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Fighting for our Health

March 21, 2016

We wrote this rough piece up for a friend on a forum. It seems good to post it here too, to help in the War against “strong” oppressing “weak” (and criminal parasites undermining quality too) by doing things like poisoning our food & water. All the more so because i myself am presently being forced back to eating/drinking poison fluoridated water because a meter reader picked my lock on 15th Feb and i am trapped here unless/until i can get locks that can’t be picked so easily/quickly (and no one i have asked/begged cares or will help me with the water or security needs). Sorry it is only a rough write up, not very great/good.

Do not necessarily believe them when they claim things like balding are just due to genetic/age/gender alone. I know from personal experience that my balding threat got worse when intaking things like fluoridated water, and stopped getting worse when limiting intake of things like fluoridated water. Genetics has to be brought out by environment. Genetics perhaps is more like different way it effects (eg some bald in front, some on top, some at back, some at sides)? No doubt that genetics/gender/age do play a part, and possibly they will find or have already found a gene or genes for things like balding, but i still believe that the evidence is that it is not just genetic/s.

As everyone says, one big factor in health is having a balanced diet of “good old fashioned food” esp veges and fruit. The food pyramid is one well known example. Another example is making sure we regulalry have foods of each of the 4 main food groupings depicted as a4 quarter pie-graph (+).

“body food”.
It has been pointed out that there seem to be analogous similarities between certain foods and the bodyparts they are good for. Carrots & eyes. Onions & cells. Citris & breasts. Figs & male fertility body parts. Milk and teeth. Lung-wort and lungs.Walnuts and brain. Tomatoes and heart. Grapes and blood. Celery & bones. Kidney beans & kidneys.
The only trouble is finding unsprayed (& unfluoridated) body foods if we are not able to have our own garden/farm.

“Serotonin/dopamine foods”.
There are certain foods which have been called serotonin foods and dopamine foods because they effect/influence our serotonin/dopamine.
Serotonin foods inlcude turkey, etc.
Dopamine foods include ….

“rainbow diet”.
Dr Breverman came up with a good idea called “rainbow diet” which is like trying to regularly eat foods of different colours of the rainbow.

herbs & spices.
Dr Breverman has alot of interesting information on herbs & spices.
[I think he said choline in fennel is good for brain?]
Turmeric is good for heart.

Probably everyone knows the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness” and it is known/found to be true.
Cleanliness and clean/pure running water are very important parts of the Mosaic Law in bible.
Biological contaminants are really bad for health and ability (equally or even more so than chemical it seems).
Oral cleanliness is one of the answers to the “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and water fluoridationists claims.
Rinse everything like rice, lentils, etc (though this is not darn easy with fluoridated water and water sitting in metal tanks).

Pure/clean water is very important for our health and ability.
i. Many councils fluoridate and alluminium-lace etc our tap water, which i definitely know from my own experience is detrimental to my and others health/ability.
The bible prophecies talked of “wormwood/bitter”/”blood” water.
ii. Beware of water sitting for hours in metal taps/fittings/pipes/tanks/pots as it picks up heavy metals like lead which is in tap fittings. (The council sites say to flush a cup or water out first for the tap fittings but this is not enough for water tanks etc). (Note the council sites admit it if you look for it, but they did not tell us publically.)
Soft water picks up more heavy metals than hard water. Blue stain on white is copper in water.
iii. Any other biological contaminants, and any other chemical contaminants.
iv. Pet(e) #1 water bottles have endorcine disruptors. Some (not all) #7 bottles have bpa/lead.
v. Filtering or distilling water is dangerous without expert knowledge and good diet as it can remove other nutrients and/or can put in other bad things.

There is evidence that fluoride negatively effects our health and ability.
Many councils fluoridate and alluminium-lace etc our tap water, which i definitely know from my own experience is detrimental to my and others health/ability. The fluoride they put in the water is not same compund or same dosage as the fluoride that is naturally in all water to varying degrees.
The government made it law that bottled water doesn’t have to say if is fluoridated or not. Some spring water is naturally high in fluoride.
Some foods are high in fluoride (soy? gelatine? dolomite powder? tea.)
Bread has alot of (fluoridated) water in it.
Fluoirdated water gets in everything (washing, rinsing food, cooking, gardens, etc).
They can not control the intake of fluoride or water. We are constantly intaking water & fluoride every time we eat/drink (& wash). Some of us are more vulnerable because “sensitive”, or smaller body size, or higher water intake, etc.
Some balding may indicate toxins like fluoride.
[Fluoride + alluminium/? maybe connected with MS?]
Fluoride is proven to cause thyroid problems, and effects horses, etc, and blocks pineal gland?

Pet(e) #1 water bottles have endorcine disruptors. Some (not all) #7 bottles have bpa/lead.
Do not leave plastic water bottles sitting in the sun.
Beaware that “foil” packets may be semi/fake: i found foil packets are either plastic or plastic lined cleverly made to look like foil.
It is said the some supermarket dockets have bpa in them.
Hdpe #2 bottles seem to have the least harmful in them, though a friend said he finds hdpe has some bad taste/smell (i seem to have slighlty impaired smell like my mother?) so maybe they have some harmful?

As far as i am concerned i think it should be law to have ingredients given for all food/liquid packaging & utensils etc (not just plastic bottles but everything including tins/cans, pots/pans, plastic packets, etc, and clothes too.)
Crystal has lead in it.
Cermaic has barium in it.

One thing i worry alot about myself is sprayed food. Farmers spray from the “first spray”, and i once heard that supermarkets also spray/sprinckle their food too.
Even “organics” can and do spray at least some of their veges/fruits.
Its hard to know how much or little “residual” sprays are on outside and inside of foods because they claim they have quality standards and that not much residual spray in food.
I do know that alot of people i know got prostate cancer, and that many bald men seemingly indicates toxins (maybe abit like Lex Luthor).
(Alot of the time “organic” just seems to more be for the environment while they don’t seem to be as concerned for eaters?)

Some clothes dyes and bleaches are harmful. Rawganique have seemingly really good undyed clothes.
Beware especially of black, and “made to fade”.

Microwaves. Cell phones/towers. Smartmeters. Overhead/nearby high-power power-lines. Irratiated food (in USA). Wireless/Bluetooth. “dirty electricity”? Fukushima/Chernobyl.

Allergies and allergenic foods do effect our health/ability somewhat. Also allergies to pets like cats/dogs. Any food/etc which doubles the pulse [30 mins?] after intake may be allergy effect. Heart/pulse/blood pressure effect is not good health help itself. Cows milk is quite a common one. Some may only be mild but still can have quite an effect, its not like only if major hives and breathing trouble. People who were bottle-fed as babies are more prone to allergies than ones who were breast-fed.

growth hormones.
Beware of growth hormones in things like pork/ham/bacon and chicken.

dental fillings.
Mercury fillings certainly seem harmful from my own experience and research.

dentists local anasthetic.
Dentists anasthetic has adrenalin which negatively effects [blood potassium].

tin/can food.
if possible we should try to limit tin/can food consumption. Tin cans have Cadmium in them. Presumably food/drink sitting in tins/cans may also pick up other heavy metals too. Always check use by/best before dates as some shops have items sitting there for ages. Drain what you can.

Many already commonly say that exercise (or work) is very important for health and ability, esp with the heart and calories. It is said exercise releases endophines? (But many push exercise as major problem/solution while ignoring other things, and some of us ar not able to get exercise due to situation/condition.)
These 2 sites also give some indoor exercises for seriously restricted people though not easy .
There are also special mats for people standing for long time that promote micro-body-movements.

Sunlight is good for health and ability, not just for the vitamin d (essential for calcium absorb).

Vit D and calcium.
Vit C and iron.
Fluoride and alluminium/etc.
Some harmful things in foods/water/etc are combinations like in the movie Batman.
“life (incl religion/politics/health) is like walking a tight-wire (- very difficult to strike the right balance in everything)” (- me.)

free radicals / cooked oil.
Cooked/heated vege oils have harmful free radicals. [Leafy greens helps repair damage?]
Vit E (in wheatgerm etc) can help combat free radicals.

It is very shocking & bad that the food businesses put in heaps of sugar/salt in many foods & drinks.
Ingredients lists on packagings are said to be in order of amounts, so when sugar/salt is first/second/third in ingredients list that is alot of sugar/salt in it.
For sugar it is especially things like break fast cereals (including wheatbix), biscuits, etc. A friend said that carrots have alot of sugar, but they don’t seem to me to be harmful eating alot?
For salt esp things like cheese, soup, etc. Barry’s Bay cheese is the only lowest salt cheese i could find here locally (but even that has quite abit of sodium, and it is too expensive and small amounts).
Sugar in shop food/drinks is one of the answers to the “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and water fluoridationists claims.
One bad hing the food industry does is that if/when shop food just says “salt”, “flour” it always means table salt, white flour; if it has sea salt, wholemeal flour it is only if it says so.

Having friends/family or support group (and/or social support) really helps. Especially people that care and understand and listen and sympathise and help.
It is also said that happy marriage is good for health/wellbeing.
I know that living alone is not good.
Having longtime bad neighbours troubles/stresses is not good for our health.
(Alone from positive but not from negative is really hard/bad/hell.)
Man is a “social animal/creature”. Some of us are not even very able to do many of the things here due to situation/condition, so some people need others help (or stop hindering).
It is all very well for people to say cut out “negative” people from your life, but this is bad to/for the “negative” people.

Ventilation is important for chemical and biological and other hazards in our houses. Including after painting.
People living on/near very busy traffic roads need protection from air pollution. I heard that in the UK they planted so polution absorbing trees in some busy roads? (My mother recently had lung cancer operation after living on busy road/corner for years and after flat repainting.)
Smoking (first hand and second hand).
I was interested in reading about lungwort….
Central heating/air conditioning can possibly cause legionaires disease in some cases.

Laughter is good for the heart etc, and helps mental wellness/positivity. “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. I really need and wish i had some here (tv ones i liked alot included Black Books, Fawlty Towers, etc).
(But be careful as Chalcas and Philomenes died from overlaughter.)

stress / rage / vexation.
Everyone says stress is bad but don’t seem to acknowledge it when others or selves are suffering health etc troubles. (The stress may be caused by others and/or we may stress ourselves.)
Anger/rage effects our health (pulse etc), though not easy when suffering wrongs.

Sabbath day of rest.
A day of rest every 7 days is good for our health.
It is said that the pulse slows down one day every 7 days?
Personally i would like to be able to keep saturday sabbath from dawn Sat to before dawn Sun Jerusalem-time.
Also taking a “break”/rest/holiday/sabbatical is good when really stressed.

detox clay.
Calcium bentonite clay seemingly may be good for heavy metals detox. But beware that some has high alluminium etc. A good one i found was Earths Living Clay, though i don’t like the pet(e) containers that replaced the old hdpe ones a couple of years ago.

Un/forgiveness effects our health. I know myself though that it is not easy to forgive others if suffering hell or forever lost so much. One trick i sometimes done is to pray that God do for them as for me and for me as for them (good not bad).

We should not judge anyone what they like or have to eat/drink/do themselves. But we should also not not care about people to offer positive info.
However it is not right that some of us are forced by others/people to have to eat/drink/have things like fluoridated water, smart meters, etc. Force includes subtle force/”freedom” like they claim they aren’t forcing us to eat/drink fluoridated water, yet they really are forcing disadvantaged because water is essential necessity of life.

I have found out the hard way that the words we speak to ourselves and others majorly effects our/others health/wellbeing. It is real hard though if stuck already suffering and stuck in a viscious cycle.
Also, don’t let charismatic pentecostals speak/pray “tongues” over you. Real/true tongues should be like interpreters we see/hear on TV etc.

(Natural/Divine/Spiritual) Law/s.
The Mosaic Law/s in the bible may have practical solutions to some problems, eg the cleaniness laws helped with some of mine.

At the end of the day we must realise that we can not place too much faith in humans/world/self/flesh/rationalism/materialism/Drs and all the other things written here, and that the only real true hope is faith in “God” (Yhwh/Yeshua).

Prayers of our own and (ongoing) un/known prayers of others can help alot.

Bad Inside.
I know myself that i suffering because of bad inside (bad/sin/wrong/sick) not just because of bad outside (others/people/system/situation).
All humans are fallen and have bad inside like judaeochristianity says.

past/present sins of ancestors/ourselves:
In my own “life” there is no doubt that i have suffered consequences of my own past & present sins, and my ancestors sins (eg my maternal grandmother having affair with Italian ww2 pow).

If “God” of bible is true then some of us may be suffering spiritual/demonic attacks inside/outside, and we are in a spiritual war with spirits (and our own bad inside) not necessarily/just humans.
“Fighting personal demons” can thus have another true meaning.

For example being stuck in a valley (like Sparta).

Drs/science/medicine/”professional help”:
On the one hand, as it is already much promoted, there is no doubt that we can not discard/disregard science and Drs and medicines.
On the other hand we should not just blindly trust people just because they are claimed to be authoritative/experts /qualified /quality /professionals /”science”/studies /standards/approved / etc (and we should not just blindly believe when others are claimed to be “pseudo”/”fringe” /”unreliable”/ “ocd” /”misinfo” /”fraud” /etc). All humans are fallen/bad and everyone is influenced by internal and external influences/interests/motives. How can we trust people that won’t stop poisoning (fluoridating and alluminium-lacing) tap water. No Doctor ever told me most of the things that have helped me and/or that are listed in this rough article. Drs are specialists in their field and it is said that some may only be expert on sugery/medication/radiation and not very holistic.
“All medication is poison”.
We are in a war against some people that do things like heaping sugar in our food, fluoridating our water, etc.

homogenised milk.
I don’t know for sure how true it is but i have heard that homogenised milk is harmful to circulation.
Nonfat milk can be homogenised, and alot of nonfat milks don’t say on label whether is or isn’t homogenised.
Some milks now say “no permeate” in them.

Bottle feeding.
Studies found that bottle feeding lowers iq by 10 points, makes more prone to allergies, and no transfer of antibodies.

“halleluyah diet”.
The story i heard is that this diet was come up with by a man who had cancer and changed his diet to raw veges and fruit (~like before Noah’s Flood) and was cured. It does seem to be acknowledged that some veges/fruit loose some goodness/quality when cooking. On the other hand some veges/grains have to be cooked for us to be able to digest them properly, and some/too-much uncooked veges can poison us? It is also a challenge to find unsprayed veges/fruit if we are not able to have our own garden/farm.
B12 is also a necessary vitamin though which is found in animal products like milk and meat.

leeched/deficient soils.

processed foods.
Brown/wholemeal bread is better than white bread. (But wholemeal is better than wholegrain (even if kibbed) because our body can’t digest whole grains.)
Saugsages are said to have harmful sodium nitrate in them?

I never knew myself that nuts and coconut are high in saturated fat!

I have heard it claimed that cannibis (not smoked) has some amazing good things in it?

Some yoghurt had gelatin(e) in it (which is high in fluoride?)
One good yoghurt here locally that only has low fat milk and cultures and nothing else in it is biofarm natural organic low fat yoghurt.

Are they sprayed or not?
Nuts are high in calories and in saturated fat.
Cashews are related to poison ivy so make sure they have cleaned them properly.

vitamins/minerals (supplements):
Some cod liver oil has added Vit D in it. I have heard that supplementary vit D is bad for heart arteries?
Vit C tablets may have sodium in them?
Rosehip(s) are high in Vitamin C.

essential amino acids.
There are 8 essential amino acids that our bodies need.

heart attack/arteries/stroke:
Things that can effect our heart bad/good include: saturated fat, calories, free radicals, anger/rage/stress, exercise, vit D, breathing/coughing, emphysema, carbs, soft water / heavy metals, fluoride, tooth decay!, allergies, genetic/age/gender, salt/sodium / potassium, blood clot, bad/good cholesterohl, smoking, zinc, vit c, turmeric, tomatoes/lycopene, leafy greens.

tooth decay.
The answer to “increased incidence of childrens tooth decay” and the lying claim of water fluoriduationist that fluoridation is the only best “safe cheap and effective” answer is:
(i) sugar (stop putting so much in our foods),
(ii) oral cleanliness (tooth decay is caused/exaserbated by bacteria),
(iii) diet ((processed) carbs)
(iv) nutrition (incl calcium and vit d).
(v) socio-economic disadvantages.
A study found that milk is good for teeth (they said they didn’t know why).

Charities need to know/practice the things we listed here rather than just seeking money donations/support. For example if fluoride causes cancer then what is the use donating to cancer appeal if they don’t stand up against water fluoridation?
It is not good that foodbanks have so much bad foods (full of sugar, tin can food, fluoridated, etc).

The pros of smart meters include no more troubles with meter readers for people with meters inside.
The cons of smart meters are: (i) multiple privacy/surveilance/exploitation issues (eg they take readings every 30 mins and can tell when we are here/out/up/asleep and what appliances we are using and when we are using them, plus they can communicate with the meters anytime they want and we arn’t able/allowed to turn them off), (ii) health/ability effects (e.m. radiation), (iii) increased costs (esp since time of use charges also came in)

Food Additves.
There are free pamphlets that can be gotten from health places listing the numbers and names of the Food Additives used in alot of shop foods & drinks. ….

Make sure you check-out all the ingredients of vaccinations.

“The body reveals what the mind conceals” (- order of st luke speaker/writer.)

“[This digital / socio-economic system/environment makes autistic people more autistic]”.

“There has been a significant increase in mental health diagnoses, particularly under the heading of “anxiety.”” (- NZ, Jan 2013.)
“A quarter of NZ youth experience a mental illness by age 15”.
“10% of NZers are medicated….”
“We have approximately 420 clients on our books currently and around 11 new referrals every week.” local c.m.h.t. leader.
“1 in 3 NZers suffer [mental health issues] at some point in life”.
“30% of nzers/wellingtonians over 20 are singles.”

Some links/sources/resources/contacts:
[]. (previously
citizens environmental research ltd (Napier NZ)
Dr Breverman’s ‘Rainbow Diet’.
the ‘Hallelyuah diet’.
the Bible.
Grant Jeffrey ‘Signature of God’.
WEF/CSA (Wairarapa Eco Farm,
‘NZ Nutrition and you Health’, by David Cory.
[Diabetics.] (previously fluoride action network nz). ,
Order of St Luke.
the movie ‘Batman’.
Biofarm natural organic lowfat yoghurt labels
‘That Sugar Book’ .