding the site of Sodom has importance because it will show the world another historical case evidence of judgment on evil (though some/many won’t care/change). (It is interesting that reason/s given elsewhere in bible/etc for the 5 cities being overthrown was because of lies/lying, they were arrogant, pride, haughty, unconcerned, didn’t care about the poor/needy, etc.) If the sites are underwater the sea then it may possibly also be evidence against the geological timescale theories?


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