Joseph & Jacob found in Egypt

Let us try again to show the matches evidences for Joseph & Jacob in Egypt in the 3rd-4th dynasty bit by bit in a way people can more easily see.

First evidence is the name & person Jacob/Yakov matching Khufu/Khufwey/Cheops (the supposed builder of the famous Great Pyramid of Giza) of the 4th dynasty. First the name & meaning match. You will notice that the names both have similar consonants j/y-c/k-b/v and kh-f(w)-(y) / ch-p(s) (the -s is only late Greek suffix/ending), except for that y/j being at start in Hebrew and at end in the modern reading of the ancient Egyptian name which we will have to discuss more soon. First we show that the meanings of the names are the same.

The name Jacob(-el) / James is considered to mean either “(may El/God) protect” (compare Yaqub-har “god Har watches over”), or aqeb/akaiv “heel(-catcher)”, or aqab “to usurp, supplanter”, and some have related the name to Kocab “star” and “a star shall come out of Jacob”. Some have compared Jacob with Aqaba which is considered to mean either aqeb “heel” or ‘aqabat “mountain-pass (of Aila)”.

The name (Khnum-)Khufu/Khufwey/Chufu/Cheops/Sofe/Souphis is considered to mean “protected (by the god Khnum)” or “(Khnum) protect me”.

Both names Jacob and Khufu/Cheops have the exact same meaning “protect” which is a pretty strong “coincidental” match evidence.
Khnum/Num is a potter and a creation god similar to Elohim/Jehovah, and some others have corresponded/compared the two gods. (Also interestingly Alan Alford theorised that Khufu was an “evil” god like the Egyptian god Set(h).)
“(Mighty One of) Jacob” (Genesis 49) resembles “(Khnum-)Khufu”?

(Its not sabbath here yet. Sabbath begins at sunrise not at evening, and presumably Jerusalemtime. Plus i cant rest if God doesnt give me rest from the hells constantly been being done to me even on sats/suns.)

Jacob was in Egypt for 17 years according to Genesis.

Khufu/Cheops highest recorded reign year is 17 years in contemporary records.

Although Cheops/Khufu’s reign length ranges in ancient sources from
63 yrs (Manetho) to
50 yrs (Herodotus) to
“46 yrs” (one modern orthodox cattle-count theory?) to
34 yrs (Great Pyramid inscription taken as biennial cattle-count) to
26/27 yrs (Dakhla inscription taken as bienniel cattle-count) to
24/23 yrs (Turin King List) to
20 yrs (building pyr Herodotus) to
17 yrs (Great Pyramid inscription taken verbatim) to
14 yrs (Dakhla inscription taken verbatim) to
10 yrs (building pyr ramp Herodotus),
Only the 2 verbatim inscriptions (17 years & 14 years) are reliable contemporary records, while the others are only from less reliable much later sources or modern theories. The 17 years one is confirmed by the biblical match. Herodotus’ 10 & 20 years are also close to 17 years (rounded off).

Jacob had 2 or 3 or 4 wives: 2 wives (Leah & Rachel) & 2 concubines (Bilhah & Zilpah), but Rachel died before Jacob went to Egypt.

Khufu/Cheops had 2 or 3 or 4 wives. Clayton lists 2 named ones and 2 unknown wives/queens of Khufu, (and his genealogical tree shows 2 or 4 spouses.) There are 3 satellite pyramids beside the great pyramid which some say are pyramids of Khufu’s wives/queens.

Jacob had 4 (+ 2 + 2) + 2 + 2 (+ 2) sons = 12/14 sons. (Jacob adopted Joseph’s 2 sons hence 14 total.)

Khufu/Cheops had a “rather large family”.
From various sources Khufu seems to have had between 6 to 9 to 15 sons. Clayton lists 6 sons, and his genealogical tree shows 5 of them. A couple/few other sources list some other “sons of the king”.
(Here is a list of all the seeming sons of Khufu that i found in a few different sources: Djedefre, Kawab, Khafre, Djedefhor, Banefre, Khufukaef/Khufukhaf, Hemiunu/Hemon? Bauefre? Minkhaf, Horbaef, Babaef, Nefermaat? Khnumbaef, Wepemnefert? Kamaha?
Some of the sons names or their meanings could match with the sons of Jacob. The name Djedef-re &/or Djedef-hor &/or Djedef-ptah is possibly similar to Judah &/or Joseph?)
There is also a similar number of tombs/mastabas on 1 or 2 sides of the great pyramid?

Jacob’s parents where Isaac & Rebekah.

Khufu’s/Cheops’ parents are not known because it is said/admitted in some sources that it is only modern theory that his father was Sneferu.

Jacob dwelt at Goshen/Gosen/Goson (Hebrew/Massoretic) / Gesem (Greek/Septuagint) / Kessan (Artapanus). (The meaning of the name is unknown, but it has been proposed to possibly mean “drawing near” or “place of light/plenty/comfort”, and it is also called the “best of the land” and land of Raameses in Genesis)..
Josephus said that the exodus started from Latopolis (Sokhem) not far from Giza/Cairo.

Khufu/Cheops pyramid is at Giza/Gizeh/Er-gesher near Cairo, the name of which name means “beside the high”.
The shepherd Philitis “lover of righteousness” also dwelt at Giza in the 4th dynasty according to Herodotus.
Lemesurier’s book claimed an alignment of Giza and Bethlehem.
(Cairo area is also called “Babylon” which might recall “by the rivers of Babylon”?)
All the mastabas/tombs on 1/2/3 sides of the Great Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops look like as if they are 70 souls Hebrews/Israelites around Jacob.

Jacob adopted Joseph’s 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh. (Sub-family section of 4.)
Jacob put the younger son Ephraim before the elder son Manasseh, and said Ephraim “greater” and Manasseh “great” (Genesis 48).

Khufu/Cheops pyramid is associated with the Sphinx and the 2 pyramids of Khafre/Chephren and Menkaure/Mycerinus. (These are the only 4 most major structures at Giza.)
The order of the pyramids of Giza goes Khufu, (Sphinx &) Khafre, Menkaure, and the order of the 4th dynasty kings/pharaohs goes Khufu/Cheops, (Djedefre,) Khafre/Chephren, Menkaure/Mycerinus.
Khafre’s pyramid name means “the great”, and the pyramid is larger than Menkaure’s/Mycerinus’, and is on higher ground. Menkaure’s pyramid name means “the high one”, and the pyramid is smaller than Khafre’s/Chephren’s, and is aligned slightly off centre line of alignment of all 3 pyramids.
Sphinx is beside Khafre’s/Chephren’s pyramid (Joseph beside Ephraim).

Khufu/Cheops = Jacob(el) “may God protect”
(Djedefre = Joseph?)
(Sphinx/Shepshepankh = head of Joseph/Zaphenathpaneah & lion of Judah?)
Khafre/Chephren = Ephraim?
Menkaure/Mycerinus = Manasseh?

Jacob’s bed/couch in Genesis 47:31 & 48:2 & 49:33 might match the gold/bronze metalic colour wooden bed found in the “tomb of Hetephires” nearby Khufu’s/Cheops’ (Jacob’s) pyramid at Giza?

The king of Egypt is called “pharaoh” in the Genesis story of Joseph & Jacob in Egypt (and in the Exodus story of Moses in Egypt). The name Pharoah has been supposed to be from Perao/Peraa/Paruw’ar or Aaperti “great house” (note the aa is either at start or end, like the y/j in Jacob/Khufwey).

At the head of the 4th dynasty just before Khufu/Cheops (Jacob) is Sneferu “he of beauty” or “the two energies/beauties” (from nefer “perfection, goodness, beauty, virility”), who is also called “the beneficent king”.
Sneferu’s name has been variously spelt Snfrfrw / Snprfw/Snprvw/Snprby/Snprvu/ Snpfv / Snprf/Snfrw/Snprb/Snprv/Snfrv/Snfr(w) / Snpw, or Snaphru/Snef(e)ru, or Sen-nefer, and some of these seem similar to the name pharaoh. (Though the use of pharaoh might alternatively only be an anachronism from later times when bible was written.)
(“Great house” also maybe resembles “great pyramid”?)

Jacob said the “crouching” “lion of Judah” shall go up in Genesis 49, and he blessed the “head of Joseph” later in the same chapter. Sceptre shall not pass from between his feet until messiah comes.

Near Khufu’s/Cheops’ pyramid at Giza is the Great Sphinx crouching lion with stele between stretched forth paws. Sphinx had red colour, and red is colour of Set(h) god of foreigners (name similar to Seth in Genesis).
Some say name of Sphinx is from Sheshep-ankh “eternal living image” which resembles Joseph’s name Zaphenath-paneah (paneah considered to be pi-ankh, pi- prefix “the”).
The face of the Sphinx has been suggested to be either that of Djedefre (who seems to match with Joseph) or Khafre (Ephraim). Family resemblance between Djedefre & Khafre like that between Joseph & Ephraim.
Looking from the front of the Sphinx we see Khafre’s pyramid which was named “the great” rising above in the background, similar to lion of Judah “shall go up”?

3/4 persons at Giza match 3/4 persons of subfamily of Jacob & Joseph:
Khufu/Cheops = Jacob(el) “may God protect”
(Djedefre = Joseph?)
(Sphinx/Shepshepankh = head of Joseph/Zaphenathpaneah & lion of Judah?)
Khafre/Chephren = Ephraim?
Menkaure/Mycerinus = Manasseh?

The date of Jacob/Joseph in bible is ca 1800s bc.

The modern Egyptological ascribed supposed date of Khufu/Cheops of “2500s” bc is only modern theory without any much real strong evidences or proofs. What few supposed supports they have for their supposed dates of the dynasties are all unreliable/fallible (Sirius/Sothis, carbon dating, adding up heaps of regnal years, etc). (This point is too long to discuss all the claims issues/points here.)


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