Duterte good or bad?

Perhaps you are right, and perhaps i was wrong about Duterte ( https://christiansaguyan.wordpress.com/2015/12/08/voting-for-duterte-a-biblical-response/comment-page-3/#comments , https://falconbase2008.wordpress.com/2016/04/17/shocking-truth-ano-ang-papel-ni-mayor-rodrigo-duterte-sa-isang-babaeng-australiana-na-biktima-ng-kidnapping/ ) . It does sound like the crime etc is very bad there and that maybe/perhaps Duterte is your best candidate despite some bad/uncertain points about him.
Though there is possibly seemingly something strange (like about the catholic/biblical connections)? (Incidentally, my own copy of a previous comment of mine on another blog about Duterte is also yet another file suspiciously/strangely/coincidentally missing from my computer hdd since i got it back from the computer shop & since my popes/emperors discovery last year http://www.allempires.com/forum/ebook_view.asp?BookID=104 . Both blogs i just tried to post this comment on and it was blocked “interrupted” “secure connection failed”)

All humans including Duterte have mixed both good and bad points. I guess one has to weigh up both the good and the bad points for Duterte and for each of all the other candidates (both pubic and private/personal life, past and present, accoring to self and others), and weigh up which candidate is the most good or least bad/evil (and which issue/s is/are more/most important).

It doesn’t seem right/fair to use rape/crime as an emotional political tactic? (Plus, how do we know it is even true and not just a fake tactic?) It does sound like the other candidates are worse on crime etc. (I am no fan of “finesse” and “cultured”, rich politicians. If the many internet dating scammers in Phillipines is anything to go by….) If the devil was standing would one vote for him if he had some good points or was against some bad thing/s? The regime here in some other western countries is tough on some crime yet they are still bad to many of us in many ways.

It seems that the people always vote for what they think is “change” or other things but is often untrue/deceptive/lie.

I must say though that it annoys me that people care about victims of rape etc yet people don’t care that i am 43 in May and still always been single/alone (almost just as much of a cruel crime done to me by the bad western world socio-economic/political system and other people though some fault/blame is my own and/or my ancestors)). I wish we had a superman/Jesus/Duterte here.
In the country where i am i don’t even have clean running water because the regime poison it with fluoride and alluminium. So there are many other issues aside from recognised “crime” & rape.
Here the power company meter reader picked my door lock a month ago and gets away with it because i can’t prove it (and i have had security and other troubles because of it ever since).
It seems that the “Catholic moral man” (like Duterte) “Pope” [Emperor / Pontiffex Maximus] doesn’t seem to care about me? ******
Was abused by my step father.
Went through multiple foster parents placements & schools.
I have been poisoned half a dozen to a dozen times.
Been living alone for 20 years.
So i am not one of the “always been safe in their homes” with “classy upbringing” or “hypocrites”.

Is there a similarity between Duterte (Phillipines) and Trump (USA)?

‘Anonymous’ is right that there is more issue to leadership than just justice/security/law & order (security, diplomacy, economy, education, etc, will, knowlegde). Though i think economy is to high and unbalanced in the Western World.
Make Duterte police chief instead maybe?

Fred: “investment”/”investors”? If this is the same sort of harmful globalist corporatist stuff that they have here then it is part of the problem or a just as bad a problem.

You need more than just one man. You need a national reform movement that has leaders and supporters/members/followers. Though it does sound like he has a party & followers.
But the problem is in each and all of us. A not very good example is: in Germany people didn’t smoke around Hitler because they knew he didn’t favour it, but immediately after he died the smokers all lit up their smokes. “Not archaism or futurism [or patches] but rebirth” – Toynbee/Campbell.
Christians would say the real problem is that all humans are fallen/Sinners/bad internally. How does Duterte compare with/to Jesus/Yeshua?

Its a problem that many Christians place more importance on some thngs (profane words, homosexuality, etc) and not on other equally/more important (social/economic/etc) things.


with a consience?
no bikinis?
offer to die in place of victim?
saved a victim / rescued a girl who was raped
wept when a child was killed
took active part in the operations beyond call of duty
cleaned up crime, “Davao is safe”?
turned city from one of worst to one of the safest & most organised
against injustice & inequality
not hinder/discourage/close/ban christians/christianity/bible/gospel/church.
looks clean and decent.

thug / thug language / talk like thug?
crass/tasteless/careless thug joke/s?
profane words?
criminals no chance/teaching to change/rehabilitation?
immoral habits / morally controversial unchristian behaviour / vices
heartless to criminals
seeming suspicious subtle/secret catholic “biblical” promotion
is claimed he admitted he murdered a 1000 souls?

“Catholic moral man”?
tough on criminals?
engaged in shooting against the criminals [killed someone]?
politically sucessful
wearing dark glasses

Other candidates

failed/weak on crime?



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