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Oneness & Love

October 2, 2017

“God” (Yhwh) & Yeshua wants us to be One with Him and with each other (and to love one another) because it is a so much more most amazing best thing for ourselves and others, rather than being not one (dualistic/schizoid) and being alone. We need each other. When (1) we are one with Jesus & with God then (2) we are One with each other [like i say/think/feel “I Am (being) ((one) with) God/Jesus (and i am One with others (Sean, Matthew, Ian, dad, Eric, Andrea, Pada, Philip, neighbours, etc))”] then we suddenly can see ourselves and others how God/Jesus sees us & them and we will see and have Love for another. (“The Word was with God and the Word was God”?) The other day when i suddenly had this experience and suddenly saw it i sucked in my breath, then screamed-like “no, no”, and heard Jesus words “that you may be one, as we are one”, then really cried so mournfully and hurtfully seeing myself and others, and then so wanted and prayed to be One. Please try to see. I was not just trying another way to “make” people care, or just “ranting” about the awful trouble(s). Afterwards i wasn’t sure whether to tell anyone because i was scared that my motives might be mixed and partially wrong, but i thought/felt it was alright to tell because it was like i have to tell people because people have to know.

Just need to add: the focus is (I am) (being) one with Jesus/Yeshua (“the First Love”).
Its him. Its like touching a live emotional electric current when it
happens. You feel His spirit/soul/nature/being, and see as he sees. (Compare “the love of many grow cold”.)

What is the source of Love? We can not make our selves love others or like the Word, only by being one with him (God & Yeshua the First Love) are we made like the Word (“the word becomes flesh”, “law(s) written in our heart”). When we are One (or communion, “touch his garment”) with him we then intimately know his love for all others (“filled with his love”) and his Will and his commandments, and will do the same works “Jesus” did. “In him everything holds together.” Ehad “union/one/united” value 13 = ahaba “love” value 13. “That you may be one as we are one”. The West is more dualistic/schizoid than the East. 666 is man becoming “gods” without God/Yah, and they can only reach 99 percent and a form of godliness without the substance. The globalism / NWO / Atlantis Rising is all about a fake One-ness. See the book Two Be One by Ernest HJ Steed. The church is supposed to be a body and a community.

(Below is the older 1st attempt to write about this after the experience.)

A possible revelation/insight that came from begging God to have mercy & save me from the hell i’ve been suffering, and/or from peoples prayers:
His name is “I Am”.
1. One with Jesus, One with God, 2. One with Others (each other), 3. One with animals/plants.
(“Love the Lord; and Love your neighbour as yourself.”
“3 helps: self, others, God; 3 harms: self, others, devil”.)
(“As above (in heaven), so below (on earth).”)
As opposed to (Western/European/Christian) dualism/schizoid.
God is in us, He/His power works through us, we are One with him (He is everywhere in universe), when we do things like making discoveries we can see it as being like experiencing something that is God not just us. (Not mean in any self pride sense; not mean in any blasphemy way.) No longer struggle with our bad (as separate individual to God). Abit less hard to believe and abit easier to believe.
Also, “I want you to have same/similar what i have”.
(From friend Matthew saying it’s God that does it not me.
“Don’t know how to explain it”.)
We “die with him [Jesus on Cross] and raised with him”.
(“What would Jesus do/see/say”?)
2a. “That you may be one as we (I [Jesus] and the father) are one”.
(“love one another”.
Ahaba “love” numerological value 13 = ehad “one/union” numerological value 13.)
So why don’t people care/love/help us? Why people don’t care I’m being forced to eat bad harmful water every meal, every day? Why am i forced to either eat harmful water, or starve/die?
(God judged all 3 of Adam, Eve & Serpent, not just one.
What others do & what others do not do. Others can Harm/hinder or not, & others can help or not.)
When this realization/revelation of one (with God/Jesus and with others “as we are one”) & love (one another) flashes it easier and not so hard to love others because we see like the same as Jesus/God sees.
2b. Adam/man & Eve/woman, the 2 become 1, “This is a great mystery”.
(Men often been too uncaring about their women partners, don’t realize intimacy is give-&-receive full meaningful relationship.)
“Two be One”. The exploited desire in “One World Government”.
(The world elite’s “One” of philosopher Plato.)
“Form of Godliness without the substance”. (666 “man becoming gods (without God)”.)

The corner stone / foundation stone (Jesus) is most precious. From friend Ian once saying about God taking away the sand and making rock, see the sand blowed/wiped away and most a precious stone/rock.

(This was first posted in my other blog but the posts there are not getting much views so posted copy here as this info needs to be known.)


Origins of Allah

October 1, 2017

JT Chick claimed that Islam was originally a Roman conspiracy. The Bible says the harlot/whore “Babylon” [Rome] is mother of harlots. If Islam was founded by Rome then there should be evidence. Islam’s founder Mohammed/Muhammad doesn’t seem to be a Roman, who else is there? Mohammed was messenger of Allah or (Al-)Ilah “(the) (Moon) God” or “lofty” / “hidden”, and Allah could possibly be connected with “pope” St Adeodatus/Deusdedit 1 whose dates of 615-618 are close to Mohammed’s date of ca (595-) 609/611 (-622-625-632). Mohammed was 40 when he had his vision; Adeodatus was “45” at start of his papacy. Adeodatus was born in the “Eastern Roman Empire”. [Honorius 1 625-638 was later named a heretic.] Since the early popes list is a fake and the first 40+ popes really match the Roman emperors list, then the “pope” Adeodatus/Deusdedit may be either of these rulers: Theodelinda 591-628; Agilulf 591-616 (who might possibly be “Augustine” of Canterbury); Adaloald 616-626; or Eleutherius 616-619. May possibly confirm match with Al(i)lah? Allah could alternatively/also be linked with Atlas, esp since the Beast of Revelation/Apocalypse is “Atlantis Rising” riden by the harlot Rome. (Aryan, Aslan, Aztlan, Atlas/Atlantis, Allah, Alalu(s), Alala? Perhaps the name Islam/Muslim/Salaam might even have been a clever rhyme with Atlan? See also the Adites?) In ancient times Atlantis “enslaved” the Mediterranean world, and coincidentally Islam means submission/surrender/peace (and abd means slave). Interestingly it is claimed that the name Allah has been found in a Viking inscription? Alternatively, Allah might be linked with Alamahozim “god of fortresses” of Daniel in bible? Or with Alleluia the Roman version of Halleluyah of Germanus, Gregory, & Augustine? This might also link with Helel “Lucifer” of Isaiah 14? I could possibly be wrong since Muhammad’s father’s name Abdullah has Allah in it.
Monotheism “One God” merges with Globalist One World.
Although the harlot “Babylon” is clearly implied to be Rome, the harlot was said to be in the wilderness, which might link with Mecca [and/or with Hollywood]? (Islam had capital at Baghdad/Kufa for awhile.) The modern group “Isis” may be linked with Rome (Mary, Stella Maris, harlot Babylon).
One of Muhammad’s sources was a Syriac or Arab monk Sergius the Monk (a Latin name) or Baeira/Bahira/Pakhyras [is this the origin of Burak?], and he was either Nestorian or Nasorean or Gnostic or Jacobite or Arian (cp Aryan?)
The name of the battle of Badr/Beder might be linked with battle of Badon of Arthurian (which also has Roman origins) [and with Abaddon]? The Koran mentions a victory of Romans in Surah 30.
The Kaaba/Caaba stone might be linked with Cephas/Kepha (Peter)?
“Gabriel” could possibly be pope Gregory 1 (who may be Gallinicus)?
Islam might be linked with “Edom” in biblical prophecy (and Edom might also link with Rome)?
The number 666 has been linked with the name Allah or Bismallah in Arabic letters, and with Maometis/Mohammed/Baphomet.

Other theories of the origin(s) of Islam have included:
From Indian/Hindu;
From Petra;
From Judaism;
From Nestorianism;
“Mohammed was a Christian who being offended at not-good things of Christians started his own religion”.
“Mohammed said that he wasn’t going to kill innocent people anymore (Jews and Christians) and that the church should probably train a different Prophet to take his place. The response form the Vatican was swift and final. On June 8th, 632 A.D., the Vatican poisoned, and killed, Mohammed the Prophet, then proceeded to “build up” his “life as a Prophet” with nothing more than fabrications. …. Mohammed stated that he didn’t want to be the one who is remembered for leading his people into the gates of Hell, not for the Church or anyone else.” (Not sure this last one is true or not, but it is interesting.)

(No offense to Muslims intended. I have always had respect and liking for Islam. But in comparing biblical Judaeo-Christianity and Islam side by side the former has far more convincing evidences me than the latter. I always try my best to seek the Truth of history.)