new Egyptian chronology paper

Egypt like many other nations seems to have evidences confirming the 4 rivers of Eden of Genesis. A symbol in Philipot for the 4 rivers of a circle with cross in it (+) suggests that the 4 rivers divided the whole world/earth. [It is a theory of ours that the 4 rivers were possibly along the splits of pangaea, ie pangaea split along the 4 rivers with the rivers widening in to oceans?] The 4 lands/rivers of Eden apparently represent 4 world ages since the first river goes round the land of Gold, and the 2nd goes round land of Cush and in Classical the Ethiopians are from the silver age. Don Mackenzie shows that there is interchange/connect of 4 metals, castes, colours, compass points, etc.
Hebrew: 4 ages/lands/rivers of paradise/Eden: Pishon/Havilah/gold, Gihon/Cush, Hiddekel/Tigris/Asshur, Euphrates.
(4 ages: gold, silver, bronze/brass/brazen, iron.)
Egypt: 4 canopic sons of Horus/gods of compass points: ….
Egypt: 4 races: ro(m)t/red, namu/yellow/[aamu], tamahu/white, nahsu/nhsy/black/kush.
Egypt: 4 addings temple Ptah (Herodotus): ….
4 elements Djed/baphomet: fire/top, air, water, earth/bottom.

As with many other nations there are a number of evidences from Egyptian history and/or mythology which seem to confirm that the biblical flood is real and that dynastic Egyptian dates from after the Flood. It was once thought by some that Egyptian has no Flood account, but it is found that Egypt does have a number/lot of allusions to the Flood including/eg: the flood story of Atum (Atmu caused waters of great deep to overflow & drown everyone), flood of Ra/Sekhmet/Hathor (Hathor & Sekhmet wade in human blood, Ra floods world with beer), Thoth sends flood (Hancock), Atlantis account, Nun the primeval waters/watery chaos god, Osiris (drowned / saved from water, &/or associated with water), Surid flood (Surid builds pyramid before flood), Siriadic columns (Hermes sets up 2 columns in Siriadic land one of brick & one of stone to survive fire or flood), ‘inundation’ 1st of 3 seasons of year, benu/bennu/phoenix connected with flood (“recollection of flood in hieroglyph of Bennu bird”), etc.
Among possible Egyptian confirmations of Noah’s Ark are these:
Predynastic boat/ship/Ark pictures with drogue stones (Gebelein/Naqada, ref F Raffaele).
Ra’s boat UaaNu?
Menes may be connected with ark [like Gilgamesh] (ref wikipedia ‘Menes’)?
pot(tery) “ship theme” (Naqada 2)?
Also, the 30 dynasties come after 10 godkings (&/or 10 predynastic kings) which are analogous to 10 preflood (&/or postflood) patriarchs. Nu/Nun/Num/Nut may be Noah? The 8 gods of Ogdoad/Khemennu also match 8 souls in Ark. Ptah (9000 yrs, architect, 1st godking, [opener?]) may correspond with Noah (900 yrs, 1st postflood, ark builder/opener)? The dyking of Menes (&/or Ptah?) is also thought by some to connect with postFlood. Menes/Min/Menoph/Memian might connect with Noah/Majnoon (Manu)? Gopher ~ “cement” ~ khepri (dung)?
Ark may also be reflected in: great pyramid boat? Heyerdahl? boat of millions of years? reed boats Tana?
Pyramid &/or primeval hill/mound ~ (land/earth &/or) Ararat (&/or Babel)?
There is no trace of great Flood during dynastic. (Surid flood is not the great Flood, though it may be conflated/confounded with the great flood.) (The Atlantis account says Egypt was not flooded?)
Egypt is postglacial in Cambridge Anc Hist, and the ice age was thought by some scholars to be post-Flood unstable climate/weather.
I don’t know for sure but doubt that the Sphinx rain marks could be from the Flood, or they could be from post/inter/glacial unstable weather after Flood?
Ararat is mentioned as early as 6th dynasty as Araret.
[Egypt is said to be alluvial / postglacial?]
* note Noah’s Ark may have been like a big read boat (Fasold) like the vessel of Peter’s vision in Acts and like the small Titicaca reed boats?

There are Egyptian evidences that Babel was real and that dynastic was post-Tower of Babel:
“Menes associated with symbol of a building”?
The pyramids &/or great pyramid could connect back to earlier Tower of Babel.
pyramid-like symbol on Narmer palette?
[serekh] building in horus names?
Ptah “architect/Vulcan” may relate to Babel?
Siriadic columns (“1st Hermes/Thoth/Seth set up 2 columns in Siriadic land before flood, one of brick & one of stone to survive fire or flood”)?
Some connect Babel with “Babylon” near Cairo/Giza/Great Pyramid?
Ice age may connect with Babel catastrophe. (Egypt is postglacial in Cambridge Anc Hist.)
The the correct, lowest date for reign of Menes (2300/2224 bc, 62 yrs, 1st king) is about same date as date for Babel?
Kings son of Kush recalls Nimrod son of Cush.
Somethink that Narmer(za) (Maneros? Menelik?) might match Nimrod.
Nimrod/Nebrod (or Asshur) (hunter) could be any of either: Min/Mena/Menes/Memian? Khnum(-kufu)? Narmer(za)/Narmeru/Merinar? Maneros/Linus? Anhuret? Memnon? Menelik? Khnem-Ra? Nebertcher? nimlot/neromath (dyn 22/23)? Rot? kings son of Kush? Geb/Seb the hunter? ‘[the] hunter’ (predynastic king)?
dionysos ~ osiris ~ sah ~ orion ~ jabir ~ gibbor ~ nimrod ~ asshur?
Cush could be : ~ Khuns? kings son of Kush? Shu? Khufu?
(Min/Mena/Menes/Memian (Chem) could possibly connect with Nim-rod (Ninus)? or with Cush (compare Manabush, Manish-tusu)? Ham/Cham?)
“Ogus/Oguz [Cush] after 72 yrs war [70/72 nations?] carried his conquests to Egypt”?
Pyramid &/or primeval hill/mound ~ Babel?

1st dynasty:
Menes’ date in old & new mainstream modern Egyptology sources has ranged from 11340 yrs bc (Herodotus), to 5869 bc (petrie/high/ad1906/champollion), to 3400 bc (breasted/berlin/short), to 3100 bc (orthodox/alford), to ca 3000 bc (recent/shaw/ad2000/current conventional), to “not earlier than 2900 bc” (“latest research”, [Lissner?]), or/to 2850 bc (lissner), to 2399 (Bristowe), to 2224 bc (palmer), or “2254-2194/2192 bc” (Hoeh)?.
The orthodox date of 1st dynasty was recently revised “400 years closer to present” from 3100 to 3000, and a few decades ago was revised from 3400 to 3100 bc.
An earlier source said that according to “latest research” Menes would seem to date “not earlier than 2900 bc”.
This shows that the orthodox date is less not more certain than ours.
Orthodox source/s say/s “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”, and “the tendency is to revise dates down”.
There are a number of evidences that Menes can’t have been before 2300 bc (close to the lowest date for Menes of 2224 bc) :
Josephus said Menes was 1300 or 1399 years before Solomon (c 1000s/900s bc or between 18th-19th-22nd dynasties, close to Shishak/Ramses 2) giving a date of 2300 or 2399 bc.* Herodotus also said that Menes was (1)1340 years before Seti (close to Ramses 2/Shishak). [Though its possible that Josephus got it from mis/rading of Herodotus.]
Egyptian history is said to date back to (between the age of Leo (sphinx) to) the age of Taurus (bull on Narmer palette, Apis bull, Kakam “black bull”) 4… – 2… bc.
The Sothaic/Siriadic calendar was supposedly introduced between 4241 and 2871/2773 bc. Orthodox Egyptology has no recorded Sothaic coincidence date for the Old Kingdom. This might possibly indicate that 1st dynasty was after the next oldest date (2773bc) before 12th dynasty one?
The great pyramid is considered to date between 10xxx bc and 2xxx bc.
Abraham (variously dated between 2300 – ca 2000s/”1900s” bc) was seemingly in the latter part of the 1st dynasty: the famine/drought and following plague(s)/disaster(s) of Abraham (Genesis 12) matches famine/drought & following (numerous) plague(s)/disaster(s) (& miracles) of Uenephes/Ata/Semenptah (Bey pages 28-9) &/or Semti (Bristowe) &/or Semerhet (Clayton page 25).*
(Josephus also says Abraham brought culture to Egyptians, confounding him with 1st dynasty culture-bringers?)
Chedor-laomer might connect with Narmer? or Shudur-kip?
Tacitus said that there had been only 4 Phoenixes in Egyptian bc history. Depending on age of Phoenix/crow (variously/range 250 [“opinion”] / 400 years [Horapollo] / 500 years [Tacitus, Herodotus] / 660 yrs [Pliny] to 1460 yrs [Tacitus/Poole] to 1500 yrs [Lepsius] to 7000 yrs [“opinion”]) this gives date of either 1000 / 1600 yrs bc / 2000 yrs bc / 2640 / 5840 / 6000 / 28000 yrs bc.
“1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses [525 bc]”?
Herodotus’ Pan [29220yrs to Amasis2] seems to be divided by 18 and match his Greek Dionysos 1600 years.
Pan ([1st god/group]) ~ Mendes ~ Chem ~ Min/Menes/Memian (1st king after gods) ~ Merneptah (“1st king after gods/pharaohs”) ~ Ptah (1st godking,Memphis) ~ Vulcan/Hephaistos.
Perhaps related is the era of Menophres [‘era of Menes/Memphis’?] 1605 years “before Diocletian” [but maybe shifted from Amyrtaeus/Ochus/Cambyses/Amasis]?
The only date common to all the above is the late 2000s bc.
Our dates for Menes and Zoser are both similarily about 700/600 years lower than orthodox dates.
Narmer(za)/Merinar (Maneros/Linus?) might connect with Nimrod, or Chedor-laomer?
Menes/Mena/Min/Memian (Chem) might connect with Nimrod (Ninus), or Noah/Madjnun (Manu)?, or Ham/Cham?
*Although Josephus said elsewhere that Menes was along time before Abraham there are possible explanations for this….

1st-3rd dynasty:
From the 1st to 8th dynasty the one major possible overlapping contemporary dynasties period is the 2nd dynasty? (dynasties 1&3-8 Memphite, dynasties 1-2 Thinite.)
215 years from Abraham (end 1st dynasty) to Joseph (3rd/4th dynasty).
King lists apparently have 261/256 years for the 1st/2nd dynasties?
(214/215 yrs 3rd dyn in Manetho?)
The “Terror” of Necherophes (1st king of 3rd dyn, Bey pg 30/Manetho?) may perhaps be the “terror” of Jacob [compare the “horror” of Abraham] (Genesis)?

3rd dynasty:
Orthodox Egyptology has no sothaic/siriadic date for the Old Kingdom.
In the lifetime of Modern orthodox Egyptology the date for Zoser/Sneferu / 3rd/4th dynasty / Old Kingdom has ranged from 4900s/4700s (Petrie) to 3712/3700s (Bey/Rhodius) to 2900s (Breasted/previously) to [27th century]/c2600s/(-2500(s)) bc (current orthodox claim/[20th century]).
The carbon date of Sekhemhet complex is 600 years older than the current orthodox date for Sekhemhet [which also itself i believe is 600 years older than true date].
It is said that “dates of the Old Kingdom may still be upto 3 centuries out”
Some researchers including me believe from evidences that the orthodox date is for 3rd dynasty/Old Kingdom is far too early.
Joseph of bible (c 1800s bc) seems to match the 3rd-4th dynasty. Evidences for this include:
models of granaries in Old Kingdom tombs.
7 year famine/drought of Djoser/Zoser.
famine scenes of Unas (near/beside Zoser’s & Sekhemhet’s complexes). (I don’t see that it is a problem that the scenes are egyptians not foreingers: the biblical story is mainly set in Egypt even though the 70 hebrews later immigrated and though famine was world-wide.) (There may possibly be further confirmation in that Unas was possibly later confonded with a Hyksos king.)
Surid’s flood & fire may possibly match plenty & famine of Joseph & of Zoser. Surid had a dream like pharaoh in Genesis. Surid was 300 yrs before flood like Joseph 400 before exode?
Potiphera may match Rahotep/Hotepra in name & nature (or there are other possible similar names like htp-ren, Djedefre, Ptahhotep, Djedefptah, Pa-rin-bara, etc?)*
There are a few possible candidate name/person matches for Asenath such as Sen-nebti, Djeseret-nebti, Achethotep, Arsinoe, etc.
Name ramses found in 3rd/4th dyn site (refs Hoeh).
The bent pyramid may represent the 7 years plenty & 7 years famine.* The area is associated with St Joseph, and not far from “Joseph’s canal”.
Centenarians then (djedi, pepi, etc).
Zaphenath-Paneah/Psothom-Phanech/Joseph seems to match Sekhemhet/Djoserty-Ankh.
Grain storage bins in Sekhemhet buried pyramid complex and Zoser’s step pyramid complex. (There are also store chambers around other OK/EDP tombs.)
Philitis was at Giza then (may be Hebrews/Joseph/Jacob).
Goshen may be Giza/Gizeh/er-ges-her “beside the high” (Cairo)?
wife of uba-aner ~ potiphar’s wife?
“step pyramid ~ jacob’s ladder”?
Joseph in 3rd-4th dyn fits with Abraham in later half of 1st dyn.
In the 3 Hermes and 3 reincarnations Set/Seth (Shem) seem/s to match Old Kingdom (& Abraham/1st dyn, Joseph/3rd-4th dyn).
A number of sources agree with Old Kingdom placement of Joseph (M…, Wyatt, us, Courville, Hoeh, an amateur).
A source says that Apollonius Rhodius said that Sesonchosis or Sesor-tosis was 2500 years before Nilus who was 436 yrs before 1st Olympiad (776) giving date of 1212 for Nilus and 3712 bc for Sesortosis. Scholars seem to accept that the date of Sesortosis of “3712” bc is not correct. One possible decryption of the Sesor-tosis info is that Zoser was 2500/4 or 625 years before 1212 bc, giving a date of 1837 bc? [Perhaps compare length of dynasty 3 in Manethonian lists is either 55 or 215 (roughly 4 x 55) years?] This date is similar/close to the supposed Sothaic date of 1873 bc for Sesostris/Senusret 3 (12th dyn) which if the king/dynasty not date is wrong may better match 3rd dynasty?
Our dates for Menes and Zoser are both similarily about 700/600 years lower than orthodox dates.
* I am not certain if Potiphera/Rahotep is right or wrong. Orthodox experts assert that Ra-hotep can’t be Hotep-ra or match Potiphera/Petephoros/Petephres because of Modern-alleged ancient Egyptian grammar/langauge rules. I am still not clear on whether the “honorific transposition” is (just for Ra names and/or) just the heiroglyphs being written that way or whether it was that they were read/pronounced/translated that way? However it may still be possible. The 2 elements are sometimes our way around (Hotep-ra/hetepre is found in Budge & Petrie, nebhetepre/[neb-hapet-ra?]/nibhotpuri/Neb-hotep-ra (Mentuhotep 1/2, dyn 11), sehetepre,
ja-hotepra/ha’hotepre/Kha’hotep-re (Sobekhotep 5/6 dyn13), merhotepre/Mer-hetep-re (Ini, dyn 13)?,
djed-hotep-re (dedumose 1), sekhahetep-ra). The Sekhemhet complex inscriptions has a ‘Htp-ren[…]_nebty’ name, and perhaps compare Khafre/Chephren?. There are also some/alot of Egyptian names with ra/re pronounced last (eg throne names all end with -re/-ra, khafre, djedefre, shem-re, chenephres, menophres, se-ra/sa-re, atum-re, amun-re, hor-ur-re, sisera, hr-ra, hotepra/hetepre, khnem-ra, [baufre?], Sahure, /nDm_n_ra/, padipara, s(h)p-ra, hesy-ra/hesire/hezyra, Senakht-en-Re, sehetepibre(12th)?, Se-hotep-ab-Ra (Amenemhat 1, dyn 12)?
Se-hetep-ib-re (Amenemhet 6, dyn 13)?, Hetep-ib-re (dyn 13)?, maat-en-re/Nema(at)re/Labari), [or with horus last (eg menkauhor, shemsu-hor, ny-hor/nu-hor, hedj-hor, iry-hor, pe-hor, hathor, herihor)], &/or with hotep “peace/content/satisfied /rest/ease/appeased/expiated /pleased/joyous/offering” first (htp-ren[…]_nebty, Hotep-sekhem-wy/hetepsekhemui (dyn 2), hetepahaui, Hetephires/Hetep-heres, Hotep-dif, Hetep-S-en-usret (Kahun, dyn 12), hetephernebti/hotephernebty, Hotp-hi-ma’e, hotep-ra, Hetep-ib-re (dyn 13)?, Hetepiho). There are names read either/both ways in hebrew ([jonathan &/or nathanias],
[j(eh)o-hanan &/or hanan-iah], [el-nathan &/or nathana-el],
[el-hanan &/or hananeel/han(n)iel], baal-hanan & hanni-bal) and egyptian (re-djedef &/or djedef-re, heru-tataf &/or djedef-hor,
[raufu &/or “ufura”?],
rakhaf/ra-khu.f//ra-xaw.f/ (written) &/or khaf-re//xaw.f-Ra//chephren (phrase), re-seqenen &/or seqenen-re,
raneb &/or nebra,
re-hesy &/or hesy-ra/hesira,
/ra-sxm-wAH-xaw/ &/or /sxm-ra-wAH-xaw/,
ra-ho’tep/ra-het’ep &/or hotepra/hetepre/hotepre (17th dyn),
ra-amon &/or amun-ra,
amen-tutankh (written) &/or tutankh-amen,
[osar-siph &/or se-osiris?],
usert-sen &/or sen-usret/sesostris,
nar-mer &/or meri-nar, maat-en-re &/or Nema(at)re/Labari, re-aa-hetep/a-ra-hotep/’htp-3-R’/aa-hetep-re/[ra-hetep_a?]?, hotepibre &/or ib-hetep-re (khamudy/hyksos)?), and Classical ([theodora/diodorus &/or dorothea]). Rahotep seems to be written with more than 2 glyphs and it is possible they could be misread? There may possibly be examples that hotep could be reversed (or metathesis/transposition). (Some languages write/read left to right, some write/read right to left. Also the sun did reverse directions….) Another source reckons that there was a pun of hotep and ptah? [Not sure if Ptahhotep (5th dyn) could confirm or contradict this?] I’m not sure if these are spelling mistakes but these spellings of hotep/hetep names in some sources possibly confirms that hotep/hetep (& ra-ho’tep/ra-het’ep/rahotpu) could be read our way:
Imhotep/I-em-hetep/ *Iu-em-hept* /Ii-em-hotep/ *im(o)uthes* /ii-m-htp/*ja-im-hatap/jj_m_htp (3rd dyn);
nebhetepre/ *[neb-hapet-ra?]* /nibhotpuri/Neb-hotep-ra/Nebhepra/Nebhetepre/ *Nebhepetre’* (Mentuhotep 1/2);
neferhotep/ *nofirhoptus* /nfirhotpus/nofirhotpu;
sobekhotep/sebekhetep/ *sovkhoptu* /sovkhotpu (13th dyn);
amunhotep/Phamen-oph/ *amenophis* (18th dyn).
There are puns/transpositions in languages (hetep/ptah, amor/roma, live/evil, erewhon/nowhere, shemsu-hor/horus-(shepherd-)race, edin/nod, “urem/iram ~ meru”). I’m not sure if Pemphos or Pothinus & Imhotep are connected though for a possible example? We are dealing with 2 languages so the Hebrews could have read it different?
I’m not sure if the first (and/or 2nd) p of Potiphera/Potiphar could be the definite article “the” (or “city”/”house”?). Though there are names that do begin with p-/pr- (egs may include potiphera/potiphar, phra, palmanothes, [phamenoph], pharaoh, phra, phruron, busiris, buto, pithom, paneah/ankh, pa-ra-hotep, pyramid, pothinus?, ptolemy, paneb, pemphos?, pa-ra-messu, pa-di-imen, pa-di-pa-ra, pa-rin-bara?).
Ra/Re is also sometimes Phra.
Ra-hotep “priest of Heliopolis” & “leader of the warriors of the monarch” is similar to either/both of Potiphera priest of On &/or Potiphar captain of the royal guard
Another uncertainty re Potiphera/Rahotep is that i am not sure if Rahotep had a daughter named Asenath, though he had a son with a similar-in-English name (Achethotep).
* Orthodox scholars still assert that the bent pyramid was due to accident (disaster/rain/quake) or accretion or other similar things. However Alford and others give indisputible evidences that the pyramid was intentionally designed. The evidences for it being designed are also possibly evidences for the bent pyramid symbolising the 7 years plenty and 7 years famine: lower half steeper/wider & upper half narrower/shallower, bottom rocks big & top stones small, pi 3 & pi 4 (or pi 3.5 half of 7), etc. It could explain why explaining why Sneferu supposedly had 2 or 3 pyramids (red, …, bent, …?)

4th dynasty:
“The boat of Khufu dates 200 years before egyptolog date of pyramids built.”
“Kate Spence’s astronomical work says Khufu’s pyramid should be dated 50 years the other way from the historical date … in other words 250 years lower than the radiocarbon date.”
According to orthodox the reign of Menkaure is thought to have been about 28 years, while Manetho has 63 years for Menkaure; Herodotus has between 6(&7th)/12-44 years for Menkaure. This might possibly mean Menkaure reigned 63/10 or 6(.3) years? I could be wrong though as he says 6 “more/remaining years” and doesn’t say how many implied prior years he reigned, only that he didn’t reign the full originally prophesied 44 yrs total.
The prophesied 150 yrs duration of the 4th dynasty might possibly be half of Surid’s 300 years like 215 half of 430 years in biblical?

FIP/1IP, or 3rd to 12th dynasties:
The FIP/1IP is a lacuna/[samarst/samarse]/gap and orthodox admit that they have no way to prove its true length.
There is a possible partial contemporary overlapping of dynasties of 1st Intermediate Period (1&3-8 Memphite, 9-10 Heracleopolitan, 11-13 Theban). Though Osiris &/or Amun (12th dynasty) weren’t before 5th dynasty.
Surid was 300 years before flood like there were 400 yrs from Joseph to Moses/exodus. (This latter “Flood” of Surid may be either the sothaic of senusret 3, or 12yrs flood of Amenemhet, or blood/exodus/Red sea crossing, or Atlantis sinking (all 12th dynasty).)
(Doubtfully, the 150 yrs duration of 4th dynasty prophecy could possibly be half of 300 yrs like 215 is half of 430?)
The events in the legend of “Horus (Behdeti/of Edfu) versus the adversaries of Re(-Harakhty)” (which are similar to Exodus) are said to have taken place in the year 363/364 in the reign of Re-Harakhty [the reign of Ra/Re began in the 3rd/4th/5th dynasty].
King-lists apparently have 448/409 years for 4th/9th dynasties.
[There are 320-348 years between sothaic dates of Sesostris 3 and Amenhotep 1, which two if the names not the dates are wrong might better possibly 3rd & 12th dynasty?]
In ancient king lists there are “700/949/955 years” from 1st dynasty to [5th? or] 8th (Memphite) [or 13th]. 700 year itch? Ptah reigned 900 years (Ptah/Memphis/dyking/1stgodking ~ Merneptah/1stkingaftergods ~ Menes/Memphis/dyking/1stking). (Atlantis 900 years could also/alternatively be Atlantis 900 years from/after previous point instead of or as well as Atlantis 900 years before Amasis 2?)
Sources like Clayton’s ‘Chronicle’ mention evidence of a discernable/detectable presence of “Asiatics” [Hebrews?] during the 1st intermediate period.
* The sojourn/bondage of Hebrews in Egypt is disputed whether it was 430 years in Egypt from Joseph to Moses of Masoretic/OT, or whether it was 430 years in Canaan and Egypt from Abe to Moses (ie 215 years in Canaan Abe to Jose and only 215 years in Egypt Jose to Moses) of Septuagint & NT.
The bible doesn’t mention any 215 years only 400/430.
Evidence is Joseph was about 3rd/4th dynasty, and Moses about 12th dynasty. 215 would be too short for this period.
In the book of Exodus genealogy of Levi to Moses, the Hebrew particle that indicates direct son of is lacking (except for with Amram – Moses), unlike the Genesis genealogies which are direct son of one(s), which implies that there are possible gaps (ie more than 2-4 generations).
In genealogies of other tribes like Joshua’s there are more generations than Levite one of Moses.
Jewish tradition says exodus was in 2666 anno mundi (and Flood was 1656 am) which makes a 1000 years [c 350 + 215 + 430].
The “8 demigods / 217 years before 15 generations / 443 years” of [Syncellus?] is possibly similar to bibical 215 yrs Abe – Jose and 430 yrs (# generations) Jose to Moses?
“500 years to Moses/Azrail”?

12th dynasty:
The only main original basis for the still current dating of the 18th dynasty is the Sothaic/Siriadic dating (of “1873” bc for Senusert 3). However our &/or others evidences show that this date is too early and must be wrong. One source says that if it weren’t for the sothaic the dynasty wouldn’t be dated so early.
There are not any much matches for Joseph (c 1800s) in 12th dynasty as Rohl and others make out.
Herodotus said that Moeris (12th dyn) was only 900 years before [26th dyn] (which would be c 1400s bc). This is also possibly confirmed by Sais 800 years before 26th dyn in Atlantis account, which may be Saites (15th/16th dyn).
Sesonchosis/Sesortosis was 2500 years before Nilus/1212 bc, which may possibly be decoded as Sesostris was 250 years or ca 1462 bc?
Moses of the bible (c 1400s) best seems to match the 12th dynasty. Evidences for this include:
Moses (ca 1400s bc) 480+[490]yrs before Nebuchadnezzar ~ Moeris [ca 1400s bc] 900 before [Amasis 2]?
Herodotus says chariots lost in sesostris reign!
alot of brick buildings/pyramids then;
was a new king/dynasty/capital;
the pectoral of queen Mereret possibly shows Hebrew slaves;
(I had also wondered if the blue kneeling figure on the other pectoral of princess Sit-hathor-yunet might possibly even be Moses, though someone from Sussex Egyptological Society told me that it is supposed to be Heh with tadpole symbol for tens of thousands of years?)
babies coffins under houses at [lahun or kahun]?
Senusret capturing nubian women in the mentioned campaign might connect with moses ethiopian wife?
the rebel Mesh of ‘amelut sagaz Mesh’ (Habiru) of Amarna letters may possibly be Moses, which if so means Moses can’t be later than 18th dynasty though may/not be earlier?
The 3 Hermes/3 reincarnations seem to match 3 kingdoms and confirm that Shu/Moses was in middle kingdom?
12 springs of Elim mentioned in the 11th dyn travel manuscript of henenu.
Jannes & Jambres might possibly match the 2 statues of . (Another suggestion is that Jannes & Jambres may match Iannas & … of Hyksos just after 12th dynasty?)
Pithom &/or Ramses could be either of: … Itjtawy? Illahun/Lahun? Kahun? Menouthis? Herakleion?
Palmanothes the pharaoh of exodus in Artapanus might be Amenemhet/Amuntimaeus, compare Phamenoph = Amenhotep (Bey/Pausanias)?
12th dyn Sinuhe story is similar to Moses story, and/or name like mt Sinai?
“the haq of the land of Abesha/Abishai/Abushar” (Aamu/Hemu, of Shu(t)) of the well-known Khnumhotep pictures could possibly be related to Og of Bashan (Amorite) [or Jebus]?
400 years Hyksos to 19th dyn (San tablet) is analogous to 430 years Moses to Solomon.
Qemant say that their religion founder Anayer came from land of 7yrs famine &/or Canaan, and met the founder of the Falasha religion [Moses]. This may match Moses and Israelites leaving Egypt, and the Amalekites and/or Hyksos (whose first king in Egypt was Anat-her) invading Egypt at end of 12th dynasty?
Atlantis 900(0) years before Amasis 2 matches Herodotus’ Moeris 900 years before [26th dyn].
From our table of our synthesis of sources we see that there seems to be evidence that Atlantis was about time of exodus and 12th dynasty.
Atlantis war &/or sinking date in Classical/etc sources is between [1574]/1556/1506 & 1397/1347/[1320].
Shu (9 days tempest) ~ Deu-calion (9 days deluge) ~ Atlantis?
atlas = shu = air = amun (12th dyn) = zeus/jupiter.
Some scholars have suggested a connection between Atlantis [1400s] and Exodus (1400s) (though they associate them with Thera/Minoan). Bible says Philistines came from Caphtor at same time Hebrews from Egypt. atlas = shu = arish = exodus.
The shoal of Sesostris in Herodotus may possibly be connected with the mud of Atlantis account?
Surid (3rd/4th dyn) was 300 years before Flood which latter may match Atlantis sinking/flood &/or exodus?
Herodotus’ Hercules 17000 years before Amasis 2 seems to be divided by 18 and match his Greek Hercules 900 years? Hercules does seem to be about time of Middle Kingdom/12th dynasty: 12 gods ~ 12th dynasty? 2nd of 3 groups/gods match 2nd of 3 Hermes/3 reincarnations/3 Kingdoms? Hercules may match Sesostris (who was 6 ft tall)? Hercules is (lunar) Chunsu (son of Amun at Thebes); …. (Though) Hercules could connect with Heracleopolitan dynasties 9 & 10 (which were in conflict with … dyn)?
In our sythesis table of various sources Antaeus/[Hercules] of Spanish and Atlantis of Plato seem to match? Compare: hercules versus antaeus? ….
Moeris 900, Atlantis 900, and Hercules 900 all match.
The 900 years of Atlantis may not just be from Atlantis to Amasis 2 but may also/alternatively be 900 years before Atlantis (matching Ptah 9000, and 900/700 years # – 8th dyn of Kinglist) which also may confirm 12th dynasty (sort-of mid way fitting either/both 900 before &/or after)?
The sothaic date of “1524” bc for 18th dynasty (Amenhotep 1 &/or Tuthmosis 3?) might possibly better match 12th dynasty?

Hyksos / SIP / Dynasties 12/13/15-16/17/18/[19/21] / MK to NK :
The Second Intermediate Period (&/or Hyksos) is admited to be a lacuna/samarse (though the orthodox may have arrived at the right length if not the right dates).
The SIP is the one major period of possible contemporary overlaping dynasties from the 11th to 23rd dynasty. (11-13th & 17-21st Theban, 14th Xoite, 14/15-16th Hyksos, 21-23rd Tanite.)
The start and end dates for the SIP are still practically/mainly based on the dubious Sothaic dates for the 12th and 15th dynasty.
There aren’t any matches for Joseph (“c 1700s”) in Hyksos. (Hebrews were captive shepherds/Philitis not king shepherds/Hyksos.)
Sais 800 years before 26th dynasty in Atlantis account may match Saites/Salitis? and may fit with Moeris 900 years?
Anysis 700 years before [26th dyn] may possibly match either Ainosis or Nehesy (14th) or Iannas (15/16th) or Anather/Anayer (16th) or Amusis or Amasis 1 (18th) or Akhenaton?
[Sabacos (800) may match Sobekhotep (13th dyn) or Sobk or Sobekemsaf (17th dyn)? of Hatshepsut?]
Dionysos 15000 before Amasis 2 seems to be divided by 18 and match Greek Pan 800. Dionysos may match [User of 13th] or … 17th dyn, or … 18th dyn, [or … 19th dyn?]
In Herdotus, Egyptian Dionysos’ 15000 years before [Amasis 2] seems to be divided by 18 and match Greek Pan 800 yrs. Dionysos/Osiris may match User of 13th dyn, or 17th dyn? Osiris/Dionysos versus Set may match time of Hyksos/TIP?
One source has “835 years” for dyns 16-19, which we haven’t decoded yet.
A source has between “1881” – “19xx” – “2243 years” for 12th-19th dynasties, which we haven’t deciphered yet.
The San tablet’s 400/[440] years from Hyksos king to 19th dynasty king seems (with our other evidences) analogous to the 480 years from Moses [12th dyn] to Solomon (close to Shishak [19th dyn]).*
Kinglists apparently have 453 &/or 484 years for dynasties 13 &/or 14.
450 years Osiris?
The legend of Se-Osiris versus an/the Ethiopian, places the war of enchantments between Horus son of Tnahsit versus the chief magician of the Pharaoh (which is similar to Exodus events [12th dynasty]), 500 years prior to the [19th or 21st] dynasty.
Josephus had 511 or […] years total for whole Hyksos period [seemingly from 12th/15th/16th to 19th/20th dynasty?].
“Osiris came from Nubia in the 365th year of his reign accompanied by Horus, to chase Set [Hyksos] out of Egypt”?
Jos[ephus]/Manetho 393 years Hyksos driven out before Danaus?
(300 years Moses to Jephthah in ‘Judges’?)
350 years Set(h)? [350 years chaos Manetho?]
There are 320-348 years between sothaic dates of Sesostris 3 and Amenhotep 1?
Orthodox Egyptology has 200 years for Hyksos/SIP which seems to maybe be about the right arrived at length (though the start & end dates are not right).
The king lists apparently give (1 or 2 period/s of) 215/221/251 &/or 259/260/261 yrs for the Hyksos (15th &/or 16th) dynasties.
Sesonchosis/Sesortosis maybe was 250 years before Nilus/1212 bc?
200 years between Moeris (900 years) and Anysis (700 yrs)?
[Eusebius?]/Turin Papyrus gives [100]/103/108 years for Hyksos dynasty [until Danaus].
100 years between Moeris/Atlantis/Hercules (900) & Sais/[Dionysos] (800), &/or, 100 years between Sais/[Dionysos] (800) & Anysis (700)?
80 years Horus versus Set?
Various sources/evidences suggest the Hyksos may partly correspond to Joshua/Judges of Bible.
In our table of our synthesis of a number of sources Apher of Spanish may correspond with Avaris & Hyksos? (This may also give a clue to who the Hyksos were?) (Africa may possibly be named from Avaris, though there are other possibilities like Berber Afrika?).
Josephus says the Hyksos were afraid of the Assyrians [~ Old Assyrian period?]
Rohl thinks Inachus may be hr_inq_idb.w?
The calendar reform of Hyksos king [Aseth?] might connected with Joshua halt sun, or stars fought in their courses of Barak in Judges?

18th dynasty:
The only main original basis for the still current dating of the 18th dynasty is the Sothaic dating (of 1524 bc for king …). However, our & others evidence is that this is too early. (If the date is not wrong then king/dynasty association would be wrong and might perhaps better match 12th dynasty?)
There are no matches for Moses in 18th dynasty.
It is accepted that Amarna does not match Joshua.
The 3 years famine/drought/plague of David (bible) and the 3 years famine/drought/plgue of Amarna (Amarna letters, Velikovsky, BBC, Lehman) seem to be same.
There are a number of similarities between time of David/Solomon (1000s bc) and the 18th/19th dynasty including:
King Tut’s chest & ark of covenant; Aten hymn & psalm; aton & adonai; deir el bahri & temple; punt & ophir/parvaim/tarshish/sheba; “thoth/tut & david”? [amenmope & proverbs?] “thebes/hatshepsut/nefertiti & sheba/bathsheba”? “monotheism”?
There are a number of names in Amarna letters that are similar to time of (Moses/Joshua to) David/Solomon, eg:
rebel Mesh ~ Moses?
“dog” ~ caleb (“dog”)?
Labayu ~ Jabin? lion (Saul, Rohl)? Libnah? Othniel (“lion + el/god”)? lion of Judah? Caleb? Lemuel?
Abimilki ~ Abibalus, Abimelech;
Sehlal ~ Shiloh, Saul;
[hannathon ~ jonathan? nathan?]
Aiab ~ Joab;
(nap)Huriya ~ Uriah?
Vidia ~ David, Uriah;
(abdi-)Hiba/(Tadu-)hepa/Heba(t) ~ (Bath-)sheba/(Queen of) Sheba.
Shalmaiati ~ Shulamite? Solomon?
Shunama ~ Shunem/Shulamite;
Habiru ~ Cabiri (Phoenicians)? Hebron? Hebrews/Heber?
supi-lili ~ solomon??
The 3 Hermes / 3 reincarnations seem to match 3 kingdoms and confirm that Samuel/David was around about 18th dynasty.
tahtimhodshi of 2 Samuel possibly could be tuthmosis?
Uncertain-location Sharuhen/Sherohan/”jersualem” (besieged for 3 or 6 yrs by Ahmose 1 after Avaris, & later by Thutmose 3, & Sheshonk, settled-in/built by Osarsiph/Arsu) may be either : tel Heror, tell Fara (“small mound”, thick wall), tell Ajjul, uncertain-location Arad of beth-Yeroham, Sharuhen (Simeon, Joshua 19), city of Amalek (taken by Saul, Samuel 15, sometime before Akhenaton/David and after Avaris), el-Arish (“palm huts”), Petra/Seir, Jericho/city of palms (Eglon, Judges #, after Joshua, before Kings/Chronicles, latest scarab of 18th dyn king Amenhotep 3).

19th dynasty:
It seems that one old thing the orthodox used to confirm their date for 19th dynasty was identifying Menophres (“1322 bc or 1485 bc”) with Ramses 1. However our evidences are that their date for 19th dyn is wrong, and also that Menophres is not Ramses 1 but something else.
Moses (1400s) does not fit or match with the 19th dynasty (“1200s”) as orthodox still would have it.
Shishak of the bible (c 1000s/900s) seems to match Ramses 2. Evidences for this include:
Josephus said Menes was 1300 years before Solomon (close to Shishak); Herodotus said Menes was (1)1340 years before Seti (close to Ramses 2).
Josephus has Pharaohs until Solomon; Newton has Gods until Merneptah (close to Ramses 2).
Ramses 2 was called Sesostris/sesy/… (refs Bey, Newton, Rohl, [Massey?]). (I had thought that Shishak might be nick-name from the second half of ram-ses, but apparently it can’t be that as his name is …, unless it is the sw-heka part?)
Rameses 2 listed city (jeru)Salem/Shalama in a campaign inscription; (&/or possibly compare Kadesh/Jerusalem?)
he was contemporary of Ahiram;
his daughter Bint-Anat may possibly be Ano of Jewish?
The 400 years from Hyksos king to 19th dynasty king (San tablet) may be analogous to 430 years Moses (1400s) [12th dyn] to Solomon (1000s/900s, near Shishak [19th dyn]).
The 500 years from … to … in legend of Se-Osiris versus an/the Ethiopian which is similar to exodus (1400s) may also confirm.
The 3 Hermes/3 reincarnations seem to match 3 kingdoms and confirm that Samuel/David (close to Solomon/Shishak) was around about 18th dynasty (close to 19th dyn).
Israel mentioned in Merneptah stele (and possibly horses/chariots which indicate Solomon time?)
The Sinai was under “Edom” around about the 19th dynasty time which may fit with Solomon’s mines and the pillar/s at Nuweiba?
Lubim ~ Libyans, Libya 1st menitoned in Merneptah’s time?
Zerah/Terah (vs Asa) of Bible (& of Ethiopian, & Ugarit texts) seemingly may match Merneptah (merynetjeru / hetephermaat, of ‘Israel stele’, & Ugarit fire)*, &/or the “Amenophis” (of Ethiopia) of Osarsiph story. [Or else Zerah otherwise could match Setnakht (user-khau-ra-meri-amen), or Rameses 4 (user-ra-sotep-en_amen)?] Menelik son of Solomon & Sheba in Ethiopian could possibly connect with Merneptah?
In our table of our synthesis of a number of sources, (the return of the Heraclids/Dorians in Greek,) the sea peoples of 19th/20th dynasty, and the “Pelasgians” of Sea Powers/Thalassocracies just after the Trojan war (1183 bc) in the Spanish source seemingly may match, which may confirm Rohl’s theory that sea peoples from/after Trojan war?
There is a faint/unlikely possibility that Sesonchosis/Sesortosis 2500 years before 1212 bc could be decoded as Shishak/Sesostris (Ramses 2) was 250 years below 1212 bc, giving date of 962 bc?
* Zerah/Terah & Merneptah/Amenophis are also both connected with [Gerar &/or Gezer or Gerrhon].
* Previously I had thought that Zerah’s defeat by Asa could explain why “Merneptah’s mummy not found anywhere” but I have since seen other sources that says he “has since been found stashed in someone else’s tomb”….)

TIP/3IP, or dynaties19/20-26:
The 3rd Intermediate Period is the only/one main section of our Egyptian chronology in which there are still unresolved uncertainties as to the exact correct synchronisms picture.
One of the early bases for date of 20th dynasty was astronomical/stars info/calculations. However astronomical is not necessarily reliable (see later section on astronomical and the Amos 5 note).
Shishak of bible can’t be Sheshonk because: the campaigns don’t match (while Sheshonk’s possibly could match So’s?); is too late in overall Egyptian history; Egyptian chronology is out by at least one or a couple hundred years (ie the orthodox date for Sheshonk is too early).
Gap in (ser)apis bulls sequence between Ramses 9/11 and osorkhon 2.
Peter James thought that the 21st & 22nd dyns were contemporary?
Numerous kings in Piankhi stele?
Princes of zoan/tanis & noph [memphis or thebes or napata/nubians?] in bible?
“Using Manetho & the Piankhi stela we must note that Pimay surrenders in 715 BC, & his reign includes the 122nd year of the power period of XXII. Thus we have a fold that gets rid of over 100 years & destroys the Shishak = Shoshenq canard.”
King So (of Kings/Chronicles in Bible) could be either Shabaka/Sevechus/”Sethos” (25th) or Sheshonk or Osorkon/[Asychis] (22nd/23rd)?
Not sure if the Did of Merneptah’s time might connect with Dido/Elisa or David?
Herodotus account of “Sethos” [Sevechus in Newton] and Sennacherib is related to the 2nd Kings 19 account of Hezekiah and Sennacherib.
Prince Zekarbaal of Byblos (of Wenamun account, 20th/21st dynasty) may possibly be Yeharbaal of Byblos &/or Zakir of Hamath?
Sources like Moscati & Rohl point out that the 22nd dynasty was contemporary with Phoenician kings.
Some sources reckon that 22nd dynasty had Assyrian related names (Sargon/Osorkhon, takeloth/tiglath, nimlot/nimrod, etc)?
1st Olympiad was during reign of Petubastes (23rd dynasty) according to [Eratosthenes/Book of Sothis?]
Josephus says 7th Olympiad was time of Bocchoris?
One source has 868 years (or 1046 yrs) for dyns 20- 30 which we haven’t decoded yet.
Manetho/Africanus/Eusebius has between “802 (“575” 20th to 26th, +, between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31) to “1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties, which we haven’t decoded yet.


Egyptian (&/or Biblical) (&/or Mesopotamian) Chronology:
The old orthodox chronology has no Hebrew before c 12th dynasty, and the matches are all only in lower half, so their biblical is too late in Egyptian, and Egyptian is too early. They admit that biblical doesn’t match with “contemporary dates” in their orthodox Egyptian history, but instead of seeing that it means that the theoretical ascribed dating is wrong they instead say the biblical is wrong. Everytime it is said to us that such ans such can’t match because the Egyptian one is “too early” we have to point out that it is only “too early” if the alleged dates are right, but evidence is that the dates may not be right (and that it is rather/only the ascribed dates that are too early).
In our own new scenario the 2 timelines are well spread with matches from start to end. (Our scenario fits with the established sequence without any of the sort of overlaps that Velikovsky/Courville/Hoeh/etc had.)
The only maining remaining difficult period to clear-up in mine is the TIP/3IP, like Rohl.
The orthodox scheme was/is based mainly on only the old sothaic dates for the 12th & 18th dynasties, there are not really any (other) solid dates, all their other clever symbiotic-like supporting things have difficulties and are not certain.
We have lots of seemingly confirming-each-other date evidences from ancient sources for our chronology. Though ours could perhaps be seen as similar … I think that ours is/are alot more/better than the orthodox.
* the orthodox “received canon” has “combination/intersection/backup of independent methods” modern “scientific” things of:
{thermoluminessence/pottery, greek/jewish pottery sherds, carbon dating/irish bog oak remains series, tree rings/dendrochronology, sothaic/siriadic/astronomical, hebrew dates invasion/hittite attacks/babylonian k lists/syncs, lunar eclipses/cycles/astronomical, generation/s count,, reign years/k-lists/manetho? etc.}
Mine has a combination of independent ancients-own sources/witnesses of:
{Herodotus (3 groups/gods), herodotus (1340 yrs), Herodotus (moeris & anysis), herodotus (phoenician/colchis/troy sequence), josephus, bible synchronisms/etc, famines/droughts matches, classical sources, apollonius rhodius, atlantis account, 3 hermes, 10/7 god-kings &/or 3 divine dynasties, a certain amount of received canon things, king-lists, eclipses, generations, gartsangs jericho, menophres, 364 year war, jerome, mesopotamian synchronisms, etc.}
* sometimes dates (“scientific” ones not/just traditional ones) can coincide but that doesn’t mean they are right for example the end of the ice age and the Schoch sphinx date and the Atlantis literal date and the Mayan literal date and Otto Muck’s dates roughly coincide at 11000/10000/9000/8000 years bc/bp but aren’t right; the Cro-Magnon date and Egyptian 36525 dates coincide but aren’t right; the Naramsin or Nippur & Sesortosis & Jewish creation coincide; the Mayan & Menes date coincide.

Sothaic/Siriadic dating:
The main original basis for the orthodox dating of Egyptian history is the sothaic dates of 1873bc for Senusert 3 (12th dyn) and 1551-1524 bc for Amenhotep 1 &/or Tuthmosis 3 (18th dyn). However some researchers/scholars including myself show that the dates are too early. One source says that if it weren’t for the sothaic dating evidence is that the 12th dynasty wouldn’t be dated so early. A number of orthodox sources now say that “Sothaic reckoning has always been problematic”, and “More recent research has eroded this confidence, questioning many of the assumptions used with the Sothic Cycle, and as a result experts have moved away from relying on this Cycle.” Though they still pretty much retain the dates. Sothaic dates for the 12th & 18th dynasties are certainly incorrect. The sothaic dating does have value and will one day confirm what the true dating is, but it must be decrypted/deciphered. Either the dates are “wrong” or else the associated names/dynasties are wrong. If the names/dynasties are wrong it is possible that the 12th dynasty date is really 3rd dynasty, and the 18th dynasty one really 12th dynasty? If dates are wrong they seem about 400 years (or 300-500 years) out.
There is a Sirius 1797-1779 in Eratosthenes.
Its perhaps possible that 1212 bc of Nilus matches 1317 bc?
The phoenix may connect with sothaic: phoenix 1460yrs Tacitus/Poole?
* Not sure if it is worth noting but the orthodox assumes there were coincidences in 1317 bc and 2773 bc, and assumes the 2 mentioned/known dates must be between these 2 coincidences.

other Astronomical dating/alignments:
Astronomical dating can be unreliable because there have been a number of cosmic-like catastrophes through out anceint world history which could have altered alignments/dating, eg: sun standing still (Joshua in Bible but also confirmed in many other nations including Egypt*), sun going 10 steps back (Hezekiah in bible but confirmed by other nations eg Numa, Nabonasar etc), Egyptian painting with Orion traveling in opposite direction*, sun rose/set in different/opposite quarters/directions 2×2 times (Herodotus/etc), Papyrus Harris &/or Hermitage also says summer&winter/north&south were changed*, the change of calendar by Hyksos king, “hermes/thoth added 5 days to year”, etc. Some monuments such as Stonehenge possibly evidence changes at times during their history (3 Stonehenges?)
The different pyramid slopes of [52 & 42] might relate? The karnak list has four groups going 5&3, 4&3, 5&3, 4&3.
The difference in Egypt pyramids [sides face comp pts except one pyr] & Iraq ziggurats [corners face comp pts except on zig] could indicate a change possibly?
Perhaps different cultures writing left to right or right to left relates?
King list has kings of 11-12th dynasties in reverse order. King list has kings in 2 columns facing opposite directions.
A number of monuments with astronomical alignments are disputed (Great Pyramid, Sphinx, Stonehenge).
“Kate Spence’s astronomical work says Khufu’s pyramid should be dated 50 years the other way from the historical date … in other words 250 years lower than the radiocarbon date.”
“during the Golden Age time and the universe ran in the opposite direction to the way they do now. People sprang from the Earth fully grown and ended their life as infants.
In the next age (when Atlantis flourished) time ran as it does now. Since then he claimed there have been 2 more complete reversals of time and the universe. The present order came about in the reign of Atreus ( 2 generations before the Trojan War ), when Greek tradition claimed that the Sun and Stars reversed their direction. Periods of ‘normal’ (our ) time are indicatd by a + sign, reversed (Golden Age) time by a – sign.”
The venus tablets don’t really confirm anything because their own dating is uncertain/disputed too.
* “Herodotus recounts that the priests of Egypt showed him their temple records, and that there he read a strange account of a day that was twice the natural length.” When horus killed by set isis cries and sun halts [ref mercatante/stringer?] “Isis cried to heaven…to celestial boat…. and the celestial disk stood still and moved not….” [ref stringer?]
* Possibly compare: Amos 5 mentions Orion and “turns the shadow of death into morning and makes the day dark with night”.
* Perhaps also related is the inscription of Harurre …?
Refs: Velikovsky, Bey, Bible, Harris/Hermitage pap.

Carbon dating (& tree rings):
One of the objections we revisionists always have brought up is that carbon dating is reliable and supports the orthodox chronology. In answer we suggest that carbon/radiometric dating is not reliable and has pitfalls. There are also cases of known modern items yielding ancient dates. “Differences in ratio of c14 and c12 would effect dating.” The dating method depends of the rates having always been the same uniformitarian rate throughout world/history as they are now. Things like radiation, ash, etc may have effected carbon dates/rates in ancient times. For examples: Sekhemhet’s complex carbon date is 600 years older than the orthodox Egyptology date for Sekhemhet (which itself we believe is also 600 years older than the true date). If they say carbon dating is right and that it means we can’t be right that dates are really later than asserted then whay don’t they move their date 600 years back? “Kate Spence’s astronomical work says Khufu’s pyramid should be dated 50 years the other way from the historical date … in other words 250 years lower than the radiocarbon date.” Carbon dating is “true with a variance of plus-minus 200 years”!
There are also other similar disagreements between archaeologists (carbon dating) and Egyptologists. “Carbon dates are 1-2 centuries earlier than archaeological dates” . Thera’s “carbon date 1610 vs archaelogy date1470”.
“[some of the results don’t suport the conclusions reached by conventiional dating methods]”, “the results … suggested a different chronology for the New Kingdom. … the new carbon dating results indicate the kingdom came into existence a decade before the convetional date of 1550 bce”. “Zawi Hawass … strongly disagrees with the use of carbon dating in archaeology”, “Carbon-14 dating has a margin of error of 100 years”, “This technique shouldn’t be used at all in making changes to the chronology of the ancient Egypt, not even as a helpful addition”, “Of course, ten years from now, there might be an improvement in carbon-14 dating, and the current crop of dates will have to be revised. Hard science is helpful, but should always be contextualized and tested against other data”. “Hawass remains categorical in his rejection of the technique: “Not even in five thousand years could carbon dating help archeology. We can use other kinds of methods like geoarcheology, which is very important, or DNA, or laser scanning, but carbon dating is useless. This science will never develop. In archeology, we consider carbon dating results imaginary””.
As for tree rings dating/calibration I do not know enough about it and i may be wrong but I think that there are possible pitfalls with this too. Perhaps trees could grow two rings a year under certain circumstances? It is said that tree rings confirm young earth because only go back something like 4000 years bc. I may be wrong/ignorant but also perhaps the consecutive overlaping/matching of many generations tree rings over hundreds/thousands of years could also be wrong.
(Refs: Hawass, Velikovsky, JT Chick.)

It is pointed out by sceptics that there were many famines/droughts in ancient near/middle eastern history, so how can we be sure it was our particular one and not other?
Abraham’s famine is similar to the one in the 1st dynasty.
Joseph’s famine/drought is certainly the 3rd dynasty one because it well matches that but doesn’t well match others. Djoser’s famine was also same 7 years length.
Joseph’s famine also appears in Epic of Gilgamesh which confirms it was early.
The Peru drought of “2200+/-200” may also be Joseph’s and confirm early?
Egyptian wheat was found in (neolithic?) Swiss Lake dwellings (built on dried-up Lake shores) which might match Joseph’s famine? [Not sure if the Danubian 7 years patches lying unused might possibly connected?]
The 2 droughts between “Ice Age” and 1st dynasty maybe famines of Abraham &/or Isaac &/or Joseph?
The famine of David and Amarna also seems pretty likely correct that they may be the same, since they are same length of 3 yrs and also other correspondences between time of David and 18th dynasty time.
Egyptian famines/droughts:
[egyptian wheat in lake dwellings;]
2 droughts between iceage and 1st dynasty;
Uenephes/Ata/Semti, 1st dynasty;
zoser (7yrs);
ipuwer papyrus famine “FIP or SIP”?
“7 empty years” between end 11-beg 12th dyn [Mentuhotep?];
“years of famine” Ameny (Senusret1) 12th dyn;
“12 yrs flood/famine Amenemhet 3, 12th dyn”?;
ipuwer papyrus famine “FIP or SIP”?
7 yrs famine (before) Anayer [Anat-her];
Busiris (9 yrs);
“many years” famine, Beba (Seqenenre), 17th dyn?;
stick figures/famine Tm 3/18th dyn;
[“7 year famine amenhotep 1”?]
famine/[drought/plague] amarna (3yrs);
[libya burnt up in atlantis account (not before libya first mentioned in 19th dyn?)]
a note under merneptah that egyptian grain sent to hittites due to famine
/ complaints of hittite famine & succoring of them by Merenptah;
“upset weather conditions, Canopus inscript 240s”?
Biblical famines/droughts:
[shortage of food after the Flood?]
1st, abraham (5y?)
2nd, isaac/[“shem”]
3rd, joseph/jacob (7y)
4th, ruth/[“Midian/Gideon”] (10 yrs)
5th, david (3y)
elijah (3.5yrs) 1 Ki 18;
dearth Elisha 2 Ki 4;
great famine Elisha 2 Ki 6;
7 yrs famine Elisha 2 Ki 8.
drought Haggai 1:11;
black horseman of apocalypse
Mesopotamian famines:
epic of gilgamesh (7 yrs).
guti/lagash2 (12y?)
[drought/famine about time of ur3?]

Joseph’s placement in Egypt dynasties history has a long range: 3rd (Wyatt), 4th (Hoeh), 5th (Courville/Rohl), 11th (secondary Rohl), 12th (primary Rohl, Alford, Courville), 15/16th (Bey, orthodox), Osarsiph (Sayce), fiction/never/myth. We see that there are 4 main placement times 3/4/5th, 11/12th, 15/16th, osarsiph.
The orthodox is 15th/16th/Hyksos time so later is ruled out. The orthodox Hyksos placement is ruled out because: not any much evidence/match for Joseph then (incl no potiphera match, not global), new evidence puts Moses in 12th/13th dynasty, etc. The new 11th/12th dynasty is not right: still too late in overall Egypt history, the orthodox date of 12th dynasty is too early, the 12 yrs flood doesn’t match 7 years famine/plenty, too close to 12th/13th dyn placement of Moses, Shechem (founded in time of Jacob) mentioned in 12th dyn texts so Jacob can’t be later than 12th dyn (while can be earlier), Joseph better matches Old Kingdom. As we have already mentioned there are a lot of evidences that Joseph fits the 3rd-4th dynasty. A few different sources agree in placing Joseph in the Old Kingdom (us, Wyatt, M…, Courville, amateur in hancock forum).
Orthodox claimed that Joseph was not before Hyksos because chariots/horses not before then.

There are many opinions as to when Moses was in Egypt history (both/either dynasty-wise &/or date-wise). Orthodox still hold that Moses was (either 18th dyn c 1400s or) 19th dynasty c1200s.
Between different sources Moses date ranges from 1690/1662/1652 – 1580/1572 – 1491/1440 – 1335/1314/1300 – 1276/1215 bc!
The bible places Moses (c 1400s bc) 480 years before Solomon (c 1000s/900s bc).
In early traditional sources the name of the pharaoh of exodus is variously given as either: Chenephres, Concharis, Ramses (bible), Thom (bible), Pharaoh (bible), an Assyrian (bible), [Melol/Adikam (Jashar)?], Palmanothes (Artapanus).
Moses’ dynasty placement range is: 4th (amateur based on Koran), 5th (Hoeh), 6th (Courville), 12th (us, Down, secondary Rohl), 13th (Hoeh, primary Rohl, Velikovsky), 18th (secondary orthodox, freud), 19th (primary orthodox), Osarsiph (Sayce), never/fiction/myth. Note there are 3 main placement times 4/5/6th, 12/13th, 18/19/20th.
The orthodox is 18th/19th dynasty, so later ones are ruled out. Latest new evidences of various researchers is that the orthodox is too late and that Moses seems to fit/fall in 12th/13th dynasty. 19th dynasty is too late (1200s is 200 years later than bible date) and too close to Israel stele. A number of sources agree with the 12th/13th dynasty placement. The 4th/5th/6th dynasty is ruled out as too early, too close to Joseph, and not any much evidence for Moses/exode then.
Jewish 3 reincarnations Seth [Shem], Moses, Samuel/David matches Egyptian 3 Hermes Set Shu/Num Thoth which seem to roughly match Egyptology 3 Kingdoms Old, Middle, New?
The orthodox claimed that Moses can’t be earlier than 19th dynasty because: chariots/horses not before Hyksos, Ramses is 19th dyn, Israel not mentioned before 19th dynasty, [Hittites in 18th/19th?]. However each of these has been found earlier evidences: ….
Rohl mentions that horse/chariots had recently since been found a little earlier than the hyksos.
Herodotus said the chariots/horses were lost in reign of Sesostris (12th dyn).
We also are awaiting investigation of the chariot parts which have been found in Aqaba to see if any date (dynasty or pharaoh) association can be found/shown. (The number of spokes of wheels or a/the kind of wheel in NKP differs from Aqaba ones.)
Possible Ramses &/or Moses names before 19th dynasty:
name Ramses found in a 4th dyn site (Hoeh)?
pyramid (4th)?
[Mesehti (prince/general, 11th dyn)?]
Wehem-meswet (12th dyn);
amenemes (12th?)
Moeris/Moarith & Sesostris?
Armiyses (bef/13th, bk of Sothis k list)?
Rameses/Ramesomenes/Ramesseseos/Ramessameno/Ramesse (bef/13th, bk of Sothis king list)?
i-m-s-s/Dudimose (13 dyn);
[(Se-ra-)Ah-mose (17th)]
mermose/merymose (18th?)
Ahmose 1 (18th)
thuthmosis (18th)
Mesphres (18th)?
Amenmose (18th);
rebel Mesh/sagaz Mesh (Amarna);
Msy 18th dynasty Amarna;
Pa-ra-mess(o)u/ramses1 (19 dyn?);
pi-ramses / ramses 2 (19th)
Amen-messes (19 dyn);
(Ptah-)Messu (19 dyn);
Ramose ([can’t remember whether one or two of either 17/18/19/20th dyn])?
ma/meshwesh (19/22).
[{Mares (Eratosthenes)? Rayosis (betw 1-4)? Moscheres (betw 4-6)? Sesochris? Meures (Eratosthenes)? Mares (Eratosthenes)? Uses (bef/13th)? Arsu? Mau+Shu?}]
Moses may possibly now be verified similar to King David: Moses might possibly be “the rebel Mesh” of ‘amelut sagaz Mesh’ (Habiru) of Amarna letters? If so then Moses can’t be later but could possibly be earlier.

The orthodox date of Kenyon for Joshua’s Jericho is too late. She/they admit/s that there is scanty evidence for Joshua/Hebrews then. Garstang found traces of Joshua’s Jericho in earlier strata, even the “walls fell flat” (one wall fell in/up &/or the one fell out/down). This is regardless of whether Kenyon’s strata separation is more careful/accurate &/or Garstang’s less careful/accurate.
(The latest scarabs fond at Jericho are of 18th dyn king …, which may fit with jericho/”city of palms” of … in Judges (after Joshua, before Kings/Chronicles)?
I had wondered if Sharuhen of Hyksos (after Avaris) might connect with Jericho but seems not.)

Shishak is still held by orthodox to match Sheshonk (and Zerah to match a [22nd or/to 25th] dyn king). However as we have given evidences that Shishak can’t match Sheshonk (see 3IP/TIP section), and we have given evidences that Shishak matches Ramses 2/”Sesostris” (see 19th dyn section). (One source thinks Shishak could be Ramses 3, but it doesn’t look very strong while the Ramses 2 match does.)
Velikovsky/Hoeh/Courville thought that Shishak matched Tuthmosis 3 (and Zerah with Amenhotep 2), but this (& their other correspondences) just doesn’t seem to work-out in general for various reasons or fit with our other evidences.
The Armenian Sisak [and Colchis Sesostris] may be either Sesostris/Senusert (12th dyn) or Sesostris/Shishak/Rames 2 (19th dyn). If Semiramis is Hammurabi and if Hammurabi dynasty was synchronous with 13th dynasty then….
There are plenty of s/sh interchanges in world/history despite some telling me not possible according to modern linguists “laws”. (Samas/Shamash, sin/shin, Shiva/Siva, Sean/Shaun, solomon, Visnu/Vishnu, Sisak/Shishak, etc.)

A problem with revising Egyptian in connection with biblical is that critics/septics consider the bible to not be a reliable reference. We will just point out that over the last century or so the history details in the bible have constantly been more and more shown to be reliable every decade/year that goes by.
King David has now been accepted by mainstream as verified that he existed by the house of David inscriptions.
Joshua’s Jericho was found by Garstang, even the walls fell flat part.
The chariots parts have been found in the red sea in Aqaba by Nuweiba.
We have possibly found Joseph (Zaphenath-Paneah) in Egypt as Sekhemhet (Djsoerty-ankh)?
The documentary hypothesis is not necessarily so certain as it might seem….
The inverted nuns in [‘Numbers’?] may be a signature of Joshua verifying the torah?
Josephus dates to ….
The Dead Sea Scrolls dates back to … bc.
The septuagint dates back to … bc.
The samaritan pentatuech dates to … bc.
The silver amulet/scroll dates to about time of David in orthodox.
The sinaiatic inscritpions possibly dating from time of Solomon [c 18/19th dyn] allegedly have readings similar to verses of Exodus.

Critics/sceptics make out that Herodotus is an unreliable source (some even go as far to say “father of lies”). (Some Some like Bristowe see Herodotus’ king-list as evidence that much of the 30 dynasties lists are fictitious.) Josephus said Manetho found fault with Herodotus for his ignorance and false relations of Egyptian affairs. We must say that we have a lot of respect for Herodotus as we have found evidences that his info is more quality than they give credit for (compare “father of history”).
His info agrees with 1 or 2 of the Egyptian kinglists:
herodotus: 330 ks (1st to 12th dyn), [+ 11 ks,] = 341 ks (to [19th dyn]).
abydos: 56 ks (1st to 8th dyn), 65 ks (to 12th dyn), [+ 11 ks,] = 76 ks (to 19th dyn).
saqqara: 47[+11]/58 ks (1st to 19 dyn).
[karnak: [38]/39 ks [+ 2 x11] = 61 ks (to [18th/19th])?]
(Note the + 11 kings in each. Herodotus and Abydos both have 1st-12th dyn plus 11 kings to 19th dyn.)
He and Josephus both agree that Menes was 1300/(1)1340 years before Seti/Solomon.
His figures before Amasis 2 for Egyptian Pan ([29220]), Hercules (17000) and Dionysos (15000) seem to be divided by 18 and match his figures for Greek Dionysos (1600), Hercules (900) and Pan (800).
His Moeris 900 years before [26th dyn] agrees with Atlantis 900 years before 26th dyn, and the Atlantis account Sais 800 years which may be Saites (Hyksos) maybe also confirms his date for Moeris.
The 900 years figures for Moeris, Hercules and Atlantis all agree.
His kinglist is mostly all in order except misplaced 4th dynasty Pyramid Builders [&/or Mid Kdm] (as Petrie said). The discrepancies seemingly may simply be explained by that he (&/like Newton) confounded some kings/names like perhaps Userkaf & Osorkhon (Asychis). Herodotus said that he pieced together info from the priests, himself and others.
He lists alot of rulers spanning almost all of the dynasties. Dynasties his list seemingly includes are: 0 (maneros), 1 (maneros, min), [2 (sesostris)?], [3 (sesostris)?], 4 (ramses, phlitis, cheops, chepren, mycerinus, rhodop), 5 (rhodop, asychis, anysis), 6 (nitocris), […?], 12 (moeris, sesostris), 13 (sabacos, dionysos), 14/15/16 (anysis, sethos)?, 17 (sabacos, “sennacherib”)?, (18 (sabacos, anysis)?,) 19 (seti, ramses/sesostris, min), 20 (sethos?, rhampsinitis), 22 (asychis)?, 25 (sabacos, anysis), 26 (necos, apries, amasis), 27 (persians), 28 (amyrtaeus)?

3 Hermes:
Our theory may possibly be wrong that the 3 Hermes (set/pray, shu/num/war, thoth/work) roughly correspond to 3 kingdoms/ages. However it does seem that it could be true or may have truth. The 3 Hermes do seem to match the 3 reincarnations in Jewish. The 3 Hermes do possibly each have matches with the 3 kingdoms:
3 Hermes : ~ 3 reincarnations? 3 kingdoms? 3 groups/gods Herodotus? 3 ages? 3 divine dynasties? 3 pyramids?
1 Set/Seth/Sut/Sutekh (Typho/Typhon, 56 angles/degrees, 6th god-king, “Ares”, [god of storms], [god of drought]): seth (preflood)? shem/”seth”? seth-peribsen (2nd dyn)?* set/sutekh (hyksos/15th/16th)? [Set = Nub (Hyksos)?] Hittites? seti (19th)? Zet (23)? christian? American Sahte?
Set = “(1st) Hermes”. Hermanubis = Set-Anubis (and Anubis maybe connected with Sphinx?).
1st Hermes Set matches 1st reincarnation Seth [Shem].*
Setka a prominent person of 4th dynasty.*
Set is “son of Ra” (and Ra’s reign was from 3rd/4th/5th dynasty).*
Alford reckons Bent Pyramid maybe connects with Set?*
52 degrees pyramids slopes?
“Typhon buried in Serbonis bog”.*
“Thoth was born from head of Set”.
2a Shu/Su/Sosis (Agathodaimon, Atlas, hot/dry air, 3rd god-king): Shu is son of Ra?
“Shu = Num”. “Shu = Agathodaemon = Num”. Shunem/Shulamite?
“Shu = Hercules”.* Shu versus Antwey/Libya.*
atlas ~ shu ~ air ~ amun (12th dyn) ~ zeus/jupiter.* Shu (9 days tempest) ~ Deucalion (9 days flood) ~ atlantis?*
Shu/”I am the great flood”.*
Shu is also in el-Arish inscription (9 days tempest, which seems to link with Moses/exodus [& 12th dyn?]).*
2nd Hermes Shu matches 2nd reincarnation Moses.* Massey thought Moses was Mau+Shu?*
Shu arms supported by 2, like Moses arms supported by 2?*
Shu = pillar.*
Sosinosiris? [“Sothis?”]
2b Num/Nub/Noub ([1st god]) : noah? [Khnem-Ra?] Chnubos/Gneuros (Eratosthenes)? Khnum-k(h)ufu (4th)? Khnumhotep (12th)?* princess/queen Khnem[…]?* Shunem? Gnephacthus?
“Shu = Num”. “Shu = Agathodaemon = Num”. “Num = Amun”.* “Amun = ram = Noub”.* “Num = Aries”.* [Set = Nub (Hyksos)?]
3 Thoth/Taht/Tut/Tat (Yah/Aah/moon, scribe, Hermes, contriver, 8th god-king) : {Enoch? Peleg? Athothis? Thoth = (1st) Hermes? “Ra left Thoth as his regent”? “Imhotep was successor of Thoth”? house of thoth? “Thoth was born from head of Set”? moses?} ahmose/tuthmosis/tut (18th)?* 3rd hermes Thoth matches 3rd reincarnation samuel/david?* the king-lists of Seti/Ramses/[S/A/K]?* tehutihetep? Manetho (33rd).* American Sahte?
[osiris & thoth?] thoth & thamus?
Hermes : Set = (1st) Hermes. Hermanubis = Set-Anubis (and Anubis maybe connected with Sphinx?). Her-mes / Moses? “Sistochermes/Sistosichermes/Hermes /Herakles/valiant Hercules 34th k Theb/55 yrs”? Siphoas (“also called Hermes”)? “Hermes = Horus”? Hermeus/Armais/Harmais/Danaus (18th/19th)? Thoth = (1st) Hermes?
3 Magi ~ 3 Hermes/hermes trismegistus?

3 groups/gods:
We have found that these gods/groups of Herodotus are seemingly parallel with dynastic history.
3 groups/gods : ~ 3 hermes, 3 reincarnations, 3 kingdoms, 3 ages, 3 divine dynasties.
1 Pan/8: ~ Ogdoad? 8 souls in Ark? Thinis 8th nome?* 8 memphite dynasties 1-8?* Greek Dionysos 1600?
Pan ~ Mendes ~ Chem ~ Min ~ Menes (Memphis) ~ Merneptah ~ Ptah.*
2 Hercules/Heracles/12 gods (2/3/12 pillars, 12 labours, 900 yrs) (hershef/hor-shefi?) : ~ Heracleopolis (parva/magna, 9/10th dyn, Heracleopolitan dynasties (& Siut) were hostile to 11th/12th Theban)?* herakles = lunar chunsu/khons(u) son of amun of thebes?* Sesostris (6 ft tall, pillars)?* 12th dynasty?* hercules versus antaeus?* sem/gom/[thom]? dodecarchy of 12 kings during the 12th dynasty? “Sistochermes/Sistosichermes/Hermes /Herakles/valiant Hercules 34th k Theb/55 yrs”? Re- Harakhty (Arish)? 2 cities of Menouthis & Herakleion?* Semphrucrates (“Heracles Harpocrates”)? samson/sampson? “Osorthon/Osorcho is/was called Heracles by the Greeks/Egyptians”?
“Shu = Hercules”.*
[“Herkles Vs Busiris”? “3rd Mars = Hercules”?]
3 Dionysos (Osiris/djed, 15000 yrs, 3rd group of gods, 5th god-king) : dionysos~ osiris ~ sah ~ orion ~ jabir ~ gibbor ~ nimrod? userkaf/asychis? Osiris [&/or Amun] not-before 5th dyn?* Sosinosiris? Senusret (12th)? user (vizier 12th)? User (13th)?* (se)userre (13/17)?* sewoserenre (15)?* woser…re (abydos,16th?)?* Osiropis?* usermaatre/ozymandias/ramses 2?* Busiris (“vs Herkles”)? Osarsiph (vs Ramses/Amenophis) (19/20)?* Se-Osiris “son of osiris” (19)?* osiris-sokar (sheshonk1, 22nd dyn)?* Osorkhon/Asychis (22nd)?* serapis/apis (33rd)? Osiris Onnophris? [osiris & thoth?] Greek Pan 800?

god-kings dynasty:
One one hand the 10 (or 7) god-kings are analgous to the 10 patriarchs before/after the Flood (&/or 7 cainite generations) in Biblical. “No tomb of Osiris in Egypt”.
The godkings may also/alterantively be 10 ages like the 10 worlds/world-trees/trees of Eddaic, and the 10 avataras of Indian?
Our theory is that the god-kings dynasty was not before dynastic but was parallel with dynastic history (and were appended to before dynastic). (I also believe that one day the figures for the gods reigns/dynasties will be decoded/decrypted and will be confirming proof of low chronology and maybe even our own actual dates.) (On one hand the exagerated dates may represent the longevity of the pre/post flood patriarchs? Notably the figures of the reigns for the god-kings all get smaller from 9000 yrs to 300 yrs?) We could be wrong but it does seem that there are evidences that we maybe are right.
Kauthar ~ Hephaistos/Vulcan ~ Ptah (1st godking, Memphis) ~ Me(r)neptah (1st king after gods/pharaohs in Newton/Josephus/Herodotus/etc) ~ Menes/Min (1st king after gods in Herodotus/etc, Memphis) ~ [Chem ~ Mendes] ~ Pan/[1st god/group]/8gods ~ 1st&3rd-8thdyn?*
Josephus has “Pharaohs” until Solomon; Newton has “Gods” until Merneptah.
Some of the pharaohs were actually called god(s) eg [Menkaure] in Book of Dead? Semerkhet and Qa’a of 1st dynasty had neter/god sign.
The god-kings are connected with the 4 elements. The gods may be like geological ages (or climatic periods)?
The godkings dynasty also seem to maybe be pairs: Ptah & Ra is old kingdom, Shu & Geb are Mid Kingdom (as in the el-Arish inscription, and as in 3 hermes Set Shu Thoth).
Ptah & Ra are Old Kingdom.
1a Ptah’s reign begins in 1st/3rd dynasty:
Ptah (9000, 1st, Vulcan/Hephaistos/architect, temple of ptah, memphis, dyking, seker/sokar, [opener?]) ~ Creator/Creation? Adam (930, 1st)? Noah (900, 1st, ark builder/opener)? Babel/Nimrod? Budha? Put?
Pan = Mendes = Chem = Min/Menes (1st king/dyn, memphis) = Meneptah/Merneptah = Ptah (memphis,1st godking) = Hephaistos/Vulcan = Kauthar (opener).
Min statues Coptos (dyn 00-0)? Dyking of Menes & dyking of Ptah?* Menes built the temple of Hephaistos/Ptah.* Ptah’s town was Memphis which was seat of 1st & 3rd-8th dynasties.* Nefer-ka-sokar (2nd)? Sakkara (3rd dyn)? Imhotep was son of Ptah?* Merit-Ptah? pyramid builders?* djedefptah (4th)? Ptahhotep (5th)?* [kinglists’ 949/955/700 yrs 1st-8th/13th dyn?*] ptahwer (12th)? Moeris 900? Atlantis 900? Merneptah? Ptah-Messu? Aegyptus/Egyptus/Sethos (19th)? Siptah (19/20th)?
1b Nu/Nun/Num/Nub (2nd Hermes) ~ Noah? Nimrod? Khnem-Ra? khnum-netjer-n (dyn2)? Khnum-khufu? Khnum- hotep? Gnephacthus? khnumabra?
1c Amen (Zeus) ~ Ham/Hammon? Amun not before 5th dyn? Amram/Amran? Bristowe reckons “Seb ~ Amun”? “Amun = ram = Noub”? Amenemhat? Ameny? Amuntimaeus? Amenhotep? Miamun? Amenmopet?
2a Ra’s/Re’s reign begins in 3rd/4th/5th dynasty:
Ra/Re (Helios/sun, 1000 yrs, Zeus) ~ Pururavas? Khnem-Ra? Raneb/Kakau? shemre? Hesy(-)ra? Rahotep (3/4/5th dyn)?* Ramses (4th dyn site)? Raufu? sa-Re/se-Ra “son of Ra/Re”?* Redjedef/Djedefre (4th)?* sun- kings/5th/heliopolitan? Sahure (5th)?* Set is “son of Ra”?* rekhmire?
atum/tum is ra/re in 1st sovereignty (amenemhet)? Ra founded Thebes? Ra left Thoth as his regent? Ramses of Exodus? Seqenen-re (17th)? Re- Harakhty/Ra-Harmachis (Arish)? Ramose? Ramses (19)? ramessides (20)?
2b Atum/[Tem] ~ Adam? [tem/shem?] imhotep son of atum? atum is ra in 1st sovereignty? Pithom/Thom (Arish)? Thamus? Tamo-vatsa/vasta?
2c Mentu/Montu (Mars/war) ~ [Menes was of Menti race?] [6th dyn?] Mentuhotep 11th dyn? vizier mentuhotep 12th?
Shu & Geb are middle kingdom
3 Shu/Su/Shou/Sosis (Agathodaemon, “dryness/[hot/air]”, Atlas, 2nd Hermes or 3rd god-king, 9 days tempest) : ~ Zu? Shutu? Asshur? Jose’s famine? Shufu/Khufu (dyn 3)? sosinosiris?
Atlantis/atlas = shu = air = amon = zeus/jupiter? Shu = pillar. Shu = “I am the great flood”? el-Arish inscription (9 days tempest)? 2nd Hermes Shu matches 2nd reincarnation Moses? A(a)mu of Shu(t) (12th dyn)? Deu-calion (9 days deluge)? Shunem? Polynesian Ru “Atlas”?
Shu & Geb are paired in el-Arish inscription.
4 Seb/Geb/Keb/Qeb (Kronos/Saturn, 500 yrs) ~ sebercheres/sebekkare (4th)? Bristowe reckons “Seb ~ Amun”? el-Arish? sebek (12)? Sebeknofru (12th)? Sebekhoteps (13th)? Seti/[Set/Seb] (19th dyn)? Sabacos (25th)? Sebennytus (30th)?
Osiris & Set may be Hyksos/2nd Int Per?
5 Osiris (Dionysos, 15000 yrs, 3rd group/god) : {Osiris=sah=orion=jabir=gibbor=nimrod}? Serapeum (3rd dyn)? Userkaf/Asychis (5th)? Osiris [&/or Amun] not before 5th dyn? Sosinosiris? user (vizier 12th dyn)? 12th dynasty Senuserts? [Osiris & Thoth?] (se)userre (13/17)? sewoserenre (15)? woser…re (abydos, 16th?)? Osiropis? k Busiris? Ra-User (13th)? usermaatre/ozymandias/ramses 2 (19th)? Se-Osiris (19th)? Osar-siph (19th-20th)? osiris-sokar (sheshonk1, 22nd dyn)? Osork(h)on/Asychis (22nd)? Osiris Onnophris? Serapis/Apis (33rd)?
Osiris &/vs Set may match Hyksos/2IP?
72 conspirators (nomes of Egypt/Heaven(s)) with Set vs Osiris : ~ table of 70 nations Genesis 10? 72 yrs Ogus Khan? the 70 souls that entered Egypt with Jacob (of Joseph story)? [70 kings for 70 days 7th dyn?] Septuagint? Jesus tried by 70/72 Sanhedrin?.
6 Set/Seth/Typho(n)/Sut/Sutekh (“Ares”, 350 y, 1st Hermes) : ~ Seth/siriadic columns, Shem/”seth, Seth-Peribsen? bent pyr (Alford)? Setka a prominent person of 4th dynasty?
Set is “son of Ra”? “Thoth was born from head of Set”, Set = “(1st) Hermes”? Hermanubis = Set-Anubis? “Typhon buried in Serbonis bog”, Tawi-Thom (12/13/19?)? Hyksos?* Hittites? Sety/[Set/Seb] (19th)? Sethos/Egyptus (19th dynasty)? Set-nakhte (19th/20th dyn), Christian/Gnostic/Islamic era? American Sahte?
80 yrs of Set/Typhon vs Horus ~ the 80 yrs of Moses?
7/10 Horus (Apollo) : Hud? Hierakonpolis/dyn0? Shemsu Hor/Horus shepherd race/followers of Horus? Hor-Aha? Herutataf? Menkauhor? Horemkhu/Horakhty (Sphinx/Arish)? Re -Harakhty/Ra-Harmachis (Arish)? Semphrucrates/”Heracles Harpocrates” (12th)? el-Arish? 13th dynasty king Hor? yaqub-har? 18th dynasty king Horos? Hartitifin? Naphuriya/Huriya (18)? Horemhab? Herihor? Bocchoris? Horapollo? 2nd-coming/Anti-Christ? Hor-shefi?
8 Thoth/Taht (scribe, Ah/moon, (3rd) Hermes, contriver) ~ Enoch? Peleg? Athothis? Thoth = (1st) Hermes? “Imhotep was successor of Thoth”? Ra left Thoth as his regent? [house of Thoth?], ‘Thoth & Thamus’? [Thoth & Osiris?] moses? Ahmose (18th)? Tuthmosis? Tut? Rathotis? the time of the writing of the king-lists of Sety/Ramses/[S/A/K]? tehutihetep/tehutihotep? Amasis 2 (26th)? Manetho? Thoth as 3rd Hermes matches 3rd reincarnation Samuel/David. American Sahte?
9 Maat ~ Nema(at)re (12)? Ma(at)kare (18)? Ozymandias (19th)? Hotep-hi-maat (19th)?.
7 god-kings : ~ 7 days creation? 7 cainite generations?
10 god-kings : ~ 10 patriarchs? 10 avataraa? 10 worlds/worldtrees/trees? 10 kings Atlantis?
[2]/8 ares/mars (montu? set?)
[3]/1 anubis ~ enosh? set-anubis? bata & anpu?
[4]/2 heracles
[5]/3 apollo (horus?)
[6]/4 ammon/amen (7000) ~ amenemhet (12)? amenophis (18)? amenophis (19)?
[7]/5 tithoes ~ teti (3rd)? (6th)?
[8]/6 sosis/sosus/sosos/zosus ~ zoser/sesor-tosis (3)? joseph? sosinosiris? sesostris? sothaic?
[9]/7 zeus (ammon?)
[1]/8 bytes/bydis ~ bata (& anpu)? buto?
Min ~ Menes, Menkaure (6x yrs), Merneptah, Menelik, Alexander the Great associated with Min.

the predynastic divine “dynasties”:
it is our contention that the (3) divine dynasties of gods, demigods, and manes/dead seemingly may be parallel with the dynastic 3 kingdoms. Scorpio implies that Evola also thought the 3 “dynasties” were 3 ages. Tomas also calls them eras, like world ages. Herodotus 3 groups of god also seemingly may match. Manetho has gods & dyns 1-11 in his volume 1 (of 3 vols).
We believe that the figures for the “dynasties” will one day be decoded and confirm low chronology and perhaps even our own actual dates.
“6 dynasties of gods totalled 11985 / 1183.5 years, while the 9 dynasties with demigods came to 858 years.”
3 divine dynasties : ~ 3 kingdoms? 3 ages? 3 groups/gods? 3 hermes? 3 reincarnations?

Manetho/Eusebius/Africanus dynasties:
I believe that the figures for the dynasties in Manetho/Eusebius/Africanus will one day be decrypted/deciphered/decoded and will confirm low chronology and perhaps even our own actual rough dates.
30/60/62yrs Menes.
214 yrs 3rd dyn.
“700/949/955 years” from 1st dynasty to 8th (Memphite).
between “1842”-“2313 years” duration for 1st-11th dynasties.
448/409 years for 4th/9th dynasties.
between “3723” – “4551” years duration for 1st-18th/19th dynasties.
“1881” / “19xx” / “2243 years” for 12th-19th dynasties.
“835 years” for dyns 16-19.
“2324 years (1046(868&178)&835)” duration for from the 15th/16th gen/[dyn?] to the 30th dyn.
“575” 20th to 26th.
868 years for dyns 20- 30.
between “802 (“575” 20th to 26th, +, between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31) to “1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties.
between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31.
a “Josephus 800 yrs / Manetho 3155 yrs”.

Orthodox scholars are very criticial of the Atlantis account. Alot of people claim that Plato just made it all up as a morality tale or a melting-together of various things.
Evidence that Atlantis account is true includes: the spring was found at Athens exactly as the account says; the account says it is true history not fiction; they can’t prove that it is made up; Plato was the first person to use different words legend and mythology; and finally some people including me have found/shown that Atlantis is real and where it was (Tiahuanaco).
People often bring up the 9000 years date to show the account can’t be right. The Atlantis Account implies that Atlantis was close to bronze age & Minoan/Mycenaean Athens & Sais.
We have shown that the 9000 years is really 900 years matching Herodotus’ Moeris 900 years. (The 800 years for Sais which may be Saites/Salilis of Hyksos may also confirm 900 years Moeris.) The Hyperboreans lived a 1000 years which is really 100/110/120 years. Some sources do reckon the 9000 years is months by they wrongly divide it by 13 months (Egyptian) and wrongly place it in 19th dynasty ca 1200s. Mavor’s “9000 yrs = 900 yrs” and Spanuth’s “9000 years = 9000 months” both reconcile with a 10 months year calendar. Is also confirmed by the 10 (not 12) kings. [There seems to be meeting of 10 & 12 about the time of 12th dynasty, though we are uncertain of the true picture.]
Orthodox believe that Atlantis matches Thera/Santorini &/or Minoan Crete. However our table of synthesis of various sources shows that Atlantis war/sinking was before end of Minoan (& before 19th dynasty Sea Peoples) : Atlantis 900 matches Moeris 900; Sais 800 matches Saites/Salitis; Greek chronology also has Theseus/Minotaur after Deucalion/Atlantis (which was after Cecrops & before Theseus); …. [However Atlantis has matches between the 12th to 19th dynasties and we are not totally certain of the true picture.]
Thera/Crete also doesn’t match Atlantis details: wrong date; wrong size; wrong direction; wrong sinking catastrophe; no remains of city found; “Thera/Crete is barren”; “Crete/Thera was a colony”; etc.

Anysis (700 yrs, blind) could be either:
Ainosis? Unas/Wenis (5th)? Jannes? Nehesy (14th)? Iannas (15/16th)? Anather/Anayer (16th)? Amusis? Amasis 1 (18th)? Akhenaton? Hanes [25th]?

Scholars seem to accept that the date of Sesortosis of “3712” bc is not correct. We have 2 or 3 possible decodings of “Sesonchosis or Sesortosis was 2500 years before Nilus (1212 bc)”. One is that Djoser/Zoser/Sesor-tosis (3rd dyn) was 2500/4 or xxx years before 1212 bc, giving date of c xxxx bc? The other is that Sesostris (12th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years before 1212 bc, giving date of circa 1462 bc? One other unlikely possibility is that Shishak/Sesostris (19th dyn) was 2500/10 or 250 years below 1212 bc, giving a date of c 962 bc?
Sesortosis 3712 is also close to Nabonidus’ date for Naramsin [3750bc]?
There was also a predynastic king Zeser too?

Menophres could be any of: Menes/Menoph/Manouph/Min/Memian &/or Memphis (1st dyn); Menouthis; Phamenoph/Amenophis/Memnon (18th dyn); Menphetyre (Ramses 1, 19th); Merneptah/Amenophis (19th).
Menophres 1605 years may match: 1663 years Egyptian state lasted before Cambyses; [Tacitus 4 phoenixes/crows of 400 years = 1600 yrs?]; Herodotus 1600 years [Egyptian Pan]/Greek Dionysos; 660 yrs phoenix (Pliny)?.

364 year/s War:
There are a few versions of the 363/364/365 years story, and a few different possible times/events it could relate to:
– The events in the legend of “Horus (of Edfu/Behdeti) versus the adversaries of Re(- Harakhty)” [compared by some with Exodus] are said to have taken place in the year 363 in the reign of Re-Harakhty;
– “Osiris came from Nubia in the 365th year of his reign accompanied by Horus, to chase Set [Aseth?] out of Egypt”;
– the war occured in the 363rd year of era of Menes;
– “the same” event occured in the year 363 of the kingdom (on the Palermo Stone);
~ 393 years Hyksos driven out before Danaus/Hermeus (Josephus)?
~ 13 “years” [~ 13 months ~ 365 days?] of Amenophis (& Ramses) in Egypt (in Osarsiph story)?
Mentu war?


Table (5 columns) for 12th to 26th dyn, synthesising various different ancient’s-own sources:
3reincarnations: 0 seth, 1 moses, 3 samuel/david, 5 persians.
bible: 1 Moses/exod [12th]/josh, 2 judges [hyksos], 3 david [18th], 4 shishak/zerah [19th], 5a neco (26th), 5b persia (27th).
rohl: 1 moses/12-13th, 2 inachus/hyksos, 3 dave/amarna, 4 shishak/ramses2, 3/4 trojan war/seapeoples, 5 persians;
egyptology: 1 moeris (12th/ok), 1/2 saites/minoan (15/16th), 3 , 4a seapeoples (19/20th/nk), 4b cocaine (19th/21st), 5b persians (26/30th);
3 hermes: 0 set, 1 shu/num, 3/4 thoth.
plato: 1 atlantis/athens (900), 1/2 sais (800), 5a solon/sais (26th), plato//persians, aristotle;
herodotus: 1 moeris (900), 2 anysis/sabacos (700), 5a sais (26th), 5b persians (27th);
herodotus: 0 pan, 1 hercules [900], 1/2/3/4 dionysos [800], 4 min [merneptah], 5a amasis/sais (26th), 5b persians (27th).
herodotus: [1 phoenicians from red sea?], 2 argos/phoenicians, colchis , 3 trojan, 5b persians;
rare atlantis source/s: 1 atlantis, (one generation,) 2 argonauts, (one generation,) 3 trojan war.
athens/aspin: [0 ogyges], 1 deucalion/atlantis, 2 theseus/minoan, 3 trojan war/menestheus, 4 return heraclids/dorians, 5 persians;
jerome: 1 cecrops/moses, 3 trojan/samson, 4-5 1st olympiad/isaiah; 5 persia.
spanish/hoeh: 1 antaeus/hercules, 2 apher , 3 trojan war , 4 sea powers/pelasgians, 5b persians.
d’olivet: 1 atlantis (vs celts), 2 shepherds/phoenicians.

Table (3 columns) of 3 ages key to Egyptian (& Biblical) chronology:
3 hermes/tahts: set/pray, shu/num/war, thoth/work.
3 jewish reincarnations: seth/[shem], moses, samuel/david.
3 kingdoms: old kdm/1ip, mid kdm/2ip, new kdm/3ip.
3 groups/gods Egyptian/Herodotus: pan/8, hercules/12, 3rd/dionysos/horus, (min/[merneptah]).
3 gods Greek: dionysos, hercules, pan.
3 divine dynasties: gods/zeptepi/6dyns, demigods/9dyns, manes/mortals/dead/menes.
3 pairs god-kings: ptah & ra / amun & mentu, shu & geb, (osiris & set), horus & thoth/thoth & maat/maat & horus?
3 pairs of god-kings: ptah & ra / amun & mentu, shu & geb, osiris & horus, (thoth & maat)?
3 ages: stone, bronze, iron/steel.
3 pyrs Giza/Sipan: grt pyr/khufu, 2nd/khafre/sphinx, 3rd/menkaure/6yrs.
3 sabian spheres: stellar/sabian, lunar, solar.
3 divine dynasties: 7gods, 16demigods, B….
3 vols manetho: vol1(gods/1-11), vol2(12-19), vol3 (20-30/31).
3 periods before Saite: 4-6/ok,11-12/mk,18- 20/nk.
3 in abydos kinglist: 56 kings 1-8th, 65 to12th, 76 to19th.
3 spheres/world: heaven, earth/poseidon, underworld.
3 races: 1st/auritae/aeria/rot, mestrae, 3rdrace/age/egyptians?
3 gods/parts: ptah/seker/body, amun/khnum/head, horus/back.

4 ages: gold, silver, bronze/brass/brazen, iron.
4 lands/rivers: pison/havilah/gold, gihon/cush, hiddekel/tigris/asshur, euphrates.
4 stages temple Herodotus:
4 elements Djed/baphomet: fire/top, air, water, earth/bottom.
4 divine dynasties: gods1, gods2, demigods, manes/dead.
4 groups Karnak kinglist: 5&3, 4&3, 5&3, 4&3.
4 statues AbuSimbel: ptah, amun, horus, ramses2.

Our tentative Egyptian-Biblical-dates scheme:
7gods — 7dayscreation?/7cainitegenerations?
10godkings/dyn0 — 10patriarchs
Nun/Ogdoad — Flood/Noah
iceage/00/0/1 — Babel/Nimrod
pre/0 — Reu/Serug/Nahor?
Menes not before ca 2300bc
late 1st — Abraham,Chedorlaomer? 2300-2000s
[2nd — Abe/Isaac?]
3rd-4th — Joseph 1800s (Wyatt/Moller)
5th/sahure — sahure; 4-6th — sargon1
7th — 70?
FIP asiatics — Hebrews
khety — kohath?
12th/moeris900 — Moses/exode 1500s/1400s
13th — Babylon1 (Rohl)
[13th]/hyksos — [joshua/barak]
15/16/hyksos — assyrian,judges?
sharuhen — city of amalek? jericho?
18th/Amarna — David?Tahtimhodshi? 1000s (Rohl)
19th — Shishak/Ano 900s (Newton/Rohl)
19th/20th — Zerah/Asa/Menelik
21/wenamun —
22nd — Phoenician,Assyrian?So? (Rohl/Moscati)
1st Olympiad Petubastes ~~ Hezekiah/Nabonasar?
25th — Assyrian,So?
26th — nephi/Necho/Hophra/Nebuchadnezzar/Scyths 600
40yrs — 70yrs
27th/31st dyn ~ Persians.

Orthodox chronology:
menes ca 3100/3000bc
3rd dyn — byblos
4th-6th — ebla/akkad
5th/sahure — sahure
11/12th — patriarchs 1900s/1800s
15/16th — joseph 1700s
[18th — moses (old/alt) 1400s]
[18th/amarna — joshua (old) 1300s]
19th — moses (newer) 1200s
19th — israel
19/20th — philistines,atlantis
21st — david 1000s
22nd — shishak 900s
[22nd or 25th?] — zerah
25th — so,tirhakah,assyrian
26th dyn — necho,hophra 600/500s.
27th/31st dyn ~ Persians.

known Egypt-Mesopotamian syncs:
10 godkings — 10 antediluvian kings (Norbergen)?
sesortosis 3712 — naramsin 3750/nippur 3760?
semainian — uruk period/jemdet nasr (Childe)
0/scorpion — kish1/zukakip (bristowe)?
[betw 1st&3rd — gilgamesh?]
3rd — byblos — lagash [1?]?
OKP — Ur 0/1 (Waddell)!
4th-6th — lagash [1?] (sayce)
4th-6th — ebla — akkadian (oxford)
MKP — Mari (Childe)
13th — OldBabylonian (Rohl)
hyksos king change calendar — Venus tablets?
15/16/hyksos — Assyrians (josephus)
15/16/hyksos — baghdad (velikovsky)
18/Amarna — Kassi/Mitanni/MidAssPer (amarna/rohl)
18/19 — Hittites
19/20th/seapeoples — Assyria (Fitzgerald-Lee)
22nd/23rd — Assyria/Elam (Weigall/Bey)
[1st olympiad — Nabonasar]
25th — Assyria
26th — NeoBabylonian
27/31 — Persians
32 — Alex the Grt

possible biblical-Babylonian scheme:
10 patriarchs — 10 antediluvian kings
Flood — deluge/flood
Babel — Eridu/Badtibira?/Uruk1? (Rohl)
Chedorlaomer — Lagash1?
Joseph — between Uruk & Akkad?
[430yrs — akkadian?]
Moses/Og — end of Ur 3?
benjamites (judges) — mari?
cushan-rishathaim — OldAssyrian/Isin?
joshua/barak — Venus tablets?
David — Mitanni (Amarna/Rohl)?
Jonah — Adadnirari (Down)?
Hezekiah — Assyrians,Nabonasar (bible,)
Josiah/Zedekiah — Nebuchadnezzar (bible)

Some of my remembered/recordes Refs/sources/bibliography (&/or acknowledgments) include:
I Velikovsky; D Rohl*; J Mavor; J Spanuth; Herodotus**; P Clayton*; G Massey; H Bible**; Larousse world mythology*; f josephus**; w keller; b walker; a millard*; c carpenter; i lissner; a room*; h brugsch-bey; cw ceram; a alford; jc copper; s bristowe; S Moscati; E Sykes; Peter James; Lehman; CAH; Mercatante; LA Waddell; A Hislop; McEvedy; Hart; Budge; Oxford*;
F Petrie; R Wyatt; Don Courville; San tablet of 400 years**; el-arish inscription**; Peter Sullivan*; Sussex Egyptological Society*; me/sean (historia-pangaea); I newton; tacitus**; sahel / philae inscription**; z hawass; masoudi**; graham hancock forum; f raffaele*; hall of maat*; plato (atlantis account)**; d down; amarna letters**; israel stele**; b hooper; Moller; bbc; sweeny; abydos king list**; saqqara king list**; craig Lyons; h hoeh; wikipedia; ‘sharrukin’; ian shaw; SS van Dine; Schoch; engelbrite (; [drou e or dale d]; kate spence; F Scorpio [based on J Evola?]; sd ewing; J Nienhuis; Garstang; ethiopian king list;
* = academic; ** = ancient historical.

Herodotus list:

timeline of real/supposed dates:
[“… bc/bp cromagnon”]
[4phoenixes/crows ~ 28000 yrs bc.]
“11652/11542 bc four calendars coincide”
[“11340yrs/bc menes”]
[4phoenixes/crows ~ 5840 / 6000.]
“5869bc menes(petrie/champollion)” [lxx]
“4900s/4700s bc 3rd/4th dyn” (Petrie)
4241bc sothaic
“3761/3760/3750 naramsin/nippur” jewishcreation;
“3712/3700s” sesortosis (ap rhod) zoser (Bey/Rhodius)
3400bc menes
3100 menes, mayan
3000 menes
“2900s bc 3rd/4th dyn (Breasted/previously)
2900 menes notearlierthan
2850bc menes
2871/2787/2782/2773bc sothaic coinc;
[“27th century bc OK”]
“c2600s/(-2500(s)) bc 3rd/4th dyn” (orthodox);
[4phoenixes/crows ~ 2640.]
2399/2300 menes (josephus)
2300 abe (moslem/Fasold), menes
2225/2224 transit venus, menes
2224 menes (palmer)*, transit Venus;
“2254-2194/2192 bc” menes (hoeh);
[late2000s onlycommondateforbeginningEgypt]
2000/s abraham, 4phoenixes/crows
“2200+/-200” peru drought;
“1900s usher’s/orthodox abraham”
“1873/1872/1830bc sothaic senusert3 illahun;”
1876 jose
[1837 sesortosis?]
c1800bc ogyges
1797-1779 sirius
[“1705”] joseph (ussher/oxford)
1690/1662/1652 moses/exode
“1650 bc sobekhotep 8”?
1628/1610 thera carbon date*
1626-600 thera c14
1610 thera c14
1600s event (compton?)*
[4phoenixes/crows ~ 1600 yrs bc.]
1580/1572 moses/exode
[1574]/1556/1506 atlantis/deucalion
“1550 nk start (carbon)”
“(1551-)1524 Amenophis1/[tm3];”
1529 deucalion/atlantis
1556/1506 cecrops
1500 thera
1485bc menophres (off by 165 years)
1470 thera(archaeology)
1464bc elephantine record
[1462 sesortosis?]
1491/1440 moses/exode
[1400s moeris moses/exodus atlantis (900 bef Amasis 2);]
“1435 bc sobekhotep 8?”
1397/1347/[1320] atlantis/deucalion
1397/1347 erechtheus
1335/1314/1300 moses/exode, [amarna/joshua]
1392-1276 ogusKhan
1382bc menophres
1322 menophres (1605 years)
1317bc sothiscoincidence;
“1300bc Catastrophic Destruction”
“1275 kadesh”
“1276/1215 bc moses/exode
“1200s moses/19th 19th/atlantis
minoan 1234-1204 (theseus)
1221bc (1506 yrs)
1212bc nilus (ap rhod)
1183 trojan
11xx event*
“1100-1000bc Destruction episode”
1000s david/sol
[4phoenixes/crows ~ 1000.]
[962 sesortosis?]
900s solomon/menelik/shishak
“800bc Destruction episode”
776 firstOlympiad/petubastes/isaiah?
715 pimay
600 necho,nephi
585″ad” eclipse Lyd&Med
570-526 amasis
500s 26thdyn
525 cambyses?
400 amyrtaeus
[348 ochus]
332 bc alexander (562 years)
240s[bc?] canopus/upsetweather?
242/238 bc ptolemy/canopus decree (380y);
232 bc eclipse;
212bc eratostenes
197bc macedon
46 bc julius caesar
26bc/20bc augustus
14 ad augustus
ad139/142ad sothaic antoninus (100y);
ad151 ptolemy map
ad 221 africanus.
239ad (100y)
240s[ad?] canopus/upsetweather?
ad284/(5777am) diocletian/martyrs (100y?)
20thcentAD present/current/modern.

[millionsofyears ,bark/boatof?]
180,000yrs ottomuck
73300yrs grt pyr
29220 pan
17043/17000 hercul/twelve
15000 dionysos
13420yrs beforeMenes(manetho/turin)
11985y (6dynsgods)?
11340 (Menes to Sethos).
tensofthousandsofyears tadpolePectoral
10,000yrs latercorporally, [herodotus added to1340],
9000 ptah,Atlant/athens
8000 atlantis/athens/sais
7000 tartessos [amen], phoenix 7000 yrs [“opinion”];
[5000yrs mortals, bcMenes]
“3723” – “4551” years duration for 1st-18th/19th dynasties.
3126 thoth*
2666 exodus2666am
2500 sesor-nilus
2401yrs conjunctplanscreat/jubofjub
“2324 years for 15th/16th gen/[dyn?] to the 30th dyn.
“2313 years” duration for 1st-11th dynasties.
2300 tyre
“2243 years” 12th-19thdyns
“19xx” for 12th-19th
“1881” for 12th-19th dynasties,
“1842” duration for 1st-11th dynasties.
1663/1605/1656/1600 egyptianstate-cambyses,[fourcrows],menophres,[pan],dionysos,preflood,newton 4crows
1506y 1221bc-roman
1500 yrs phoenix [Lepsius]
1460 sothaic, phoenix [Tacitus/Poole];
1340/1300/1305/(41gens) preflood,menes-sol,min-seti,samaritan,ctesias
1183.5yrs(432000days) 6dynsgodsdivby12;
“1050” years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties
1046 yrs for dyns 19/20- 30.
1000 ra/re, hyperboreans,atlantis/athens/sais, flood-exodus adamday, [ptah&ra?]
930/955/949/900yrs (9000mons) atlantis,moeris,hercules,adam,noah,[ptah?],[palermo/klist1-8/13/tanis], 480+490sol-bab
868 years for dyns 20- 30.
858yrs 9dynsdemigods
“835 years” for dyns 16-19.
802 years duration for 20th to 31st dynasties.
800 [dionysos],pan,atlantis/sais yrsJosephus
700y/254955d [palermo/sothis]Klistto8/13thdyn/concharis,yrItch,anysis/sabacos, [tartessos], [amen]
700/600 [menes&zoserout]
660 yrs phoenix [Pliny]
[625 sesortosis-nilus?]
600 sekhemhetout, greatyear(josephus); neroi; noah/shem;
580yrs ghostyrs
“575” 20th to 26th.
[562y alex]
500/511 hyksos “500 years to Moses/Azrail”? HorusVsEthiop-Seosiris, seb, phoenix[Tacitus, Herodotus],
500 shem/noah
sothaic about 300-500 years out
490 yrs = 7yrsx70yrs to Babylonian capitivity, dan-jc;
486y ochus-anton
480 moses-sol
453 &/or 484 years for dynasties 13 &/or 14.
450 years Osiris?
15 generations / 443 years
448/409 years for 4th/9th dynasties.
436 nilus-1stolymp
440/430/400 crow abe/joe-mos santablet crow menesrevisedclosertopresent sothaicoutabout
393 hyksos-danaus
380y canopusdecree
365/364/363/360/350 chaos,[no/fl-abe?],set war/horusVenemiesRe/chaseSetout/eventsyrKdm, flood-Abe
320-348 years between sothaic dates of Sesostris 3 and Amenhotep 1
300/3centuries DatesOKmaybeupto3centsout surid-flood, jephthah horus, sothaic about 300-500 years out,
261/256 years for the 1st/2nd dynasties?
250 khufupyrdatelowerthancarbon, sesortosis-nilus? varianceCarbondating, phoenix 250 [“opinion”];
250yrs 250diffbetween700&949
224y(4×56) 1547/ah1-menophres/1485
215/221/251 &/or 259/260/261 yrs for the Hyksos (15th &/or 16th)
217yrs 8demigods
214/215 yrs 3rd dyn in Manetho?
215y Abe-Jose/Jose-Moses dyn3manetho
200y boatKhufubeforepyrs moeris-anysis carbondates1-2centsearlier Perudrought+/- orthodoxmoseslaterthanbible
200 orthodoxSIP/Hyksos
between “197” to “227” years remaining 5 dynasties 27-31.
165yrs 1485-1322/menophresoff
150 dyn4
122yrs 22nddyn
116 ogus
100/110/120 :atlantis/athens/sais,perfectoldage,[hyperboreans],jose,josh,noah,moses centenarians/djedi
[100]/103/108 years for Hyksos dynasty [until Danaus].
100 carbondates1-2centsearlier c14marginerror100y yrsfoldrid
100 years between Moeris/Atlantis/Hercules (900) & Sais/[Dionysos] (800),
100 years between Sais/[Dionysos] (800) & Anysis (700)?
80 horVset, moses
72/70 ogus, david, babyloncaptiv
60 sosoi schomo? 60/62yrsMenes
55y dyn3manetho sistochermes
50y Khufupyrdateout, jubilee,
44 menkaure
40yrs generation/sinai, nebuchadnezzaregyptprophecy
30yrs/33y/1gen Joseph, hebsed/jubilee 30yrsMenes generation
28 menkaure
[28thyr Osiris]
[25 apis?]
25/20yrs : eclipses25yr/20yvari 25yrsgenerationOrthodox
20/19/18y metonic/sar
15yr ochus-alex
[14y plenty&famineJose]
13 fatal years exile [Amenophis 19/20thdyn?];
12yrs floodAmenemhet menkaure guti/lagashfamine/drought?
10 decade ruth
10thyr ashurdan
9 busiris
7yrs jose djoser danubian menkaure 7emptyyrs anayer amenhotep1? elisha gilgamesh
6(.3) menkaure
5y AbeinEgypt, lustrum
4 yrs sothaic/olympiad/election/leap
3yrs (42mon/1260d) fam/dr/plagDav/amarna, elijah
2yrs cattle count, Jacob comes in 2ndyr of famine.
1y(10/13mons,36weeks,365d) 2cropsayr sunris&setonceayr
224days(4×56) set
70days 7thdyn
70 days mummification jacob
40, days mummification jacob,
10 day “week”
9days Shu, deucalion, odin
7 daysCreation
5days epact.

Egypt in Biblical:
isaac (“don’t go down to egypt”)
moses (pharaoh/thom/ramses)
“no mention of egypt during judges”
queen of sheba
zerah (asa)
princes of zoan/noph

Abe = abraham/abram
am annumundi / year of world
b = born/birth
c/ca = circa = around about
CAH cambridge ancient history
Gen genesis
int = intermediate
k = king
NT new testament
OT old testament
p/pr ~ [the/city/house].
per = period
q = queen
S/St saint
x = times
xx/xxx = can’t remember exact number
& = and
+ = plus
– = to/hyphen/dash.

0 heirakonpolis/horusrace
1 thinis,memphis/horusrace [Abraham]
2 thinis/setrace/horusrace
3 memphis/sakkara [Joseph]
4 memphis/giza/pyramidbuilders
5 memphis/sunkings/elephantine?
6 memphis/elephantine?, punt
7 memphis
8 memphis
9 herakleopolis
10 herakleopolis
11 thebes
12 thebes [Moses]
13 thebes
14 xois/hyksos
15 hyksos
16 hyksos
17 thebes
18 thebes/diospolite/amarna/deir/habiru [David?],
19 thebes/hittite/piramses/seapeople/[Shishak], punt
20 thebes/seapeople, habiru
21(a/b) thebes/tanis
25 assyria
26 sais/naucratis
27 pers
29 mendes
30 sebennytus
31 persian/achaemenid
32 macedon
33 ptolemaic/alexandria/leontopolis/rosetta
living memory (mubarak/ndp,hawass,rohl).

Possible Biblical persons & Egyptian gods matches:
El/Elohim ~ Re/Ra [l/r]? Num [l/n]?
Ruach ~ Ra?
Yhwh/Jach/… ~ Yah/Ah/Iahu? Yam(m)? Ekhi? Djehuty?
Adam/[Ash/Ish] (“man”) ~ Atum? Ra [d/r]? Aash? Dedun? Min? Tatumen?
Lilith ~ Reret? Neith? [Anit?] Rat?
Eve/[hawah/hayah]/[Ash/Isha] ~ Auka? Geb? Isis? Aso? Kenet? Khepri? Hemi(t)? Hequet? Iusas?
Nahash/… ~ Neheb-kau [b/sh]?* Nekhebet? Neter?
Cain ~ Khan(m)? Khensu? Chem? Geb/Keb? Kenet?
Zillah ~ Selket??
Tubalcain ~ Tehuti-K…? Khnum-kufu?
Naamah/Namrael ~ Maat? Anit? Khnemu?
Abel/[Hebel] ~ Hapi? Khepri? Balu/Bal/Bar/Baal (Set)? Babi? Anpu? Apep? [Neper?]
Seth ~ Set/Seth/Sut? Shehtu? Sothis?
Enosh ~ Anubis/Anup/Anpu [b/sh interchange]? Khensu?
Enoch/… ~ Anouke/Anuket? Anubis [p/ch]?
Metatron ~ Neter? Nemty?
Methuselah ~ Mentu? Nemty?
Noah/Majnoon ~ Nu/Nun/Num [reduplication]? Nut (water/heaven) [-t feminine]? Ah? Nuter? Min/Menu?
Japheth ~ Apophis/Aahpehti? Ptah? Nephthys [n/j]? Djehuty?
Shem/”Seth” ~ Tem (Apophis)? Chem? Sem (“Hercules”)? Seb? Im? Set/Seth? Sia? Sekhmet?
Ham/Cham/Kham ~ Amn/Amun/Amen/Ammon/Hammon? Chem/Khem? Amsu? Khan(m)
Asshur ~ Osiris? Anhur? Shu? Aash? Horus? Aso? Hathor? Seker?
Cush ~ Khuns? Shu? kings son of Kush?
Javan ~ Yam? Yah?
Mizraim ~ Ra? Osiris [m- prefix]? Neter?
Put/Phut ~ Ptah? Buto?
Canaan ~ Khan(m)?
Nimrod ~ Maneros? Min? Khnemu/Num? Anhuret? Nebertcher? Narmer? Menelik? Memnon? [Imouth]?
Lehabim ~ Nekhebet?
Eber/Heber ~ Khepri? Afra?
Hud ~ … (Tehuti)? Horus? Hu? Ur?
Reu ~ Re/Ra? Shu?
Seir ~ Osiris? Siriur?
Satan ~ Sati? Aten? Set? [Sata?] Setem?
[Sachar/Shaher] ~ Seker? Sekhmet?
Adonai ~ Aton/Aten? Dedun?
Sabaoth ~ Sobek? Sept?
Abba ~ Bab? Apep? Amam? Ptah? Afra?
Abaddon ~ Abtu?
Gabriel ~ Khepri? Geb?
Estrie ~ Isis?
Esther ~ Isis? Iusas? Hathor?
Shaddai ~ [Shed]?
Samson ~ Sem? Sekhmet? Amsu?
Sheol ~ Selkit? Seker?
Sammael ~ Sem? Sekhmet?
Rahab ~ Nekhebet? Ra? Neheb-kau?

(New) Courville’s/[VernCrisler’s] chronology:
predyn …… postflood ….. mesolithic.
(5th dyn/Unas….Jose)

Velikovsky’s “glascow/revised chronology”:
13th dyn/Dudimose/Ipuwer….Moses
18th/Amenhotep2….Zerah [Asa]
Ramses2…Necho2…Nebuch2/NeoBab/Chald/hatusili 3/Hitt

Hoeh’s chronology:
1st dyn….Cush/Nimrod,Shem
3rd/4th/12th….Jose; (4th….Job)

Eve Clarity’s/Engelbrite’s chronology:
1 ~ Mizraim, 10 postFlood Patriarchs
2 (ue & le/hor & set/this & memph) ~ 10 postFlood Pats
3rd & 7th ~ Shem
4th & 5th & 8th
4&5&9&12&13&14(&abydos) ~ Abraham
sip:6&9&10&11&rest12&13&14&p15[&15]&pre16 (&?)
(end 6th &) 15 & 17
17 & 18
15 & 18 ~ [Jacob]
18 ~ Jacob/Joseph
18 (Tut) ~ Moses
19 ~ Joshua, (judges)
anarchy ~ judges
20 ~ judges
21a & 21b ~ judges, Saul, (Dave)
22 & 23 (& start 24 & 25) ~ David, Sol, Shishak, div mon
24 & 25
(end25 &) 26 (12ks)

Bristowe’s chronology:
[?00]/0/1st, 3rd, (12th)…Ham (ite)/Nimrod/menes…Zukakip/Kish1
1st, 4th, (15th/16th)…Shem/semite; (4th…Japheth)
4th-12th… ; [nitocris]
(00/0/1st, 3rd,) 12th/moeris…Ham(ite)/Nimrod
(1st, 4th,) 15th/16th…Shem/semite
18th-19th, 26th….

“Modern Chronology” of Prometheo/Drnhawkins/”Ashton/Down”
[?FIP,] 12th/Amenemhet3 &/or 13th/Neferhotep1…..Moses/exodus

compton’s (~ orthodox) chronology/dating:
[fip/ipuwer] ; akhtoy/wall, 2100/2000
amenemhet1/wall, 2000/1960
hyksos/sip/ipuwer – joe,aniakchak1647
hyksos/sip/ipuwer – joe,thera1621
108yrs; 400yrs; [thera1500]; [moses,thera1450]
19th – moses/israel,1213/1198
kenyons/lateJericho/lba – Josh’sJericho,1250-1150.

Rohl’s “New chronology”:
(11th)/12th dyn….Joseph


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